New Canaan was a major settlement atop Ogden, Utah. It was founded by the former residents of New Jerusalem and destroyed by White Legs.

Background Edit

New Canaan was founded by the then Prophet Judah Black in 2235, among the ruins of the pre-war city of Ogden. The settlers were survivors from New Jerusalem, a previous Latter-day Saint settlement established in Salt Lake City, the destroyed pre-War capital of the state of Utah and of the Latter-day Saint religion. Refugees of the NCR-Brotherhood War had stormed the town after false rumors that the inhabitents were hoarding food, water, and other supplies were circulated. Black led his people north, to the ruins of Ogden just north of New Jerusalem. The community suffered as they rebuilt, but eventually prevailed, despite numbering around a hundred. After Judah Black's death in 2245, the community's leadership passed to Jeremiah Rigdon, who claimed to have experienced visions from God in 2247. Though many believed in him, some distrusted him and left, moving further north to re-settle.

Years of peace allowed New Canaan to become a powerful force in the north, controlling a majority of the trade routes north of the Mojave region. Rumors of its existence reached the New California Republic (NCR) a few decades before 2281 and eventually contact between the two entities took place. The NCR was initially mistrustful over the religious nature of the New Canaanites, after its own experiences with religious cults, and was happy to discover that the New Canaanites were honest traders and good fighters, keeping the raider populations around northern Utah and Nevada in check and developing a vast trade network. Mastering the .45 auto was a rite of passage, and helped New Canaan build up a strong defensive force which allowed it to survive in the violent Utah wastes as one of the few islands of stability in a sea of regional warlords and raider tribes.

The expansion of the NCR and the growth of New Canaanite trade routes eventually resulted in competition between New Canaanite caravans and the largest of the NCR-aligned trading companies, most notably the Crimson Caravan. Protectionism in trade helped New Canaan to maintain a large edge, but by 2281, they were willing to allow Crimson Caravans to open a trading post in the city, under proper taxation.

The prosperity of New Canaan was not meant to last however; though powerful and prosperous, its days were numbered. The countdown started with the return of Joshua Graham, after three months of a harrowing journey through the wasteland. Graham had survived being set on fire and thrown into the Grand Canyon after Ceasar's Legions defeat at the First Battle of Hoover Dam. Though he effectively betrayed them, the New Canaanites welcomed him as the prodigal son, as if he had never left. Graham's survival was known to Caesar, who immediately began sending out assassins and frumentarii to track him down and kill him. By returning to New Canaan, Graham had effectively doomed the city, as it had became an important trade route and one of the potential supply routes for the NCR in the Mojave region.

Destruction Edit

See: Sacking of New Canaan

Caesar contacted the White Legs tribe through one of his most capable frumentarii, Ulysses. Though the raider tribe was always a problem for New Canaan, their disorganized nature and lack of infrastructure meant they were manageable. With Ulysses at the helm, they became capable of wiping out New Canaan - and were mandated to do so by Caesar.

Ulysses took the White Legs and crafted them into a weapon. They were violent and could not live on their own, so rather than teach them how to live, he taught them how to murder. The walls of New Canaan were high, but once Ulysses uncovered New Canaan supply caches and helped the White Legs break into pre-War armories, they finally had the means to scale them. Ulysses had dictated that they must kill everyone they find: Women, children, the elderly, the ill. He spoke of strength and Caesar's respect, but he only wanted to use them as tools. As distasteful as he found it, he followed his orders and ordered the death of a people with ancestry going back thousands of years. Another civilization, extinguished by the wasteland.

The White Leg attack took New Canaan by surprise. It happened at night, at a time when Joshua Graham and many of New Canaan's best fighters were away. The White Legs invaded the city and butchered everyone they found. Children were slaughtered in their beds, people found in the streets were cut down without mercy, while the elderly Bishop Mordecai was burned alive in his home. By dawn, around 30-50 New Canaanites had survived; some made their way north, while the majority of the survivors followed Graham and regrouped along the Colorado River, and later Zion Canyon. Joshua Graham and Daniel became leaders of two tribes from the canyon and sought different solutions to the White Leg onslaught. Graham wanted to fight them alongside the Dead Horses in an attempt to destroy them in retribution for New Canaan. Daniel wanted to choose a different path, to evacuate Zion and lose the White Legs in the Grand Staircase and the wilderness beyond, in order to avoid involving the Sorrows in any conflict. All the while, the outside world would not learn of New Canaan's destruction.

Notable Landmarks Edit

  • Weapons and Munitions Factory
  • North Utah Water Treatment Station 3
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (building)
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