The Liberators are a group of unified raider gangs intent on 'liberating' New Boise from the Cascadians.

Formation Edit

After the Cascadian Republic arrived in the ruins of Pre-War Boise in 2280, they wiped out the raider gangs residing their and established the community of New Boise. Furious at Cascadia, the remaining gangs unified into The Liberators and began waging war in New Boise from their stronghold in Hidden Springs in 2282. The Liberators formed under and report to the raider boss known as Buckskin Ross.

Boise Wars Edit

The Boise Wars began with Cascadia entering and wiping out the raiders and other enemies in the Boise Wasteland. It now serves as the conflict between Cascadia and The Liberators in 2282. The Liberators gain more control over the city everyday as Cascadia is busy fighting a three front war between rebels and the raiders.

Flag Edit

The Liberators feature a red flag with the head of a snake and sword. The snake represents how The Liberators act, striking unsuspecting opponents and killing them in one strike. The sword and red color represent their fighting nature and unification under war. The symbols, sword and snake, are slightly off centered, which was originally a mistake in the flags creation, but now represents how The Liberators stray from the path of previous raider gangs, being more violent and devestating. The sword and snake face right, representing how The Liberators view themselves as on the right path, doing the right things.

Classes Edit

The Liberators feature separate classes within their gang:

  • Raiders-The primary force of The Liberators, basic Raider
  • Bossers-Elite Raiders picked by the Raider Boss to protect him, protectors and elite commandos and assassins
  • Raider Boss-The leader in control of The Liberators, the head Raider surronded by Bossers
  • Slaves-Made up of captured civilians, members of the Cascadian Armed Forces, and Ghouls, whom The Liberators deeply despise.
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