Mr. Sandals
Sergeant Dickson
Born 2261
Race Caucasian
Affiliation NCR
Role NCR Sergeant
Location Camp McCarran
Level 22
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 9ST, 6PE, 10EN, 6CH, 7IN, 8AL, 5LK
Skills Small Guns: 100 Big Guns: 75 Sneak: 40
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Derived stats Hit Points: 450, Damage Threshold: 45
Mr. Sandals was born in the New California Republic in the year, 2261.  At the first battle of the Hoover Dam, he ran out of ammunition.  Therefore, in desperation, he beat an unsuspecting legionary to death with another dead legionary's sandals so that he could acquire a weapon and some ammo.  His battalion, the 31st NCR Rifle Battalion gave him the nickname, and he's now a respected soldier. 


Hunter "Mr. Sandals" Dickson, was born on August 29th, 2261 in the town of Shady Sands.  Tired of living on his parents' ranch nearby Shady Sands, at the age of 16, passing off to be 18 years old, left to join the NCR forces at Camp McCarran.  When the Courier aided the House, at the Second Battle of the Hoover Dam, he was claimed to have a kill count of 30 to 40 enemies. 

After Hoover DamEdit

At the end of 2281, the NCR's resentment to house resulted in a huge garrison being built up to exact revenge.  Sandals sits ready with thousands of NCR troops to attack House by surprise.  He's also being prepared as a sergeant to attack the Hoover Dam and everything in the East.

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