Steven Henderson
Lt. Colonel Henderson
Steven Henderson
Respected for his leadership in both Utah and the Capital Wasteland
Born 4/23/2232 - Control Station ENCLAVE
58 by 2290
Race Pure/pure-strain human
Affiliation The Enclave
Role Enclave Lt. Colonel
Commander of Phoenix Military Base
Location Phoenix Military Base - 2nd level, likely in the command room
Level 45
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 6ST, 5PE, 6EN, 8CH, 6IN, 5AG, 4LK
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"If we are to survive and rebuild America we cannot do so if the people of the wasteland fear us and want us destroyed."

-Steven Henderson, at a session of his council.


Steven Joseph Henderson is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Enclave Department of the Army, Currently commanding at Phoenix Military Base.

The Good Old DaysEdit

Steven Henderson was born in the Enclaves old base of operations Control Station Enclave he progressed up the ranks until the Oil Rig was sabotaged himself and his wife Maria Henderson were evacuated but their parents weren't among those who were evacuated.

War at the CapitalEdit

Henderson mostly had no problem with following Colonel Autumn but disputed many times with Autumn on his methods but agreed on the idea of having people flock to the Enclave for leadership, Henderson never trusted President Eden and gladly went against his orders when Autumn's loyalty snapped, He lead many missions against the Brotherhood and assisted with the evacuation of Adams Air Force Base, Henderson's wife Maria gave birth to their daughter Sarah Henderson in 2255 but during the war with the Brotherhood of Steel his wife was killed.

New Beginnings in the WestEdit

After the War against the Brotherhood Henderson was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel for his actions and his loyalty to the Enclave and was ordered to head east to Utah with a small amount of personnel including his daughter and some personnel of his own choice himself to set up a base that is now Phoenix Military Base for monitoring and research, he manly chose personnel who came out of Vault 116 knowing many of them had potential among them was Lachlan Hoffmann who Henderson wanted to use his scientific and engineering skills rather then just another soldier and he promoted Lachlan to Sergeant as well as the Chief Roboticist of the base, He wanted to use Autumns idea of having people flock to the Enclave for leadership but never really got the chance until after the War of Utah Lake when people came to him seeking protection and leadership seeing them as powerful leaders.


Henderson can be described as a liberal man who is honest and has great leadership skills which he inherited from his parents. Though his life has been full failures lose of friends and family he has accepted it for the most part and instead looks to the future, but he still blames most of this on the "stupidity of Enclave leadership" and so he is always distrustful towards High Command and wants major change in Enclave politics.


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