"I want to know WHO the shadow is, and I want you people to RIP his head off! No excuses, get it done!"
—President Kimball to the NCRA
The Shadow
The Shadow
Race Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Role Leader? Terrorist (NCR and Legion.)
Location Unknown
Level 50
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ST 5, PE 9, EN 5, CH 10, IN 10, AG 5, LK 1
Skills {{{skills}}}
Perks Extreme Training (charisma)
Derived stats 30 HP

The Shadow is the unknown person whose activities started around the 2270's. Not much is known about the shadow other than that it operates with hostility against Caesar's Legion and the New California Republic for reasons yet unknown. (We'll refer to the shadow as "it" instead of he/she.)

Background Edit

The Shadow's activities started during the 2270's in a perfect bank robbery at Shady Sands. No alarms, no one saw the faces of the robbers as they used masks, no one heard what they sounded like and the police was too late. The gang went away with enough cash to live without working for years.

The Network Edit

The Shadow, apparently, used its money to fund a "spy project". The Shadow established a network covering pretty much all of the NCR, and as such a business long thought dead was resurrected. Private Intelligence. It's hard to contact the organization, and those that do pay large sums to get information.

The Shadow seems to operate especially hostile towards the NCR and Caesar's Legion, almost as if the entire organization is bent on their destruction. But even though the organization was and still is renowned for its secrecy, things can go wrong...

The Great Information Spill Edit

The year 2273, a massive crisis was caused by a massive information leak from a person working for the Shadow. The person was dealt with accordingly, but it didn't stop disaster from happening. The organization had collected data on thousands of civilians, plenty of military activities and even political corruption in the NCR. While some labeled the Shadow a hero who fought NCR imperialism and corruption, to most he was labeled a terrorist. And it would be the first (and permanent) time he would be labeled a terrorist. The NCR started to track down the organization. Several agents were killed, divisions were shut down and it looked like the entire organization was about to fall apart. But the Shadow found a way around it. The Shadow ended up using his information as a weapon. He started feeding people with anti-NCR propaganda, proof of government corruption, data on politicians et cetera. He even started sending assassins after important NCR people. Threatened, the NCR gave up the search and even ended up becoming one of the organization's clients (in secrecy.)

Quotes Edit

"With this, I'll rid this world of infestation. Sans lingua franca, the world would be torn asunder. To restrict chaos, we must end freedom. Only without freedom of consciousness can we truly be free. But do not worry, you won't even notice it... Knoxon."
—The Shadow threatens the Demon of the Wastes.
"Time takes the time time takes. And I am a very patient man."
—The Shadow

Themes Edit

The Shadow's theme

The Shadow's theme

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