Secret Service
Fo3 Beta Enclave Insignia
The original boys in black.


Elite cell specializing in espionage, sabotage, subterfuge, and wet-work.

Director of the United States Secret Service:

Special Agent CRONOS
The Enclave High Command


Control Station ENCLAVE (former)
Falls Edge

Foundation Year:

Initiated sometime before 2077, reactivated in the 2220's, fragmented in 2242. Destroyed and disbanded in the late 2280's.

Secret Service deployment areas:

Chicago, Illnois.
New California (2220's-2240's).
Mojave Wasteland (Operation Presumption).

Known equipment:

Advanced Power Armor Mark I
Heckler & Koch G-11E assault rifles
Stealth Boys
YK-24b pulse rifles
YK-32 pulse pistols

Current status (2290's):

Destroyed and disbanded, replaced by the Enclave Onyx Trooper unit(s).

Known Adversaries:

The Brotherhood of Steel
The Circle of Steel
New California Republic
NCR Rangers


An Enclave Nightwatch and Secret Service coalition company overseeing an outpost in the Great Midwestern Commonwealth.

Background informationEdit

The Secret Service, or in more official wording, the United States Secret Service was and still is (albeit barely) a cell of the Enclave's Department of the Army. Formerly a subdivision of skilled operatives and hardened vanguards devoted to the protection of the Enclave's government, after the destruction of Control Station ENCLAVE however, it's role has changed formidably.


Secret Service assassins lead the charge for vengeance against the NCR garrison at the Second Battle for the Hoover Dam during Operation Presumption.


Earning itself a rather terrifying reputation during the 2240's (mostly due to the bold and effective brutality of Special Agent Frank Horrigan), the Secret Service instilled fear and effective brutality like no other part of the Enclave until their oil rig's sabotage.

At the very height of their power and prestige however, the death of President Dick Richardson, Vice President Daniel Bird, and the majority of the Enclave's congress virtually annihilated the Secret Service as it was known then entirely.


It is only under the tutelage of Special Agent CRONOS to a much smaller, but far more hardy and capable generation of Enclave civilians was the Secret Service reborn, and it's role in the Enclave changed forever.

While the days of escorting the President and poisoning his competition were over for good... the age of subterfuge, espionage, political infiltration, and wetwork had just begun for the Secret Service and it's small handful of agents in the service of the fractured Enclave...

Enclave Onyx Troopers, despite their otherwise unique and independent role, would be considered members of the Secret Service, but do not identify themselves as members. Authentic post-Richardson Secret Service agents are recognized by the pristine operational condition of their advanced power armor MK I suits.

These otherwise outdated issues of equipment are still donned by the Secret Service and even other individual Enclave loyalists and/or hardliners... out of pure nostalgia for the peak of their prospect. Remaining operatives of the new-generation Secret Service are commonly issued second-priority objectives field-testing countless prototype upgrades (although, roughly 40% of these 'upgrades' are complete failures, or rapidly deplete indequate amounts of microfusion cells when used) to all forms of powered combat armor whenever they are deployed for offensive purposes into the Wastelands.


A team of Secret Service agents.

The entirety of what remained of the Secret Service (10-12 agents in total) were sent to the Mojave Wasteland to accompany Special Agent CRONOS in their most glorious campaign in over 40 years... Operation Presumption.

The definitive, resulted outcome of that effort, remains a mystery...

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