FPA Armor 2

"Fortitude is the marshal of thought, the armor of will, and the fort of reason."

- Francis Bacon Edit

History Edit

Before the Virgo II mission landed Americans on the moon in 1969, the American Department of Defense began project Stars and Strips foreseeing the division of the nation into 13 commonwealths.  The project was originally aimed to serve as impressive field armor standard issued for soldiers representing America overseas as a boast of America’s technological superiority and coming political standing, placing the large 14th star on the front as a representation of the federal government and the nation as a whole. 

As the T-51b power infantry armor dynamically progressed in development, The Department of Defense became uninterested with the designs further progession.  A famous designer by the name of Holm Papers and his team continued repurposing it as an espionage military wear.

Schematics Edit

The armor's outer shell is composed of a multilayer alloy.  The suit contains a gel-filled layer underneath a thick black armored bodysuit. The gel layer regulates temperature and can re-actively change its density. The inner skinsuit is made of aromatic polyamide.

Between the external armor and the internal padding is the most devastating weapon the suit carries: a layer of reactive metal liquid crystal. Woven by molecular tools into a superdense optical computer memory, this revolutionary crystalline layer forms a network, capable of supporting all kinds of artificial intelligence, perfect for gathering large amounts of information in espionage operations.

The suit also possesses other features that enhance its wearer's abilities. It has numerous clips, belts, and magnetic holsters for the attachment of additional weapons and ammunition; an advanced Heads-Up-Display (HUD) linked to sensors in the gloves detects the type of weapon and devices held, and to project armor integrity, ammunition count, a targeting reticle, waypoints, a radio uplink for communication, health monitoring and other helpful data functioning similar to an advanced helmet pip-boy.

Armor Inspiration Edit

Armor Functions: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, Sneaking Suit

Armor Aesthetics: Red Faction II Concept Art

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