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In 2290 Enthre Forces explore in force the states of Ohio and Indiana. Met with little resistance however the local populace besides the raiders, were verry friendly. Trade between the Republic of Enthre and the locals was soon established and after several large Raider bands and Gang leaders were exterminated in both states the populace seemed to love the Enthre Mutants and the Republic as a whole. Several months later the 2 states were concidered Terratories of The Republic of Enthre (TRE from now on). As Such outposts and other aid Provided by the TRE would be afforded to them as full citizens.

The Indiana IncidentEdit

In Late 2290 when the Indiana economy and moral was at its highest since before the Great War an invasionary force of unknown origin attacked several Enthre outposts simultaneously.


Casualties were minimal however Skirmishes continue and by mid 2291 the what now is identified as Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel is in all out war with TRE. Ruthless hatred towards anyone who bares the BOS symbol is common with Enthre East, West, Midwest Orders are to kill all BOS on Sight.

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