The Great Emancipation Edit

"You'll see me again. Just remember Jack ... we all bleed red."

- Kiel Jakubik, F.P.A. Leader, vault-tech expert, and rhetorician Edit

The Great Emancipation refers to the largest liberation of slaves known to the wastelands. The results of which contribute to the fall of the Dutch West India Company and the creation of The Free Peoples Association.

Event Summary

While journeying eastward, during Operation Dove, Kiel Jakubik was captured by The Dutch West India Company along with the other operatives involved in Operation Dove. Even though they were captured, the team quickly broke free from the slavers and began a shootout within the confines of the missile silo; during which time more members of Operation Dove were captured creating havoc within the The Dutch West India Company headquarters.

The shootout split the party up into the underground labyrinth of tunnels. They stealthily moved around the headquarters, in an attempt to escape the compound. After an hour of this, Kiel Jakubik managed to hack into the terminals and unlock all the doors in the facility along with deactivating all the slave collars. This led to an all-out riot within the facility.

After the compound had been over-run by the freed slaves, they celebrated and honored Kiel as a hero along with the other members of Operation Dove. Over 300 slaves were freed that day. Kiel decided to stay and lead the slaves while departing from Operation Dove. After a couple days Kiel founded The Free People Association.

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