Radstorm MkII

RadStorm wearing his MkII advanced power armor

                                            "Damn my eye!" -Radstorm


Nicolas, also known as "Radstorm", was born in the cruel lands of the Capital Wasteland. When he was twenty-one years old, he joined the fearsome army of the Enclave as a soldier, who would kill any mutant or NCR soldier that crossed his path. Nicholas is always looking to get better skills and rank up in the army of the Enclave. One time at the Enclave headquarters, Radstorm accidentally injected a stimpack into his eyes making him blinded, causing him to use an eye patch. After injecting a great amount of stims to his eye he needed to remove it, putting it inside a jar where he always carries with him. On the starting days of his serving in the enclave, meet up with lachlan Hoffmann, a fellow enclave soldier, the two had a few adventures in the wastes.

Current Rank: Private First Class

Skills and GearEdit

Armed with a Custom Laser rifle and wearing a advanced power armor Mk II

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