Rsz original character roxie
Born Boneyard
Race Human
Affiliation Followers of the Apocalypse and Crimson Caravan Company
Role Doctor
Location Mojave outpost
Level 40
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 4/strength 5/perception 4/endurance 7/charisma 10/Intelligence 5/agility 7/luck
Skills Medicine, Repair, Science and speech
Perks Animal friend, Swift Learner, Child At Heart, Educated, Computer Whiz, Chemist,
Derived stats none


Born in Boneyard and living her entire life travelling with the followers and also serving as doctor in caravan travels of the Crimson caravan she wants one day to run her own caravan and maybe run a clinic too. Her father was a desert ranger and her mother a doctor in the Followers.

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