Sarah Henderson
Born Sarah Henderson
June 13th, 2255
Raven Rock
37 by 2290
Race Pure Human, Caucasian
Affiliation The Enclave (2255-Current)
Role Sergeant
Combat Medic
Location The Commonwealth
Level 35
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 5ST, 6PE, 5EN, 5CH, 8IN, 6AG, 5LK
Derived stats Hit points: 220
Damage Threshold: 20
Apparel ----
Weapons ----
Miscellaneous ----
On death


Sarah Maria Henderson is a Combat Medic in the Enclave Department of the Army, currently station at Phoenix Military Base

Raven RockEdit

Born in the Enclave's base Raven Rock raised by her parents Maria and Steven Henderson. due to Steven's growing distrust of Enclave leadership he tried his best to keep her away from the propaganda and the department of the army. Sarah took medical classes and eventually became a doctor she eventually meet Lachlan Hoffmann when he was recovering from the Vault 116 incident they soon became good friends.

The War with the BrotherhoodEdit

When the war between the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave begun she was drafted into the department of the army and was made a combat medic this caused some friction between her parents and the leadership. during the war a great tragedy happened Sarah's mother Maria was killed in the battle for Project Purity, Sarah fell into depression due to the combined loss of her mother and the raising number of friends that had died in the war. After the defeat at Adams Air Force Base she was sent to Falls Edge.

Heading WestEdit

When her father was given the order to head west he immediately had Sarah be on the list of personnel to go there by then herself and Lachlan had already became close friends helping each other during those hard times and because of that she talked to her father about bringing him along after looking at his background and knowing they were good friends he agreed. Utah was a chance for something better she believed in her father and his vision of a better Enclave and after the victory of the war for Utah Lake she was certain that the Enclave under the command of her father was capable of great things.

The CommonwealthEdit

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