After the start and end of the Great War in 2077, the U.S. Government withdrew from Canada to stop the anarchy in the already starting in the United States, leaving Canada to it's own devices. After Vault 16 (which was on the border of Alaska and the Yukon Territories W.I.P.) opened releasing the native tribe the Inuits in 2112. The Inuits decided to take back Canada and make it into their own country. After finding the weapon, armor, and artillery stockpile in Fort Baron in the Northwest Territories in 2117 they started attacking settlements in Alaska, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. They attacked the Yellowknife ruins with their chief, Chief Falling Claw in 2119 and conquered it in 2123, ending the four year siege on the settlers living there. They decided to use Yellowknife as their main base of operations. The deathclaws that migrated from the North-Eastern U.S. started to enter Inuit territory in 2176 and the Inuits preceded to attempt to tame them, succeeding after the death of over 300 tribe members in 2178. They then preceded to use the deathclaws as weapons and started sending them to attack settlements. By 2287, the Inuits control from Alaska to Ontario with their scouts ranging as far away as the NCR. Conflicts have began with these two nations, and it is unknown who wins these battles.

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