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-->|icon =[[File:Gametitle-FOBOS.png|link=Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel|{{{icon size|}}}]]<!--
-->|icon =<!--
-->|short =Fallout: BoS<!--
-->|short =Fallout: BoS<!--
-->|link =Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel<!--
-->|link =Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel<!--

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Small template which retrieves the name of a Fallout game for a given user entry.

Auxiliary template for {{Infobox}}.




requiredIcon required
<unnamed 1> or abb
Game abbrevation; see #Abbreviations below for list of valid inputs.
optionalIcon optional
icon size
If mode is set to "icon", this parameter can be used to specify the icon's dimensions. For example, setting it to "40x30px" creates an icon which is (at most) 40px wide and 30px high. By default, the icon is displayed at original size.
optionalIcon optional
(default: "text")
Determines the template output.

Available options:

  • icon: Returns an icon which links to the game's overview article.
  • short: Returns a shortened version of the game's name for display in narrow spaces.
  • text: Returns the game's name.

Adding new abbrevationsEdit

Simply add the following to the template and fill it out:

  -->|icon          =[[File:|link=|{{{icon size|}}}]]<!--
  -->|short         =<!--
  -->|text|#default =<!--

Please note that the abbreviation needs to be in uppercase. In addition, please try to maintain alphabetical order of abbreviations within the template.


Input Result
{{abb|FOBOS}} Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
{{abb|mode=short|FOBOS}} Fallout: BoS

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