Salt Lake City
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Destroyed Pre-War City




Followers of The Apocalypse
Raider Gangs
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City Manager:

None (anarchy)

"Here we are! A ruined city, so I suppose we came for nothing? Heck no, as a Follower, I know that no matter how bad things are, there's always something to find and something to rebuild!"
—Anna Rose upon arriving Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is located in whats left of pre-war Utah and was the capital of the state before the bombs fell, destroying nearly all life in the area. The city homes many groups, one of them being the Followers of The Apocalypse which owns a clinic in Eastern Salt Lake City, lead by Anna Rose.

Background (WIP)[edit | edit source]

Like all the other state capitals, Salt Lake City fell quickly, destroyed by the nuclear bombs like the great cities all around the world. Now, the city homes prospectors, raiders, ghouls, violent super-mutants and the newcomers from Nevada, the Followers of The Apocalypse.

Several tribes such as the 80's and the White legs stalk the highways into the ruins. The 80's (to many survivors) have become synonymous with SLC itself.

(Work In Progress)[edit | edit source]

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