"...declares the Second Oregon Republic a free nation from the Cascadian Republic..."
—Excerpt from Independence Document

The Second Oregon Republic seceded from the Cascadian Republic in 2276. It is a nation located in southern Oregon.

Secession Edit

Four years after the annexation of Columbia in 2272, local settlements located in southern Oregon began plotting a secession movement after the 'success' of the secession of New Columbia in 2273. Residents feared that the Cascadian Republic was too much like the New California Republic, and that the NCR would either annex or invade the southern portion of the country if given the chance. After much talking, it was decided that secession would take place.

After the 2275 Cascadian Presidential Election, Andrew Ron, a supporter of southern secession from Klamath, Oregon, became the fourth president of the Republic. Andrew Ron used his position as president to pass a law stating that if at least 80% of the residents in an area of the Republic voted to leave, then the Supreme Court and Senate would look into it to see if they could secede, after which the president would review to make the final decision in the matter. Using this, along with blackmail, bribes, and other methods, Andrew Ron passed the law and the residents of southern Oregon began to vote on secession. More than 85% of voters voted to leave. Using more blackmail and bribes, Andrew Ron approved the movement and The Second Oregon Republic officially seceded in 2276.

President Ron Edit

After much investigation, Senator Owen Lee found out about the various methods Andrew Ron used to pass the secession law and movement. Andrew Ron was then found guilty of treason, bribery and blackmail of elected officials, and wasimpeached from office in 2276. Following this, Andrew Ron left for the Second Oregon Republic, becoming the first president of the Republic.

Cascadian Civil War Edit

Following the secession movement, Andrew Nolbin passed a declaration of war on the Second Oregon Republic, merging the wars against the republic and New Columbia to officially create the Cascadian Civil War in 2276. Fighting still rages on with the primary fronts being Medford and Valley Falls near Lake Abert.

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