Slade Jafari
Born Unknown
Race Human
Affiliation Enclave
Role Leader of The Commonwealth Remnants
Location Commonwealth
Level 21
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. S. 1 P. 3 E. 7 C. 10 I. 6 A. 3 L. 9
Skills N/A
Perks Sniper,
Derived stats TBA

Backstory Edit

Slade became leader of the Enclave Remnants at the young age of 17, being riddled with Anxiety, many of the REmnants left, leaving only him and a few oters, Slade rememebred his father, telling hyim how he needed to stand by the Enclave, and spread their glory once again, so Slade set up small bases in the commonwealth, hiding his family and friends


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