The Oregon Campaign was a military campaign in the Cascadian Republic to annex the remainder of Oregon. The campaign, which started in 2249, began quickly after the forming of the Oregon Republic and the election of President Martin Blaine to expand the Republic's lands, resources, and strength.

The Campaign Edit

After the election of Martin Blaine, he ordered scouts to investigate the surronding area. Upon returing with news of other settlements and resources, the Republic gathered it's strength and marched out to reclaim the wastes. They encountered the city of Portland, now Bridge-Town, in 2250 and assisted the locals there, who agreed to come under the protection of the Republic. While in Bridge-Town, the army, under leadership of Jacob Stenfield, encountered Vault 38 still closed shut. They attempted to communicated with the vault residents, which resulted in the Battle of 38, after the vault dwellers attacked. In late 2250 (november-december), Wilson Conners led an attack on the raider gangs inhabiting Medford, claiming their fort and driving them out of the city ruins. On the night of December 31, 2250, the raiders came back to Medford with much greater numbers. There, Wilson Conners held back the hords of raiders with what little manpower he had left, resulting in an Oregon victory on January 1, 2251. This was then known as the Battle of Medford.

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