"This is my base and any who dare to take it from me will regret their decision."
— Lt. Colonel Henderson
Phoenix Military Base


Minor Base/Vertibird refueling station

Non-combatants and citizens:

10 Enclave science/R&D personnel.
5 Enclave doctors.
10 Enclave Civilian Workers.
15 Enclave maintenance robots
10 Eyebots

Enclave Department of the Army personnel:

20 Enclave Soldiers
35 Enclave military robots.


The Enclave

Leadership Source:

Lt. Colonel Steven Henderson - Commanding officer of the base.
Research Director
Johnathan Smith - RD of Phoenix's R&D personnel.
Chief Roboticist
Lachlan Hoffmann - Oversees the construction and maintenance of Phoenix's robots.
Lieutenant Janet Walker - Manages the supplies and equipment of Phoenix Military Base.
Chief Medical Officer
Howard Evans - Oversees the medical personnel of Phoenix Military Base.

Background InformationEdit

Originally called Lake Mountains Military Base Phoenix is a base in the Utah Wasteland in the Lake Mountains occupied by Henderson's Enclave. It is the only known active Enclave base in the West, and is a refueling station for Vertibirds that come from Falls Edge, As well as other bases in the East and the Midwest. It is currently being commanded by Colonel Henderson. The base is heavily fortified and patrolled to protect the base if attacked the base also has a self destruct mechanism that will destroy the base to prevent the NCR or any other enemy of the Enclave from learning the Enclave plans and technology. A small mine is also located near the base where the Enclave gets ore for making weapons armor etc. 

Due to the small amount of official enclave personnel some have to serve in RnD and the military e.g. Lachlan Hoffmann who is both a Sergeant and Chief Roboticist. 

The Base also has it's own data Archive independent from EnclaveNet Called Phoenix Data Archive.


Phoenix has a surface level and three underground levels


On the surface Phoenix is surrounded by a large concrete steel rebar reinforced wall with four guard towers, mechanical steel reinforced gate and a trading post outside the main gate within the walls is a solar array a farm and makeshift barn, Workers barracks, Vertibird hatches and the main building that has a Elevator as well as stairs that lead to the lower levels.

Level 1Edit

The first level houses the Barracks and every other necessity for personnel and three Vertibird hangers.

Level 2Edit

The second level houses the command center, rooms for higher ranking members and the Armory/Vault.

Level 3Edit

The final level houses the reactors the research and development labs robotic storage production equipment for using the steel from the mills in Provo to make weapons, armor, robots and to use in project M.A.P.S.. There is also a water purification facility.

Soundtracks for immersionEdit


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat OST - Theme of Zaton (Day)

Phoenix Theme

Xenonauts - Main Menu Music

Xenonauts - Main Menu Music

Phoenix command center theme

XCOM Enemy Unknown Soundtrack - 24 Our Last Hope

XCOM Enemy Unknown Soundtrack - 24 Our Last Hope

Phoenix combat theme

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