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Pullerville is a town in the Mojave Wasteland as of 2283. It is the home of the Mojave Rangers of Pullerville and was founded by Ryan Bradshaw Vickers and Eric Anderson, two ex-First Recon Scout Snipers who left the NCR Military after the events of Bitter Springs. Originally just two mobile homes along highway 95 in Nevada, just off of Brook's Tumbleweed Ranch.

Beginning of Pullerville[edit | edit source]

After returning to the Mojave in the spring of 2283 with his father's Desert Ranger Armor, Ryan Vickers got the idea of allowing wastelanders and NCR Military Veterans to settle around the highway. When word got out about a new frontier settlement across the mojave, caravans began small-time trading. The Fiends took notice of the frontier town and began small-time raids, none of which ever proved successful due to the training of the NCR Veterans who patrolled the town's borders.

Birth of a Frontier Town[edit | edit source]

Eventually, Pullerville was considered a wealthy enough town for companies such as the Gun Runners to take notice of them. After learning of Pullerville's expansive pre-war armory, Gun Runners began to commit resources to Pullerville, including a minor manufacturing plant in return for specific pre-war weapons schematics that the Gun Runners previously had no access to, including the Auto-Assault Shotgun, Combat Rifle, and Battle Rifle.

Prosperity and the NCR[edit | edit source]

By 2284, Pullerville with the help of the Gun Runners, became one of the most successful and prosperous towns in the Mojave Wasteland, even to the point where NCR considered talks with Vickers for a peaceful annexation of Pullerville. Vickers refused the offer, as he wanted the Mojave Rangers and Pullerville itself to stay independent of NCR, instead of being absorbed as the Desert Rangers were fourteen years ago. While initially startled by Pullerville's refusal to join NCR, a treaty was still in place to keep Pullerville safe from Annexation so long as they continued patrolling the Mojave with NCR forces and began a caravan run that would lead into Hub in NCR to promote trade between the two factions.

Security[edit | edit source]

Pullerville is a survivalist town composed of a large amount of NCR Veterans and Wastelanders. Guards are normally dressed in pre-war Riot Gear salvaged from a truck convoy that was on its way to Hopeville on highway 95, and wield an assortment of Pre-War weapons including .45 Auto Pistols, Assault Carbines, Auto-Assault Shotguns, Combat Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, and on occasion the 12.7mm Sub Machine Gun. The town is guard by five patrols of five rangers each. It is considered one of the safest towns within the region of the Mojave next to The Settlement, merely lacking the technological edge.

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