Smart is a Super Mutant remnant of the Master's Army.

New Life Edit

After the death of the Master, Smart gathered a group of Super Mutants and headed for the Mojave Wasteland, ending up in former Carson City's Carson High school. They rebuilt the school, forming it into a fort settlement for Nightkins and Super Mutants.

By capturing unlucky traders, Smart forces them to speak in an ham radio with signals that reaches to New Vegas, saying there's supplies and fresh water at Carson High School. By doing so, Super Mutants can ambush unlucky traders and wastelanders that heard the broadcast.

Personality Edit

Smart, for being a Super Mutant, is rather clever and cunning. He's the leader of a Super Mutant group settled in Carson City.

Even if he's more polite and cunning than other Super Mutants, he can still be very frustrated, causing him to harm those who frustrates him.

When in battle, Smart prefers plasma weapons when in ranged combat. When in close combat he will either use his fists to rip off the enemies arms or bash their heads with a sharp medieval mace.

He will show a kind and trustworthy personality when helping him out. When he forms a great relationship with someone he will share food, water and bottlecaps with this person.

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