Sakuri Tai
Sakuri Tai
Vault 1
 RaceAsian Human
 AffiliationVault 1 (former)
 RoleVault Dweller
 Current  locationNew California
 ApparelAdvanced Power Armor Mark 2 (stolen)
Vault 1 jumpsuit
 WeaponsSuper Sledge
5.56 pistol
.12 gauge shotgun
 Aid itemsFull Medical Kit
Nuka Cola
Vault 1 Canteen
 Other  itemsPipboy 3000 Mark 4

Sakuri Tai is a member of Vault 1's Red sector to her heritage. She was the second exile along with Eric Clyde because of how the two of them broke the Vault's rules.

Backstory Edit

Sakuri was born in Vault 1 in 2257 in the Vault's Red Sector, during a time when the White Sector had somehow managed to gain control of almost all the supplies in the Vault, only leaving few medical supplies and rations. By the time she was three, this control of the White Sector was broken by her father who ensured that the Red and White Sectors would be properly supplied at all times. Of course the Overseer at first didn't like the idea but eventually gave in when he simply came to the conclusion that those in the Red Sector were still human, though his resentment remained. Her father was killed by a group of those whose hatred for the Red Sector bordered on homicidal tendencies. They only gave him at leas an hour or more to live, in which time he gave Sakuri his katana.

The former Overseer had passed away and a new one had been chosen from the White Sector, that being the father of Eric Clyde. Eric Clyde was one of the few people who didn't constantly bully her from the White Sector and so she respected him for that. She wanted to get to know him better but couldn't without violating the Vault's strict rules. She knew what would happen if she even got CLOSE to him; she would be exiled out of the vault into a world she knew nothing of, no one to help her survive. It was also around this time that Overseer Clyde denied the Red Sector to take part in the G.O.AT., only giving the privilege to denizens of the White Sector. Though if Sakuri would've been able to take the test, she probably would've been a high ranking member of the security team.

Merely 2 years later, she was caught dating Eric because of one of the delinquents who bullied her in the past, now a member of the security team. As punishment for breaking the Vault's strict rules of segregation, the two were exiled into the Wasteland above.

Weapons and Armor Edit

Armor Edit

The armor that Sakuri wears is a Generation 2 Enclave make of power armor that she "borrowed" from the local Enclave base. Along with this armor, she appropriated a 5.56 pistol.

Weapons Edit

Super Sledge- A weapon she found after finding a destroyed bandit camp.

5.56 Pistol- A stolen 5.56 pistol Sakuri took from an Enclave base which accompanied her new set of armor.

Katana- Sakuri was given a katana sword as a gift from her father when he was killed by a group of members from the White Sector, the fathers of those who bully Sakuri.

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