Skie is a Wolf-Human Hybrid whose species was created by The Institute as a sort of attack dog/lab rat.

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 BornApril 4th, 2257

The Institute

 RaceWolf DNA Spliced Human
 AffiliationThe Institute (former)


 RoleWolf-Human Mutant Hybrid
 Current  locationThe Commonwealth
 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S: 6

P: 8 E: 9 C: 3 I: 4 A: 6 L: 5

 PerksAnimal Friend


  • Claws
  • Bite


  • Battle Rifle

Personality Edit

Skie is generally friendly, but frightened by people in power armor, Ghouls, Super Mutants, and robots. Basically anything she wouldn't see in the Institute. She's absolutely vicious when fighting, forgetting everything she's learned about being human, even to the point of eating off the corpses of her enemies.

Equipment Edit

Skie carries a rusty, damaged, barely operative battle rifle. She doesn't like it and rarely has ammo anyway. She prefers using her natural weapons, her bite and her claws. She scavenges food, particularly Fancy Lad's Snack Cakes, her favorite.

Skills Edit

Skie is a skilled survivor and and has an innate ability to gauge her surroundings. Her smell and hearing are much better than an average human's, but she's a slow learner and can't speak well.

History Edit

Skie's species was created by the Institute as an attack dog of sorts, to be used when Coursers are too valuable. Unlike Synths, they are considered too unintelligent and unpredictable to be allowed free roam of the Institute, and are sealed in their own room, dug out from the rock, where they are sealed in containment cubes and tended by First Gen Synths, sedated with Med-X. Occasionally used for medication testing and overrunning settlements, they're tattooed with a serial number and the Institute symbol. Into this life, Skie was created. Named for the first three characters in her serial number (S-K-1), she was built along with a brother, Sam.

After a year, she was released on a settlement suspected of harboring an escaped synth. She simply wandered off into the wilderness. Synths noticed she wasn't in the body count and headed it out to find her. They still have a search and destroy order out on her.

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