Oregon City, also known as New Salem, is the capital of the Cascadian Republic. It lies atop the pre-war city of Salem, the capital of the pre-war state of Oregon in the Northwest Commonwealth. It is currently home the Cascadian Government, Capitol Building, Presidential Manor, Supreme Courthouse, and other Government buildings.

Early History Edit

With Vault 73 completely destroyed due to a planned leak in the vault's nuclear reactors, few people remained in the city ruins of Salem. The only people in the city consisted of a few survivors from the Great War, Ghouls and other Mutant creatures, few traders, and several small gangs of raiders, mostly waiting for anything to happen in their small sections of the ruined city.

The city of Salem was never visited due to the Cascadian Earthquake that destroyed much of the land west of the Cascade Mountains, leveling cities and flooding the area of western Oregon and Washington. After the floods began to recede, however. Several small groups of people began to pop up in the region. These groups scavenged for whatever resources they could find, and eventually merged into the first raider gangs in Oregon.

When several small settlements (many of which were NCR sponsored settlements to increase influence in the region for conquest) banded together in Salem, they formed the post-war city of Oregon City, or New Salem, in 2246. Oregon City eventually merged with other settlements, forming the Republic of Oregon in 2248.

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