"You walk the river of blood, you fight for the sake of an unquenchable need, your past has been cleansed in the fire of hell and whoever you are now isn't the same person as the one of your past. Little do you know that your past will kill you no matter how things turn out in your future."
—The Oracle to Sigvart Knoxon, talking about his life and foreseeing his future
Race Human, native american
Affiliation Red Hand Tribe, Outer Heaven
Role Oracle
Location Red Hand Outpost
Level  ?
S.P.E.C.I.A.L.  ?
Skills  ?
Perks  ?
Derived stats  ?

The Oracle is an old lady clouded in mystery. Her words, covered with metaphors and riddles. Rumored to be over a century old, she serves as the oracle of the Red Hand Tribe.

Background (WIP) Edit

The Oracle has lived for quite some time and is said to have been the Red Hands' oracle for over a century.

Opinion on people Edit

Feel free to add your own! Remember, use metaphors and riddles. If you feel like it, by all means add a foresight into that character's future.

Sigvart Knoxon Edit

His light extinguished and his very soul cleansed in the flames of hell. His rage unending, the demon of the wastes leaves this world more rotten than it already is. The man of his past yet lives, but he no longer shares his soul. The ultimate evil of this man has been seperated from the ultimate good ever since the great destruction. His ideology twisted, his honor almost extinct. But there will come a time when his past catches up to him, and when it does, he will either win the fight or die. No matter how the fight turns out, the past will win and the demon will die in some shape or form.

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