Sergeant Granite's Defense Company MercenariesEdit


Mercenaries of GDC are all ex-Enclave personnel from Camp Navarro. Following the downfall of the Enclave, 5 Squads of abandoned Envlave troopers rallyed in New Reno, and joined a local criminal family as Mercs, founding Sergeant Granite's Defense Compnay (Named after the acting CO of the squads.)

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(A group of GDC Mercs posing after a mission)


The Average Merc will have a signature set of Black Advanced/Tesla Power Armor, however because of the difficulty of replacment parts, some Mercs are equiped with T-51b Power Armor.

The weapons of GDC consist of Energy Weapons, except for the odd Minigun. A favorite among the men however, is the Plasma Rifle.

Grenades are usually limited to Frag-Grenades.

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