Born Born in Southern Florida, 2265
Race Human
Affiliation NCR
Role NCR Ranger
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S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 7ST, 10PE, 6EN, 1CH, 8IN, 8AL, 1LK
Skills Guns 100, Melee Weapons 70, Survival 84, Unarmed 67, Explosives 50, Sneak 72
Perks Hunter, Rapid Reload, Travel Light, The Professional, Quick Draw, Strong Back, Animal Friend.
Derived stats -50 Rad resistance

Red was born and lived in a small tree village in Florida. Her mother had died at a young age. Her mother is known as a women that sleeps around a lot. She lived with her father and went to school where a pre-war ghoul high school teacher teaches at. She pick up a hunting rifle at the age of ten and never put it down. She use all of time in the village just practice with her shooting. She took down her first radgotar two years later and she keep on shooting them until she leaved. She left when she turn 16 and leave with a traveling caravan. She gotten kick out when she slept with daughter of father that runs the caravan when in New Vegas. The father want her to be with son to have strong grandchildren. She find out about NCR and join them. With her skills she quickly become one of the best Rangers in the NCR.

Heavily modded NCR Ranger combat armor.
Heavily modded Hunting Rifle named "Little Lady"
Heavily modded 10mm Pistol name "Pretty Lady"
A combat Knife name "Mr. Stab"

She has three tattoos. A pinup girl on her back, a rose choker on her neck, and a odd lip and chin one.
Since she was a kid, radiation can get her easily sick. She has her NCR armor cover in lead to protect her from most of the radiation.
She is not good with people but she is the best with animals.
Wants a tame deathclaw or a dog as a pet.

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