Quaere Verum (Latin: Seek the Truth) is an organisation dedicated to countering propaganda, genocidal policies, corruption, and cataloging information. They are thought to have been wiped out by the proto-Enclave pre-War.

Quaere Verum was a small pre-War organization dedicated to exposing the vast Conspiracy that eventually founded the Enclave. It was supposedly destroyed after they managed to raid a top secret laboratory and steal a prototype plasma weapon (the MPLX Novasurge) in development.


Quaere Verum had for years, compiled substantial circumstantial evidence against the proto-Enclave conspiracies. However not many people would listen to them for lack of hard evidence. They eventually made contact with Doctor Aldwin Morely, a head developer inside the conspiracy's weapons development program, who wanted to take down the proto-Enclave. Together with Quaere Verum, Dr. Morely helped planed and execute breaking into the proto-Enclave facility and stealing the hard evidence they needed. However after the successful theft of the prototype (MPLX Novasurge plasma pistol), Quaere Verum's hideout was raided by proto-Enclave forces. It turned out that Doctor Aldwin Morley was a double-agent and the whole operation was a ploy by the proto-Enclave to expose and eliminate Quaere Verum.

After Reid Underwood's narrow escape he buried his terminal and the evidence, to hide his identity so he could use his abilities to infiltrate the proto-Enclave. And {........}

Infiltration and resurgence {.........}