New Canaan was a major settlement in northern Utah. It was attacked and destroyed by raider who massacred most the entire population of New Canaan. Few survived, including Samuel Greene.

Beginning Edit

After the destruction of New Jerusalem in 2233, Judah Black, the then living prophet, led the remaining survivors north to settle in the city of Ogden, founding New Canaan in 2235. Judah Black died in 2245. Two years later, Jeremiah Rigdon claimed to have visions from God. While many of the citizens believed in Jeremiah, some disputed his revelations, and left. By 2249, dozens of refugees and other wastelanders had wandered into New Canaan. Not wanting to repeat the same mistakes of New Jerusalem, Jeremiah Rigdon allowed them to enter, but had difficulty keeping the peace within the city.

Ending Edit

By 2277, New Canaan was a prosperous city and had a powerful trading influence in the west. They heavily taxed Caravans however, making NCR expansion in the area rather difficult. About three months after the First Battle of Hoover Dam, the town was destroyed by the White Legs and various other tribes raider gangs who wished the city gone. Only about 60 people survived the attack by escaping through a secret tunnel, including Samuel Greene. Jeremiah Rigdon and several other important members of New Canaan died in the attack. Half the survivors traveled north, while the others traveled south.

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