• Aaron Scott was seated on a barstool in the NCR's Mojave outpost with a Sunset Sarsaparilla in his hand. He had just completed a delivery and decided to treat himself to lunch.

    (Current posting order: Steve, Cain, Spock, Kastera, Walrus)

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    • George Taylor, having just come back from a patrol walked into the saloon. Sitting down on a bar stool he ordered a shot of hard whiskey, he needed it after having fought his way through a Legion ambush along the Nipton highway. He looked around the room and spied a pretty looking girl sitting across from her, deciding he'd try he walked over and sat down next to the young woman. She had a caravan shotgun and a cowboy hat on and damn did she look good. But after a quick conversation he realized he was barking up the wrong tree and made up some lame excuse and left the bar. Still having his beer in hand he walked to the bunk room and laid down on his quickly falling asleep, it wouldn't stay that way though he would be having nightmares the whole night. Dreaming of the horror he saw in Arizona, his comrades being wiped out by Legionnaires, and one a massive man with a huge sword and an imposing mask. These images would haunt his dreams for the rest of the night.

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    • Aaron noted the NCR soldier seemingly drinking is sorrows away and felt the prompting to stay. He radioed his wife that he'd be staying and followed the soldier into the open barracks.

      "Rough day, I take it?" he asked, sitting down on the bed next to the soldier's. "This won't help."

      He took the beer away from the soldier and held out his hand.

      "Aaron Scott," he introduced.

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    • "Hey pal I don't go snatching your booze away from you! Now hand it over and stop bugging me! Can't ya see I'm trying to sleep?"

      george seathed at the young courier but immediatly felt ashamed at having reacted in a such a way, as the Courier turned to leave he stood.

      "Hey" he tapped him on the shoulder, "Sorry about that its just...well it helps take the edge off you know" he explained, "I just got back from a messy patrol on the Nipton highway, we had a caravan we were escorting for Far Go Traders when a Legion raiding party jumped us"

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    • Lachlan Hoffmann enters the Mojave outpost barracks wearing a duster a hood and a gas mask on his face with combat armour underneath with his 308 Automatic rifle on his back and his 12.7mm pistol in his holster. He walks over to the bar and sits on a stool and looks over to the bartender and says.

      "Hey can I get a Nuka Cola over here."

      (Sorry If i screwed anything to forum RP)

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    • (Not at all My Boy DAAAAAA)

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    • (Note: These RPs are usually written in the past tense and you shouldn't control other users' characters' actions.)

      "Well sorry about that. You guys are in prayers," Aaron told him. "But what you shouldn't do is drink to take the edge off, it's a depressant and I've seen bad things come from alcohol. Why don't you have a Nuka or a Sunset, instead? You'll feel way better."

      The Mormon went back to the bar and laid a few caps down.

      "Nuka and a Sunset. I'll drink whichever he doesn't."

      He gave a tip of the hat to the man in the duster that had just ordered a Nuka as well, then turned to the troubled soldier.

      "Never caught your name, by the way."

      (Is Lachlan in NCR Ranger armor? Just wanna be clear.)

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    • (my apolgies)

      "The names George, George Taylor" He walked up to the bar, "So Aaron what brings you to these parts"

      He notices him tip his hat at the man in the duster,

      "Friend of yours?" he looked to the bartender, "I'll have a...Sunset Sasparilla"

      he took a swig from the bottle, "Not bad, still doens't have the taste of a cold beer, or the burn of whiskey but it'll do"

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    • (Nope not in NCR armor just normal combat armor with a duster over it)

      Lachlan took his gas mask off and drank a sip of Nuka Cola.

      "Damn my legs are killing me, Been going after that bounty for hours."

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    • (Well it's your turn to post, Spock)

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    • "That so?" george asked, "You get anyone?"

      George took another drink from his Sunset,

      "I guess what I'm really asking is have you been up Nipton highway? Theres a group of Legionnaires attacking that way and I lost half a platoon of Rangers fighting them, I'm trying to get a bead on where they are so I can exact some revenge"

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    • (Sorry I went out of order Sorry)

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    • (don't worry, just follow the order from here on)

      Aaron sipped the Nuka and listened to the two.

      "Well it certainly sounds dangerous. If you need a medic, I'm game to help out. Got a bit of Med-Tech on hand, plus I can whip up a nice batch of healing powder in a snap if we're away from civilization."

      He turned on his sleek PIP-Boy and hooked up a radio link with his wife.

      "Hey I'm gonna be helping out a bit more out here. I'll call later on, okay?"

      His wife, Jane, answered: Do what you need to do, but get back soon."

      "I will. Love you."

      He turned off the radio.

      "Well you boys have got yourself a medic."

      Aaron started checking the conditions of his weapons; his magnum revolver and rifle, sharpness of the combat knives and machete, finally the power in the tasing function of the machete itself. Then he looked at the his medical supply, finding it decently stocked.

      "So who's the bounty on?"

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    • Lachlan took another sip of Nuka Cola and looked over at George and Aaron.

      "Some ex-NCR Ranger called Eric Jones was aparently kicked out due to mental problems....he went on a killing spree killing anyone he saw aparently he went down this way hopefully I can find him and take him down before he attacks this outpost or kills more citizens, The bounty is pretty big 1000 caps for his head and bringing him in alive is not an option it seems."

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    • (The order is me, Cain, then Spock. Cain, you post, then me, and then Spock, then back in proper order.)

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    • "Well boys looks like we got ourselves a posse going here hang on I'll be right back"

      George goes back to his bunk and picked up his rifle, magnum along with his bandoleer of ammo.

      "So pal, whats your name again? Do you know where this Eric Jones is located? he got a hideout, place he likes to hang his hat?"

      He flicked the cylinder of the magnum out and checked that all the holes had rounds in 'em, then he pulled up his Battle Rifle and checked he had a full clip.

      he turned to Aaron, "You got a map on that thing?"

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    • "I do, actually," Aaron answered. "Our new friend here probably has one too. 3000 Series, right? Mine's that scaled down 5000 from Cali'. Same OS, but it's not as durable."

      He took another swig of Nuka and brought up his PIP-Boy's map, blue display glowing, and held his wrist out to the man with the gas mask.

      "Oh, I'm Aaron, that's George. Yours?"

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    • "Names Lachlan Hoffmann. And yes I do have a Pip-boy 3000 modified it a bit to had it ever since I was ten."

      Lachlan took another sip of Nuka Cola and pulled back his sleeve on his right arm and showed his well maintained Pip-boy 3000 to George and Aaron.

      "Oh and yes I have a few leads he is aparently near Crescent Canyon."

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    • Aaron referenced the map of his PIP-Boy with Lachlan's and grinned.

      "That should have a few good sniping points."

      He checked the alignment of his Trail carbine's scope.

      "I could give some cover fire from above and leave you guys a few stimpacks and Med-X. Some Rad-Away and Rad-X, too, I hear it's irradiated.

      "But we ought to get some rest. That's a decent hike south and it'd be best to start early."

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    • (I'm not going to be able to be in the RP for around 10 or more hours just wanted to let you guys know)

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    • "Agreed,I'm sure they're some empty bunk you guys can have, If we're headed to crescent canyon I know a place where we can get a couple of radiation suits, Its an Old supply base setup by the Rangers a while back"

      With that George drank the last of his nuka cola and headed back to his bunk,

      "Good night boys"

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    • "Goodnight George," Aaron said. "'Night Lachlan."

      Aaron found the empty bunk next to George, stowed his weapons and gear, then knelt by the side of his bed to say a prayer.

      Heavenly Father, I thank thee for this day and the opportunity before me to serve and bring about the protection of the good people of the Mojave. Tonight, I pray, lend me strength in spirit and aim as I undertake the task I have committed to assist my new comrades in. Bless George that he may feel thy love and spirit in all things and bless the lives of the brave troops and their souls that have been brought unto thee. Bless my wife with safety and our town with good health. I pray and ask these things in the name of thy son, Jesus Christ, amen.

      With that, Aaron laid himself in bed and let sleep take him when it would until the morning came.

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    • (Ok scratch that gone for 10 hours thing i'll be here a little longer I'm sorry If it isnt my turn but I'm thinking it is because of what Steve said "The order is me, Cain, then Spock. Cain, you post, then me, and then Spock, then back in proper order." I Highlighted what I think is going on)  

      "Goodnight." Lachlan said.

      Lachlan stood up and exited the barracks and walked down the road and looked at his Pip-boy and radioed his superiors.

      "Ok almost near that traitor made up a story saying he was some some ex ranger with mental issues might be getting some help taking him down but catching him will probably be impossible but hopefully we can avenge the soldiers he betrayed." Lachlan said into the radio.

      "Good and hopefully the NCR doesn't get involved somehow, Give that traitor hell Henderson out" Lieutenant Henderson replied over radio. 

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    • (Now it's proper order of me, Cain, then Spock)

      Aaron laid in his bunk and looked at George for a moment before staring up at the ceiling to ponder.

      Now that I think about it, I haven't really seen any bounty notice about some mental ex-Ranger. I wonder where that Lachlan fellow got his information...

      Oh what am I thinking? I'm sure it's nothing. If he's a threat, I'll know what to do.

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    • George laid there for a good hour without sleeping, If this Lachlan is some bounty hunter how come I haven't heard of him prior to this? And this Eric...I would've heard about a rogue Ranger...strange.

      George roled over on his side and then to the other, he spied Aaron but where was Lachlan? He stood and walked to the now empty saloon, the bartender was gone and the radio quietly played radio new vegas, he looked around No Lachlan he walked to the door where the night sentry was posted, he quickly saluted George. 

      "You seen a fella by the name of Lachlan? About yay big wearin a duster"

      The sentry shrugged,

      Ah forget it, he probably met one of the prostitutes that hang around here, well back to bed.

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    • (Lachlan your not the only one with Enclave connections)

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    • (Yeah I know I've read your characters page but it seems i'm more connected than you since Lachlan is in the Enclave and George is ex-Enclave)

      Lachlan checked his Pip-boy for a while and then walked back up the hill and entered the barracks walked up to an emety bed and took his Rifle of his back and placed it against the wall he kept his 12.7 pistol on in his holster and laid on the bunk and slept.

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    • Aaron awoke early with a stretch before rolling off of the bed and offering a quick prayer to allow the endeavor to be a success. He donned his gear and looked to the other bunks, seeing Lachlan, finally, and decided to go into the bar to get some breakfast.

      Long hike south. Best to be prepared and fueled up.

      He ordered a bowl of Sugar Bombs and Brahmin steak with a Sunset to put some caffine in his system.

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    • George was always a morning person he had always been since he was raised on his father's farm, he walked over to the bar and ordered up a steak cooked medium-rare and chowed down, spying Aaron he slid his plate next to him and sat down.

      "Morning Aaron, say funny thing I was thinking about last night, I've never hear of this Eric Jones guy and I'm NCR military this sort of thing would've gotten to me"

      George cut a generous piece of the steak and wolfed it down.

      "It just seems a little off to me you know?" George continued, "Have you seen Lachlan? he disappeared last night"

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    • Lachlan waked up late due to his "midnight walk" he got up and picked up his Rifle and holsterd on his back and walked over to the bar and seated himslef one stool between him and Aaron and George.

      Lachlan pulled out a suspiciosly new looking MRE that had an odd marking on it and a Vault 116 Canteen out of his duster pockets and procceded to open the MRE and pulled out a knife and fork and ate the contents within it. 

      While he was eating Lachlan turned over to look at Aaron and George.


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    • Due to Lachlan's lateness, Aaron had finished his breakfast and started on his Sunset.

      "Oh there you are, Lachlan. Good morning."

      He noticed the MRE Lachlan was eating, but paid it no mind.

      "So, Eric Jones, what's his story?"

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    • "Morning Lachlan where've you been?"

      George spied the MRE

      "Interesting breakfast choice, Lachlan I prefer a Brahmin steak myself"

      George made a mental note of the MRE and decided to forget bout it for the time being.

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    • "Oh I was just having a walk last night thats all you know."

      Lachlan then looked at Aaron

      "I Didn't get many details about the guy really only that he was an ex-ranger and he had mental problems."

      Lachlan picked up his Canteen and sipped a mouthful looking a little nervous.

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    • Aaron was typically trustful, but he was no fool.

      "There's more to it then you're letting on," he stated. "Seriously, what's the real story?"

      Aaron carried a serious face about him as he took a swig of Sunset.

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    • "Yeah i like to know whom i'm going to kil before I kill him, the Legion deserve it but I don't want to kill someone you have a grudge against, so what this guy steal your girlfriend or somethin?"

      ever cautious and alert George slowly moved his hand down to his magnum without drawing it.

      "Please enlighten us"

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    • Lachlan sighed and put his canteen back in his duster's pocket.

      "Ok...Eric Jones was a member of the group I'm apart of he went rouge killing two soldiers and one officer and I was sent to kill or capture him so then justice can be done for the people he has killed, He will most likely be heavily armed with plasma weaponry and wearing power armor it'll be hard to take him down."

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    • Enclave...

      "Plasma weapons and power armor... Sounds dangerous."

      Aaron had no real trust for the Enclave, but he felt prompted to help Lachlan anyway.

      "Well the sooner we get to the canyon, the sooner Jones can face... justice."

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    • "You know if you had just been up front about it these sort of problems we probably would've helped"

      George came to the realization he wasn't the only enclave member left out there.

      "Power aromor eh? well I got these special sabot rounds for my rifle they'll go right through power armor but they can only penetrate in weak armored areas, like the eye piece"

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    • Lachlan whispered quietly to Aaron and George.

      "I Had reasons to...lie to both of and now it seems you probably know that I am in the Enclave I just didn't want anyone here to know since well....the NCR charge anyone related with the Enclave with "war crimes" and if they found out that we were in the Mojave....wouldn't end well for anyone."

      Lachlan breathed a sighed of relief.

      "Ok we are going to need supplies I can call in a Vertibird to bring me my power armour weapons and some armor piercing rounds, Oh and George thats a pretty hard place to hit...wait how do you know that the eye pieces are a weakness?"

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    • "Too noisy," Aaron whispered. "And I doubt headshots are going to be needed, but we need to get a move on if we're going to do anything about Jones."

      The Mormon stood up and took a final chug of his Sunset, fitting his weapons comfortably to ready himself for the hike.

      "We'll talk more once we're away from prying ears."

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    • "Agreed" george said to Aaron,

      George looked at Laclan, "I served four tours against the brotherhood. you tend to learn a few things while you have that big of a disadvantage", George leaned over to Lachlan, "My old man was a verti-assualt trooper back in the day, he still has his old suit of advanced power armour"

      George reached into his ammo case and pulled out the sleak, sabots.

      "These my friend are depleted Uranium rounds can punch through just about anything" He put the sabots back, "How are your buds gonna feel about helping an NCR officer?"

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    • "I Agree we should get to somewhere with...less people, Hmmm depleted Urainium...that sounds deadly could work but I might bring In a gatling laser or maybe something else...and let me guess you're old man was stationed at Navarro right heard about what happened there years ago damn shame....anyway lets get going."

      Lachlan stood up and started walking towards the door.

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    • Aaron went for the door as well, following Lachlan out.

      "Okay, so, let's not make killing a priority. I'm a good enough shot, I can disable his plasma weapons, easy enough. Maybe cripple a limb or two if I can convert some of George's armor piercing rounds to fit magnum rounds. But let's not kill unless necessary, please."

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    • "Yeah sure but if this guy is as hard core of a killer as Laclan says than I'm not hesitating to put one in 'em" George responded, "Oh and by the way lets go get those radiation suits I told you guys about the cave isn't far from here"

      George finished his steak and nuka, holstered his magnum and slung his rifle over his shoulder,

      "Lets roll"

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    • "I Won't be needing a radiation suit when I get my armor brought in I'll be fine but you two will still need something to protect I guess lead the way George"

      Lachlan started mess around with his Pip-boy as he walked out of the doors of the barracks.

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    • (We'll just skip to wherever the next checkpoint is)

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    • "God you never get used to how hot these suits get" George said as he surveyed the canyon, a thick green fog rose from it and even from this distance he could here the geiger counter on Aaron's pip-boy going off.

      "So that crazy nut is down there somewhere? Don't look that bad, I've only been down there once and that was when brass thought it be smart if we ran caravans through the canyon to avoid Legion ambushes thats how Ranger Station Echo was opened up" george looked around, "Its a joke guys"

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    • "Well those suits won't hold up againts a plasma caster, A Vertibird should be here soon with some supplies and if we capture him we'll put him in there and transport him back to base to be put on trail but if he is killed we are going to have a hard time putting him in there since well you know power armor is heavy."

      Lachlan checked his Pip-boy to see how far away the Vertibird is.

      "Hmm seems like it's be here sooner guess it's the good weather."

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    • Aaron did not wear the radiation suit at all. He preferred the mobility of his attire and Rad-X.

      "Well listen, I've been thinking. I ought to go ahead. It's possible that Jones would be willing to cooperate with one that isn't... affiliated with opposing parties of his. I could talk to him and get him to come quietly without bloodshed."

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    • "Try what you wish I'm just gonna tag along to cover you ok?"

      George loadedfour of the abots into his rifle, " lead the way Aaron"

      George checked his magnum, still all six rounds were loaded he retucked it into his holster

      "And Aaron don't try to be mister moral superiority here, if he's as bad as Lachlan said and trys something I'm  no gonna hesitate to put on e in 'em"

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    • (A Canaanite, a Californian, and a vaultboy walk into a RP.)

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    • (you planning on joining Raneiro?)

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    • (Nah, I checked this wiki a bit late into the RP, I'll do the next one or somethin')

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    • (Well with the title, anybody can join in and the RP can continue with another adventure. Perhaps after this little misadventure, feel like joining, Nero?)

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    • (I don't know, don't feel like being Jones or something, so easy to die. You guys just... do you.)

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    • "Yes killing him is the safest option he will shoot us on sight so we may as well do the same."

      A Vertibird can be heard in the distance.

      "Oh good their here well I'll go over to the landing zone"

      Lachlan walked north to the landing zone.

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    • Aaron sighed.

      "Alright, fine, but only if he fires on us first."

      Aaron ensured that his rifle was fully loaded, same as his revolver, before checking his PIP-Boy's geiger counter.

      "The radiation won't be too bad, so long as we stay away from those barrels. Looks like an old world train was carrying them to be disposed of. That's why it's fairly irradiated... Well shall we?"

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    • "Yeah I'll take point" George walked out front with his rifle at the ready "keep an eye out for this guy I don't want to become a notch on his rifle"

      George walked along for quite awhile on point when he saw the glint of light off metal behind a wreckage of a truck, suddenly there was a blast of green and three bolts of plasma shot past him, he dove for cover as a plasma bolt grazed his leg burning a hole in his suit and giving him a severe burn, he popped up from cover firing two of his sabots at the man's cover. He looked to Aaron,

      "You got a grenade or something to flush him out?"

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    • Lachlan arrived at the landing zone as the Vertibird landed and entered the Vertibird

      The Pilot turned around and looked at Lachlan "Sergeant we saw plasma being fired on the way in" Said the Pilot

      "Yeah I have some help didn't expect them to start fighting already"

      Lachlan equiped his armour and Gatling laser and exited the Vertibird and ran towards the battle.

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    • Aaron let out a silent prayer and started climbing along the canyon wall, taking care to not be hit with plasma fire.

      "No grenades, but there's always this that I picked up."

      He took a stick of dynamite from his pocket, and a lighter. Lighting the fuse, he tossed the stick in the direction of the plasma fire and un slung his trail carbine. Aaron aimed down the scope and took aim at what resembled a plasma weapon, and fired a .44 magnum round at it, hoping to possibly damage the weapon.

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    • George popped above the rocks he was hiding behind and placed one of his sabots into the cover the man was hiding behind, as the TNT exploded he fired his final sabot at the man in power armour as he dove out from behind cover,

      "He's a fast one Aaron!" George yelled, "I'm out of sabots also"

      Yet as he shouted that Aaron's round hit the rifle out of the mans hand, making it unusable, George loaded a clip of normal rounds into his rifle and fired three rounds at the man in power armour.

      "Where the heck is Lachlan?"

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    • "I'm here!"

      Lachlan ran to the top of a rock and started firing his gatling laser at Eric Jones cover.

      "I'll keep him occuipied you guys go flank him...EAT LASER YOU BASTARD!!!"

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    • Aaron slid down the clifface and to cover to reload. He then sprinted to another covert point at Lachlan's command to snipe at his flank, specifically, his shooting arm and corresponding leg.

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    • George popped above the cover, sighted the man and fired three frounds into his power armour, he staggered backwards then was hit with Lachlan's laser blast and Aaron's sniper round to the side of the helmet, the man collapsed.

      "Gotcha!" George said, he ran up and kicked the man;s helmet off. "I think we got em' guys"

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    • Lachlan stopped firing and started to walk down into the canyon towards the collapsed rogue soldier.

      "Great job tie him up and I'll give the signel for the Vertibird to get closer to transport him"

      Lachlan looked down at his Pip-boy and radioed the Vertibird.

      "We got him get in closer so we can transport him." 

      The Vertibird lifted off and flew closer to the canyon.

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    • Using his Boy Scout knots, Aaron took some rope and bound Jones with it.

      "I'm sorry, but you bought this on yourself."

      He started searching Jones' person for any other hidden surprises.

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    • "Hey Lachlan you think i can keep his power armour?" 

      George walked over to the tied up man and picked up his helmet, interesting haven't seen this new model yet.

      "By the way now that we got this guy captured, someone want to help men hunt down those Legionnaires?" he asked, "Or am I going to be out there all on my lonesome?"

      George spied Eric's plasma pistol and picked it up,

      "Funny you never used this" George said to Eric, "Mind if I have this also, or do you guys need all this back?"

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    • "That's Government property so no were low on man power and resources but I will try and get you two some form of payment though like food water caps ammunition something like that, I'll bring him into the Vertibird and sorry I can't help you with the Legion...lets just say the Enclave have a few very important trade agreements with them and I wouldn't want to ruin that would get in a load of trouble and they know my undercover idenity."

      Lachlan walked up and stood next to the tied up Eric Jones.

      "Oh and yeah that's Advanced Power Armor Mark II standard issue now but some of the older members still have thier old Mark I's."

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    • "I'll go with you," Aaron told George. "Any chance to take them down, I'll take."

      The Canaanite courier went over to Lachlan to shake his hand.

      "Now, I expect this man to be treated under due process, understand? You said it yourself, the Enclave is low on resources and personnel."

      He stepped back over to George.

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    • without thinking, "Yeah my old man has the old Mk. I suit"

      George looked around, "Ah crap guess that cats out of the bag, anyway thats too bad about the power armour, same with you having to leave but it was a pleasure workin with you"

      George extended his hand to Lachlan, "Your a good man Lachlan, and uh don't be such a stranger you know?"

      he turned to Aaron, "Alright last I saw of the Legion they had a camp near Nipton Highway"

      (good playing with you spock, hope you return, how about we try and get Raneiro to play with us?)

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    • "He will most likely get a life senstence...or well... a firing squad, It's working with you two hopefully we meat again some day oh and give those legion guys hell"

      Lachlan looked over to Eric Jones.

      "Now Private Eric Jones....get a move on"

      Eric Jones grumbled and started walking "Yes...Sergeant" Jones said to Lachlan

      Lachlan followed Eric Jones closely with a gun aimed at his head and they eventully reached the Vertibird and stepped in and the Vertibird lifted off and hovered over Aaron and George and dropped a large metal box with a parachute that had 10000 caps and two plasma pistols with ammunition with a note saying "It's ok this is my own stuff I found not the Enclave's" then the Vertibird flew North-East to Little Navarro.

      (Well that was fun might join in again later)

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    • (So yeah, Nero can probably join in whilst on the way to the outpost or the Legion camp. Feel free to jump back in when opportunity presents itself, Spock)

      "Well that was... intriguing," Aaron said as he went to the dropped box and opened it to reveal its contents. "Um... Wow! That's quite a payment for one fugitive, but never question providence. Split down the middle, you think?"

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    • "Heck Yeah! I'm gonna have to make a stop back to the Outpost though I gotta grab the rest of my gear before we move out to the Legion camp"

      George picked up his share of the caps and tucked them into his pack, he then threw his rifle over his shoulder, "You coming?"

      George than picked up the plasma pistol, "Well haven't fired one of these in quite a long time"

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    • Aaron took his share of caps and looked at the plasma pistol.

      "Yeah, coming. Can't say I've actually fired one of these things. Same basic concept as a gun, right? Anyway, lead on."

      He contemplated the fate of Eric Jones as he followed George. Silently, he prayed for some form of forgiveness for him and that his penance would be fair to his crimes, but also that Jones would repent inside. He ended the prayer, thinking about the new challenge ahead.

      "Is this Legion camp a typical military encampment or... a slaving camp?"

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    • "Typical military encampment geez....Aaron if you think these guys are soldiers like myself and my men then your dead wrong, these are animals who go around enslaving people for the fun of it" George replied bitterly, "And yeah its basically the same concept as a gun accept your dealing with super heated plasma and not bullets"

      George turned and began to walk back to the Outpost, he looked back at Aaron and noticed he looked bothered. 

      "You okay?"

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    • "I didn't say they were like you and your men, just clarifying."

      Aaron walked alongside George now.

      "As for what's bothering me, we believe similar things, right? We've read our scriptures and tried to follow righteously in the things we do, yes?

      "The world today is a test of faith for me, I suppose. For a few moments in the canyon, I contemplated not letting the Enclave take Jones away. We didn't even wait to hear his side of things, why he killed those men. Now he may be imprisoned or executed unjustly, without any of us truly knowing why.

      "Then the Legion. They're simply... horrid. They're armies are based upon slaves and trading. To me, that is unforgivable. And to think that one of my brethren helped found such a people, though he served penance for it in fire.

      "I don't know, George. Sometimes it's hard to have faith in these troubled times, right? Too few remember that they are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

      "Oh but listen to me babble. I feel like I'm a missionary without a companion. And weren't you burned in the leg, earlier?"

      Aaron took out a stimpack and injected it into the artery to let the healing serum take full effect on the entire leg.

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    • "Thanks for the meds Aaron, but your right we do have the same beliefs, but I view that some of us are put on this earth for a reason...Me I firgure I'm hear to get rid of those butchers over in Arizona, they're sub-human and I not about to argue that"

      "And i do agree the people of the wasteland have indeed lost their faith, they've lost their way, but yet like God flooded the earth to restart mankind, he did the same with nuclear bombs and the NCR is Israel with Aradesh as our Abraham and the Legion? Phillistines"

      "There has never been a doudt in my mind Aaron that those slaving monsters across the river will burn for what they've done and well I'm just here to help them get there that much faster"

      "I'm Baptist buddy revelations is the only thing I was raised on and from it says they're all goin to hell"

        Loading editor
    • He hasn't met... Oh boy...

      "You're generalizing the Legion as a people that do not repent, not thinking about the individuals," Aaron retorted.

      "A single person, among a battalion, in the Legion might think differently about slaving, even reject it. Is she deserving to be burned just because she's in the Legion?

      "I once met a defected Legionnaire. A Decanus. I don't know her whole story myself, but she left the Legion after her she invaded some town and was supposed to bring in slaves. She defected and tried to escape. I spotted her running and I grazed her arm. Then just looking at her, a face of pain and remorse, a promting to help her came to me. I healed her other injuries and took her to an NCR outpost. Didn't see her since, but it made me remember that the people in the Legion aren't beyond forgiveness.

      "But I agree, the Legion is a force that needs to be stopped. Just don't forget that they arestill people. Greatly misguided, but still people.

      "What do you know of Joshua Graham?"

      (The Decanus is an OC I'm working on."

        Loading editor
    • "If you want to view them that way fine"

      "Oh you mean the Burned Man? Well I've been out to Zion its a nice place, lots of green and such if you don't mind the White Legs I met him only once and that was to give me a dispatch to return to my commanders"

      "I personally thought the guy was sort but overall an interesting person to talk to"

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    • "He and I are of the same faith actually," said Aaron. "But... Brother Graham brought disgrace to it when he aided in the very creation of Caesar's Legion, its first Legate in fact. But after failing Caesar at Hoover Dam, Caesar had him burned alive and tossed into the Grand Canyon.

      "He left the Legion behind and repented into Christ, but the damage was done. Oh but listen to me, I feel like I'm about to try and give you the missionary discussions and teach you like I did not too long ago.

      "Tell me, you mentioned being in the Enclave before?"

        Loading editor
    • "Yeah my old man was a trooper in the Enclave Vertiassualt Corp, he's a real patriot and still is today but when Navarro fell he took my mom and baby me and flew us out in the old vertibird we found an old ranch with alot of openland around it and settled there"

      "Now my dad's a tobacco planter and successful buisnessmen, he doesn't hate the NCR even after what they did he cureently is trying to get a law passed that would pardon all ex-enclave troops"

      "Heck I agree with that what kind of harm is a 50, 60 or 70 yearold man doing to the world, way I figure it let 'em die in peace, anyways we still got the old vertibird its sitting in an old barn at the edge of our property and his old power armour is in a stasis field in our basement"

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    • "Huh... Cool I guess," Aaron said. "I... don't have much trust for the Enclave. From what I understand, its supposed to be the old world US government, I studied this, and things just don't really add up.

      "I'm not about to point fingers, but as far as I understand it, they keep advanced tech all to themselves, instead of really helping in rebuilding with it.

      "Again, I'm not pointing fingers, but isn't that a bit... suspicious?"

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    • "Well I never said they were perfect, but they did what they thought was right anyway I know they have a base somewhere in the Mojave, my old man showed me a map of all the bases they had way back when"

      "Anyone to find that place would probably find enough tech to help themselves and then the wasteland, provided it was the right people who found it"

      "And well I guess if I'm some Enclave head I wouldn't want to go giving out all the remaining tech in the wasteland to a bunch of offense I guess I was just raised differently, you know different ideals"

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    • (btw women aren't allowed to be officers in the Legion)

        Loading editor
    • "Yeah I understand. Just as long as we don't butt heads while working. Feel like listening to some music?"

      Aaron turned on his PIP-Boy and tuned the radio to the Mojave station. It was playing the song about the ranger with the big iron on his hip and so forth.

      (Not even the firstborn daughter of a centurion?)

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    • "Hey I love this song"

      George walked quietly thinking about his fathers past and about those sorry Legion animals he was headed off to slaughter.

      "Outpost is coming up soon" George said after an hour of walking,

      (Nope and remember that the Legion seperate kids from their parents at an early age to be trained in combat or for women, groomed for breeding)

        Loading editor
    • "You're right."

      Aaron could see the monument over the outpost.

      "So we grab your supplies, maybe gather a few men, and go take on some of the Legion?"

      (So private training from a centurion for his first born daughter is out of the question? No permission from a Legate? No exceptions brought on by the centurion? This is an OC idea I've been working on for a bit.)

        Loading editor
    • (Well it is role playing so I guess it could pass I mean hell theres a "Little Navarro" I guess anything goes here)

      "Yeah I can bring some men from my company I just gotta find 'em, maybe you can help find us another Merc to work with us?"

      George entered the saloon, walked over to his bunk and opened up his foot locker and grabbed several clips of ammo for his battle rifle and a plucked a small photo of a pretty girl smiling alongside him and tucked it into his pocket.

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    • Aaron looked around the outpost for someone whom would work with George and he.

      (Nero, if you wanna jump in, here's your chance)

        Loading editor
    • (or anyone else who wants too)

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    • (just saying steve I'm going on a holiday over the weekend so no posts from me)

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    • (No problem, Cain, have fun!)

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    • (I'm back)

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    • (Awesome! You can post and I'll see if Nero is still interested)

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    • George walked over to Major Knight and put in a reqestion for for a squad of men from his company, Knight took the form and gave the same line about a three hour waiting period to decide if such a request could be granted. 

      George sat down at the bar ordered a small glass of whiskey and took out the photo of the youg woman, smiling a pretty she stood next to George in front of  a small house, a small rear roled down George's face before he quickly stifled it and went back to his whiskey placing the photo in his pocket.

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    • (I think Nero isn't joining)

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    • (I Could possibly join back in...)

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    • (hey ese if you want to)

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    • (Hmm it'll be hard since it's only been about an hour (RP Hour not IRL hour) since Lachlan left)

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    • (true but give it another day and there will be room for ya, or you could say that you forgot something and the outpost comes under attack?) (Alright don't use that exact excuse but you could think up something)

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    • (Could work but Lachlan would be busy giving a report and listening to Eric Jones "court case")

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    • (how long you suppose that would last?)

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    • (A Few RP hours possibly)

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    • (ok well I guess its up to you then when you want to join back into the RP)

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    • (Well if Nero wants to join in, he can later)

      Aaron found no such luck in finding a cooperative merc and instead went to join George for a Sunset. He noticed that George had a tear in his eye when he looked at a picture of someone.

      "Hey, what's the matter? Who was that in the photo?"

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    • "My wife...haven't seen her since well" George stopped for a second, "Since that day...your gonna think I'm crazy Aaron but it was night and we were spending the night in my dad's guest house...there was some commotion over near the barn and I went to check on it...Then there was this bright blue light over the house" George stopped trying to hold in the mix of anger and sadness this memory held,

      "And when I went back she was gone" George paused stiffling a tear, 

      suddenly serious, "I swear to GOD Aaron that there was some kind of...God this sounds crazy...ship! over my house! think what you wish but I know what I saw"

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    • (A little color to George's back story and possible future adventure)

        Loading editor
    • (Considering my enjoyment of Mothership Zeta, this sounds fun :D)

      Aaron pondered over what George had just told him.

      "As... outlandish as that sounds... I feel like I should believe you," he said. "I haven't given it that much thought, but Earth couldn't possibly be the only planet in our universe. You look up at night and there are stars everywhere. Heck, for a time, I was into the old world space adventure comics and holotapes, even took the Space Exploration merit badge."

      He took a sip of his Sunset.

      "But there are just some things we aren't meant to know in this lifetime. Some things."

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    • "I suppose but I know she's out there somewhere...I know it"

      George placed the photo back into his pocket,

      "You find anyone?"

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    • "Unfortunately, no," he answered. "Nobody at all except for worn mercenaries and others too scared to go up against the Legion."

      Aaron sighed as he took another swig of Sunset.

      "Did you requisition some men on your end?"

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    • "Yeah I got a squad of men on call and ready to go whenever we need them" George said, "I've got some extra ammo and my packs full of extra supplies, suppose we can head otu whenever its convienent"

      (squad is twelve men)

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    • "Fourteen of us total," Aaron pondered. "That should be sufficient enough to take out those Legion forces."

      He checked the condition of his weapons and ammunition count.

      "Lemme go buy some ammo and parts and I'll be ready."

      Aaron went over to buy his parts and extra ammunition before giving his revolver and trail carbine maintenance and finish his Sunset.

      "Just about done. Ready to head out?"

        Loading editor
    • "I'll take the lead me amigo" George stepped out in front of the of the group of soldiers,

      As they headed into the hills the ergeant in command came to confer with George they spoke briefly and he went running back.

      George turned to Aaron and the rest of the men and signaled them to crouch, he walked over to Aaron

      "Okay apparently these legion were going up against are a different breed, they have heavy troops with old power armor they repurposed mixed with metal armor and apparently they all got better armor then their bretheren and their centurion a guy named Scipio wears his own suit of custom Power armor"

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    • (based off some mods)

        Loading editor
    • (Might be able to join back in as your characters head to that legion place)

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    • (sure man go for it)

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    • (Mods? Like for the game itself?)

      "Well that's a problem," said Aaron. "With a force like that, standard with other Legion attack forces, the NCR would be in deep trouble. All they'd have to do is steal more armor... or trade with the Enclave. Lachlan mentioned trade agreements...

      "But lucky us, power armor slows you down. It's bulky and the wearers are bound to it doing most of the moving."

      Aaron ensured that his rifle and pistol were fully loaded and ready.

      "How good are your men with headshots? That'll damage them most."

        Loading editor
    • (yes a legion overhaul mod, I emphasize based off of its just there to give you a mental image)

      "These are your average Mojave Miracles Aaron I have full confidence in their abilities but they have no decent training...I doubt the could hit the head, but I've learned from when I was fighting the brotherhood that if you fire on the neck area or knees you can immoblise the user"

      "Goddamnit Lachlan! those Enclave pukes had to trade with the Legion...damnit"

      "lets role"

      (lachlan go!)

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    • (like post i mean, don't go away)

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    • Lachlan and his squad in their "undercover cloths" headed down a road Lachlan spotted George and Aaron.

      "Oh there they are!"

      Lachlan waved.

      "Hey I've came back from doing reports so I can help you now...I brought some friends."

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    • "Well they're led in a good cause," said the Canaanite. "I'm sure with conviction, they'll pull through."

      Aaron looked to their force of twelve and felt a familiar prompting.

      "George, would you say a prayer for all of us? It's just something I feel like it's something we should do before we do this. Nothing written, just from your heart."

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    • "alright everyone please be in an attitude of prayer"

      Dear Heavenly father we ask that as we go on to fight the evil of mankind, that you bless us, our troops, myself, Aaron and Lachlan and all the other soldiers who will go with us to do your bidding. Let us not in the heat of combat become akin to the animals we are about to strike down and let us have the ability to fight bravley and defeat our enemies and spare those that have been held hostage by the butchers from arizona. We ask this of you on this day amen.

      "That good?"

      "oh and boys this is Lachlan Hoffman and of mercenaries here to help us tear caesar a new one"

      "So while all of you are getting acquainted I'd like a brief meeting with Lachlan and Aaron" he walked over to the two, "So Lachlan I knew that wasn't the last we would see of you, anyway as I was telling my boys these Legionnaires aren't your usual jock strap nut jobs they according to my men have some sort of heavy armor they've crafted from old T-45d and metal armor, their basic troops got upgraded armor and their leaders got some custom power armor"

      He turned to Aaron, "if you got some friends who wanna appear now would be the time" George said jockingly,

      (hows that for a prayer?)

        Loading editor
    • "T-45d....odd I thought caesar banned technology....anyway this is my squad, Rick's our heavy weapons specilalist he can provide suppesive fire while we flank them Steve can go up on a ridge or anywhere he can get a couple headshots theres Maria our medic she'll patch anyone up if they get hurt, And then theres Joshua our explosives expert and QRN-183 our sentry bot, Oh and I almost forgot Eric Jones was....sentenced to death he kiled those people because we were "rouge" he's one of those members who still thinks we should kill anything and everything on sight" Lachlan sighed "I Watched him get executed by a firing squad he got a quick death."

      Lachlan gived his squad a hand signal to follow.

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    • (Good prayer)

      "Thank you for that, George," said Aaron reverently, after the prayer.

      "I'm not so well connected as you two, so all I have to offer is myself and the weapons I'm carrying. I can be out on the front, medicating any wounded we have and..."

      He drew his machete and revolver from its sheath and holster and presented the machete to the two military men.

      "If any of them get too close, I'll use this. This belonged to a Decanus that essentially doesn't mind having tech like these Legionnaires in power armor. That is... until I bested him.

      "If they're keeping slaves there, I'm heading to spring them out first."

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    • "Oh trust me they have slaves, they're mostly caravaneers and guards for the Crimson Caravan Company, Me and my boys can attack the camp head on we got grenades and enough ammo to keep those butchers pinned for a long time"

      George looked over the men in front of him, yeah we can take 'em he thought

      "As for the tech I have no idea, I was talking with my intelligence officer before this he said they may be a splinter faction, and I'm glad you put that jones down...he deserved it"

      "So ladies enugh chit chat lets move out, sergeant skirmish line three foot spacing"

        Loading editor
    • "Ok lead the way, Lets go squad."

      Lachlan checked his Pip-boy

      "Time to kick some slaver ass."

        Loading editor
    • "If you all have Med-X, it'd suggest taking it now," suggested Aaron as he did as he suggested and checked his supply. "I have enough for several more men. Stimpacks too."

      He gripped his pistol and machete handles, ready to draw them at a moment's notice.

      "Should I sneak from behind whilst the men engage or stay with them in case they sustain heavy injury?"

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    • (it may be a little late, but do you mind if i join in with Bayaraq? this is pretty fun to read)

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    • (sure just pick the right time)

      George and his squad ran out front  he looked back, "Aaron get yourself a good firing position, Lachlan stick with me"

      As they neared the camp they spotted a pen with slaves sitting along the side of it, George crouched down and held up a fist, the squad stopped and crouched in their skirmish line. George pulled out binoculars and began to scan the camp.

      "Okay six guys on the perimeter with cyber dogs...interesting...those heavy troopers look tough, concentrate your fire on the neck and legs, they're the weak spot" he said to his squad, "And there we have our Centurion, nasty looking fella ain't he"

      A massive man came stomping out of the command tent his power armor looked like he had pieced it together from T-51b, Advanced Power Armor and T-45d it was threatening as hell, beside him a massive robotic hound grabbed up a gecko scurrying along the sand and in one bite ripped the thing in half.

      "Hey Captain look at that symbol on the tent" one of his men piped up,

      "Yeah that ain't Legion, what is that?"

      The symbol of Mars holding up the planet earth, with two crossed swords sat in the background. These guys were a splinter faction from the legion, a dangerous breed known as the Warriors of Mars.

        Loading editor
    • Lachlan looked at George.

      "Ok" Lachlan then looked at his squad "Rick and Joshua on me, Steve go up on that ridge and use armor piercing rounds Maria stay back in case someone gets hit, QRN-183 command follow Sergeant Hoffmann, command use missiles, command target power armored targets."

      "Yes Sir!" said Rick Joshua Steve and Maria

      "Affirmitive" Said QRN-183

      Lachlan's squad ran to their positions.

        Loading editor
    • Aaron looked upon the encampment of heavy troops and felt unphased. Whereas Lachlan's sniper went up to the ridge to snipe from above, he did not feel the need to be so distant from where he could do more good.

      He decided to give Maria his pack of medical supplies.

      "You'll be able to do better with these than I," he told her. "Just give back the ones you don't use."

      To George, he said: "I'll stick close to Maria if you don't mind. I'll be able to keep her out of harms way while she tends to our wounded."

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    • (Um it's one sniper not three)

        Loading editor
    • (*facepalm* This is why I shouldn't be reading posts immediately after I wake up XD )

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    • (haha, hey walrus if you wanna join we might be headed for a special location soon after this, read backwards if you don't catch my meaning)

      "Okay Aaron go where you can do the most"

      George loaded several sabots into his rifle, "Alright boys this is for 4th platoon, lets avenge those guys, pick your targets carefully boys and fire when I give the order"

      he turned to the others, "Places everybody!"

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    • (anybody else on Strategic Nuclear Moose?)

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    • (Also and this is just a suggestion but how about a fallout factions game, we all take control of our own faction within the fallout universe and we fight, have diplomacy and all that stuff, just a suggestion and wanted to hear some feed back)

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    • (Sounds fun)

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    • "Ok good lets do this"

      Lachlan pulled a power fist out of his backpack and put it on his right hand that was modified to make it easier to use firearms with it on.

      "You know just in case my weapons get out of my hands somehow......or well if one of them want have a power fist duel or something."

      (I've always thought that you could be able to use weapons with a power fist on but you'll have difficulty)

        Loading editor
    • (To be fair, Fallout's combat system is pretty good, but the logic system... Isn't. :P Skyrim did some things better, like the hand/weapon thing)

      Aaron cocked the hammer of his revolver and held it ready. With it in one hand and his shock machete in the other, he was prepared to take on their foes.

      He drew in a sharp breath and readied his mind to combat.

        Loading editor
    • "Alright boys lets spread out" George called to his men, suddenly there was a explosion as a missile slammed into the ground next to his squad, killing two of his men in the fireball.

      "OPEN FIRE!" George shouted, As gun fire suddenly erupted from camp, "Sergeant keep your men moving I'm not getting coaught out in the open!"

      "Aaron forget about those guys their dead, keep close to me!"

      with that George popped off a couple rounds into the Legion forces running to man barricades at the perimeter of the camp.

        Loading editor
    • "FIRE!" Lachlan yelled

      Lachlan ran to cover and started firing his Automatic rifle at the Legion forces.

      Rick ran to the cover and layed down supressive fire.

      Joshua fired 2 grenades from his grenade lancher at the legion.

      Steve started firing at the legion from the ridge.

        Loading editor
    • Aaron was barely ahead of Maria, firing precision, high caliber shots into Legion forces, taking care to not let the medic get hit.

        Loading editor
    • The sergeant and his men continued to press forward with the main attack and soon they were closing on the defenses, the massive Heavy troopers, one of them with a Super Sledge jumped out of the trench. Slamming his weapon against a trooper, sending him into the sand with a broken rib cage. George lifted his rifle firing one of his power sabots into the mans armor, sending him reeling.

      They jumped the ramparts and soon were in the camp.

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    • (Sorry for the wait....steam summer sales happened)

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    • Lachlan emptyed his clip and slung his rifle on his back and turned on his power fist and ran towards a heavy trooper with a machete.

      Joshua and QRN-183 consentrated their explosives on one of the heavy troopers knocking him down.

      Rick continued doing supressive fire.

      Steve fired his 308 rifle at one of the soldiers in the head with a armor piecing round killing him.

        Loading editor
    • Aaron took cover to quickly reload, but dodged a machete swipe from an onrushing Legionnaire that happened to reach his position. He took his shock machete and jabbed it into the neck of said legionnaire, which made him jitter and fall. He kept an eye on Maria and continued firing magnum rounds with precision.

        Loading editor
    • George watched as two more men were gunned down byt the heavy Legion fire, both men wounded crawled back behind cover shouting for a medic.

      George pulled a grenade from his belt and heaved it at the Legionnaires, blowing three of them apart. He looked to give an order to his sergeant only to see that he lie dead with a bullet hole through his neck.

      "Lachlan! Aaron! Me and my boys are taken a helluva lot of casualties, hang back while I call in some artillery support!"

      George popped up and fired another few rounds into the Legion defenses, ducking back down he watched as the Enclave troopers worked their way through the cover fighting their way towards the camp, Aaron and Maria fighting tailing behind, he suddenly felt something punch him in the thigh, he looked a bullet hole ripped a hole in his pants and blood was already seeping out, he began to put pressure on it when he noticed a menacing figure in Power armor jumping the defenses with a few others, Super Sledge in hand.

      "Shit! Medic!"

        Loading editor
    • (Got fallout 2 and Wolfenstein: NO Damn I'm lucky)

        Loading editor
    • "Maria Aaron get over here and get him i'll protect you guys"

      Lachlan ran up to the legion soldier with a machete and punched him in the chest breaking three rips.

      "Take that!"

      The legion soldier swong his machete at him Lachlan blocked it with his Pip-boy and punched him in the chest again causing his rips to break and pierce his organs leaving him on the ground dieing.

      "Well that was easy." Said Lachlan as he pulled out his 5.56mm and shot the dieing soldier in the head killing him instantly.

        Loading editor
    • Aaron spotted the Legionnaire with the super sledge and saw that George had sustained injury. He backed up to Maria and took one of his stimpacks from her before injecting it into George's leg.

      "Head honcho... Maria, tend to the others."

      He reloaded his revolver and brought George up to his feet.

      "This schmuck isn't that tough looking, just has a nicer toy. Besides..."

      Aaron took out three sticks of dynamite, which he twisted their fuses to link them together before lighting them up and tossing them at the bigger Legionnaire's legs.

      "He can't have a good attack without good leg support, can he?"

        Loading editor
    • "Good idea, hold me steady"

      using Aaron as support he leveled his rifle with the massive Legionnaire, loading one of the Depleted Uranium sabots he fired one round into the Centurion's laeg as the dynamite landed next to him, knocking the man backwards before he was blown off his feet.

      "Have some of that you bastard!" george shouted, "Alright lets move, I don't think they cut the artery or otherwise I'd be dead by now"

        Loading editor
    • "I'll take him you guys get to cover"

      Lachlan started running towards the Centurion and was shot in the chest by two .308 AP round from a legion sniper which went through his armor Lachlan screamed in pain and fell to the ground

      "Shit Sergeant, soldiers supressive fire!" Yelled Rick

      Rick Joshua Steve and QRN-183 layed down supressive fire.

      "Maria go get him!" Yelled Rick

        Loading editor
    • "Crap... No, not yet!" Aaron shouted, holding his arm out to keep Maria from proceeding. "I've got him, but you guys take out that sniper!"

      He took another stimpack and a pair of tweezers from Maria before sprinting behind a cover point where he could pull Lachlan out of the way firing on another Legionnaire.

      "Sorry, sergeant, but this'll hurt."

      Quickly, he dragged Lachlan back to Maria, smoke and dust from the dynamite blast covering them and handed her the tweezers he took.

      "Fish that out of him, would you?"

        Loading editor
    • Shit this is all going to hell George thought, 

      "Corporal get your ass over here! Get HQ on the horn and tell them to hit these coordinates with concentrated artillery fire!"

      George began to read off the coordinates to the operator and he repeated them into the radio, in the distance there were low *thumps* as the artillery fired.

      "Concentrated High explosive rounds!" george finished, He popped up and fired six rounds into the charging Legionnaires as the corporal put a tournaqiet on the wound.

        Loading editor
    • Lachlan pulled a shot of Med-x out of his pocket and injected it.

      "Crap....I really need to stop running in with a power fist"

      Maria took off Lachlans shirt and body armor.

      "This is going to hurt Sergeant"

      Maria slowly put the tweezers into the bullet holes and pull out the bullets and injected a stimpak into Lachlan.

        Loading editor
    • "George!" Aaron yelled. "Artillery?! Sure we want to take this Cult of Mars down quickly, but what about the captives!?

      "We're not so beaten yet!"

      He fired another cylinder of rounds into oncoming Legion as the Centurion in T-51B armor was starting to get back on his feet.

        Loading editor
    • "Don't worry about the captives!" george said as the artillery landed, one round at a time all around the camp, striking anything but the captive pen.

      "I got real specific with the arty coordinates"

      George saw the Power Armored Centurion and pumped two more sabots into his power armor, barley slowing him down.

      "This guy's still coming, were going to need something pretty heavy! Troopers concentrate your fire on the Power Armored nutjob!"

      George looked over at Lachlan, "Corporal call in a medevac vertibird for our and their wounded"

        Loading editor
    • "A Vertibird....WHAT! where the hell did the NCR get know what nevermind can't be going crazy over something when you are having bullets pulled out of you."

      Lachlan looked over at Rick

      "Rick your in charge...give em hell"

      "Yes sir! fire at the guy in Power Armor." Said Rick

        Loading editor
    • Aaron let out a breath of relief.

      "We're blessed today, aren't we?" he thought aloud as he took his trail carbine and fired at the Centurion, emptying the chamber.

      No way he can survive this...

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    • "Thats a state secret" George said to Lachlan, he looked over at the Power Armored Centurion. 

      "Blessed, this guy ain't dead he's still coming and he ain't showing signs of stopping!" George turned to Rick, "Do any of your men have pulse grenades?"

      To George's Left another trooper fell dead from a bullet to the chest. "Corporal are you on the horn with HQ yet? we need that medevac!"

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    • "No we don't we didn't expect the legion to have this kind of technology." Said Rick

      Lachlan started falling unconscious from blood lose.

      "If your...HQ won't help...i'll" Lachlan feel unconscious

      "Sergeant...crap he's lost a lot of blood I think he was saying that we would take to long." Said Maria

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    • (Sigh... The centurion should have died already...)

      "We can get through this without calling anything else in," said Aaron, reloading quickly.

      He aimed his rifle at the centurion, his head completely encompassing the scope sight. With a clear line of fire and a deep, steadying breath, Aaron took the shot, which blew a hole through the eyepiece and into the centurion's skull.

      Aaron took cover again, panting.

      "All that's left are the remnants..."

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    • "Okay, Good shot Aaron, alright Troopers sweep into the camp and clear it out of any remaining slavers...and take no prisioners!"

      "Sir Medevac bird is three minutes out for the wounded" the Corporal said, 

      "Good, gather off the wounded and dead together and get them aboard that bird the minute it touches down"

      George walked over to maria handing her a vial of plasma, "Here this'll help, don't worry Lachlan medevac is almost here"

      In the distance a chop chop of a vertibird's rotors could be heard.

      (Well then...I guess now that thats over with lets move on)

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    • "So where will the Vertibird be taking him?" Maira asked as she aplied the vial of plasma on Lachlan

      "Damn he got hit bad" Said Rick as he walked over "This is far worse then when he was first brought in from our vault seven years ago he was shot six times by the Overseer the guy killed his parrents and Lachlan went crazy and smashed his head in with a lead pipe."

      "Ok Rick that's enough." Said Maria

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    • Aaron immediately sprinted into the camp until he found the slave tent. He found the tent, and the slave keeper, whom he shot in the head before taking the keys and setting the captives free.

      "Loot what you can and ensure you can defend yourselves," he told them before looking for any others to free.

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    • "The 'Bird will take him to a military hospital at Camp Golf, he'll be recuped there, no one will ever have to know who he is"

      George looked over Lachlan, "Keep pressure on those wounds! you want his lung to collapse?"

      George stooped over pressing down on the wounds, "Like this...enough pressure to let air in, but not back out, it allows the lung to re-inflate"

      The Vertibird landed and several troopers secured the LZ, maenwhile a trio of medics and a doctor ran over. Taking Lachlan onto a stretcher they moved him to the veribird, maria in tow.

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    • "Good we will try and arrange for a pick up after he's stable we have Auto docs and our..superiors would like to know that he's being treated at our base and not...Camp Golf." Said Maria

      "Hey is it ok if we take some of this armor for research our scientists would love to look at this stuff." Said Rick as he started to take off one of the dead legionary reversed engineered power armor

      "Oh and don't touch his Pip-boy to much he put explosives in it to "keep secrets secret" so it'll blow up if you mess around with it to much...just warning you about that." Said Maria

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    • Aaron came back with the captives in tow; seventeen men, fifteen women, six of which were clearly pregnant, others carrying small babies, and nearly twenty children, some already undergoing combat conditioning.

      "I have more for the Medevac!" he called, carrying a small girl. "Took some 'convincing', but the priestesses agreed to let the mothers have their children back. Now let's get them out of this awful place."

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    • "Get 'em aboard!" george shouted over the chop of the vertibird,

      George watched as Lachlan was loaded aboard the vertibird along with maria as she followed suit.

      "Sir Major Blackfield is on the radio, he wants to talk to you" the Corporal said, George picked up th radio and got an ear full from his CO, than a cogratulations for taking down the Leggionaires.

      "Hey Aaron lets get the men together, burn this place to the ground and head back to the outpost"

      (If you guys want we can do the alien rescue mission I suggested to steve awhile back)

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    • "I Guess I'll take that as a yes." Said Rick as he finished removing the legionarys power armor and using a rope to tie it onto QRN-183

      "Steve try and see if you can go with them to keep an eye on Lachlan while we head back to base." Said Maria

      Steve nodded and walked over to the Vertibird.

      "I'm going with Lachlan you gentlemen fine with that?" Said Steve

      (Alens...oh boy...sounds wacky but fun)

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    • (I think doing a Mothership Zeta style RP would be better on a new thread. To many posts on a thread like this and it gets laggy.)

      "Right," Aaron agreed. "Though shouldn't we wait to scavenge all of their tech and weapons first?"

      (Quick timeskip?)

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    • (sure)

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    • (well, do it!)

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    • George, Aaron and the remnants of George's squad stumbled into the bar at the Mojave Outpost. Almost constant combat against one enemy or another had run them all ragged, the troopers plopped down on their cots and went to sleep, george sat at the bar suddenly starved and ordered a Brahmin steak, cooked medium rare with an ice cold sunset sasparilla.

      "Helluva adventure 'a' Aaron?" George asked, "Hope Lachlan's okay"

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    • (Are you guys to do the Mothership Zeta-esque plot line on this thread or another one? I have a merc character who resides at the Mojave Outpost and would like to RP with him, but I think a space alien adventure would be too wacky for him.)

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    • (probably a seperate thread, here were keeping it real)

        Loading editor
    • (Could I join for the next misadventure? I know it's an open RP, but it's good to get player approval first.)

        Loading editor
    • (Sure, I'm sure steve won't mind either)

        Loading editor
    • (Don't mind at all!)

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    • (I assume Spock will be fine with it. In a future RP reply, let me know the best time for me to join in.)

        Loading editor
    • (now would probably be good)

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    • "Monty" Montero-Dominguez was sitting in the corner popping a handful of pine nuts into his mouth when George, Aaron and their troopers clamored into the outpost barracks. Monty pulled up a seat next to George as he ordered his food.

      He leaned forward and stretched his neck out to get a glance at the insignia band on George's outfit. "Tough evening, huh, Captain?" he said sympathetically, giving George a quick salute.

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    • Bayaraq jark shark walked through the gates and into the mojave outpost. Fnally he thought to himself as he saw a group of troopers and some guy all walk into a building. Following them, he saw it was a bar, and took a stool on the end.

      "Barkeep! three beers!" he ordered, slapping a NCR 20$ bill on the counter

      (hope this is the right order for this post)

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    • (If it's not, it'll get sorted out. Probably going to be: Steve, Cain, Spock, Kas, Walrus)

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    • "Like you wouldn't believe pal" George responded, "how about yours?"

      George cut off a huge chunk of the Brahmin steak and shoved it into his mouth, enjoying the charcoal flavor. Then taking a sip of the his sunset, "Damn this has been one helluva couple of days, Legion, run away Enclave, and who knows what else"

      (I'm justputting this out there, what if the Omertras put a hit out for bayaraq, due to him owing money from a bet, and he comes to George and Aaron for help, we end up fighting the Omertras and such or maybe Super Mutants attack the Outpost and were all under siege. just suggestions)

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    • (For George he doesn't like the Omertras and Aaron it could be a spiritual sense of duty)

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    • Aaron ordered a bottle of purified water and a Nuka before hydrating himself. He thought it best to rest and reconstitute himself for the time being, though he was open to conversation.

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    • (Clarification: Is Spock done RP'ing in this thread for a while? That kind of alters the posting order. Also, if two characters are having a conversation, is it still bad etiquette to go out of posting order?)

        Loading editor
    • (Yes, stay within the order.)

        Loading editor
    • (Yeah Lachlan is going to be out of thr RP cause you know...he got shot)

        Loading editor
    • (so is it the same order, just without you?)

        Loading editor
    • (I guess it's my turn then. Spock, come back whenever you think it's appropriate.)

      "Well Captain, ain't been nothing like yours, I'm sure. Just got back from an escort job up to Goodsprings. Client complained a lot about havin' to walk all the way there, but it only lasted a couple hours."

      "Should've hired a caravan if you wanted to relax," he said ungratefully under his breath. "Met some Jackals near the Highway Patrol station, but nothin' compared to Legion skrimishers and..." Monty trailed off when he fully processed and registered the Enclave part.

      "Wait... Enclave? Man, if you're serious, you need this more th'n me. Calm your nerves." He pulled out a silver flask emblazoned with the rattlesnake emblem of 3rd Recon, and poured a shot of tequila. "Taste of Mehico [Mexico] for you," the merc said as he slid the shot over to George.

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    • finishing his second beer and opening his third, bayaraq started to relax after the trip through Nevada. Looking around, he saw a couple of jarheads yapping, probably about some battle, some redhead that was guzzling whiskey, and a square looking type drinking a cola.

      Going over to him, bayaraq sat down next to him. "Hey there, know how to get to vegas from here?"

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    • (Is Bayaraq talking to Aaron? I'm assuming yes)

      "Northeast," answered Aaron. "Had to deliver a shipment of chips for a friend. Never want to see the Strip ever again."

      He took note that this man already drank two beers.

      "It'd recommend Sunset. Booze will just kill you. Aaron Scott's the name."

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    • "Buddy let me tell you, the past couple of days have been hell for me and my men" George responded, "Oh and George Taylor's the name"

      George finished off the Brahmin steak in two more bites than guzzled the rest of the his sunset, "So escort mission eh? for whom?"

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    • "Name's Monty," he said matter-of-factly.

      "Guy didn't tell me his name," he admitted. Trying to remain inconspicuous, Monty hushed his voice so only George could hear. "Paid 1250 NCR for the escort, so I didn't ask questions. Easiest money I ever made." Monty returned to his normal register after that. "Some kid, maybe 18, 19, 'round there. Business suit, sunglasses... stuck out like a sore thumb in the Mojave. Didn't look like he could handle himself. Assume he was heading up to the Strip for business, but he only asked me to take him as far as Goodsprings. Left him at the Prospector and came back here."

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    • Temperance kind, of course... "Well I doubt a two-hundred year old soda is a stimpak either." he told Aaron.

      Downing his third beer, he ordered one more for the road before turning back to Aaron. "No offense stranger. Name's Frank." he put on his best smile

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    • Aaron gave a smile back.

      "Just out of curiosity, before you take off, what's your business in Vegas? Getting to the Strip can be dangerous unless you're decently armed."

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    • "Monty...well okay monty nice to meetcha, back to your escort mission...did the kid happen to be wearing a suit, like black suit? maybe a fedora? Cause I've been getting word from my men manning the checkpoint that they've been getting some odd caravans coming through the outpost"

      George leaned towards Monty and whispered, "Between you and me we think the Omertas are moving guns into the strip, can't figure out why though"

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    • "Looked kind of like him," Monty said nudging head in the direction of Bayaraq. "E'cept for a brown suit... bit younger. Mentioned he had business with a caravan, think it might have been triple-C [Crimson Caravan Company]."

      Monty looked around and cut to the chase, whispering to George, "Listen, Captain. I don't mean to tell you how to do your job, but you just met me. For all you know I could be in with the Omertas. I wouldn't go around telling mercs you just met about suspected illegal activity. Would hate to see you court martialed for leaking sensitive info. Keep that to your superiors... luckily, I ain't got no one to snitch to."

      Montero-Dominguez stretched and made small talk after that. "So... NCRA – what company you in charge of? Where you based?"

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    • "same thing that brings everyone there i'd imagine, cards, dice and hopefully some nice digs."

      Bayaraq got up and extended his hand, preparing to leave. He paused before he stretched it out fully.

      "Dangerous huh? I know you said you didn't want go back, but I can make it worth your time if you come along, a bodyguard never hurts"

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    • (Hmmm. Would I be correct in assuming that we're all headed to New Vegas? It's nearly dark by now, right?)

      I won't condone gambling, but I can't hate the man for it. And I can at least be his friend, so...

      "Well I suppose I could bear going at least to the gate. Besides, I could give the people of Freeside a helping hand again. I did lots there, on my mission. High time I payed the congregation there a visit.

      "But we should wait till tomorrow. It'll be dark soon and... well... let's say I've had a trying afternoon. But I'll make sure you get there safe."

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    • "Crimson Caravan huh? interesting well I'll have to look into that" George replied, "As for my command I run Dog Company, 1st NCR infantry battalion, the fighting first"

      George overheard Aaron's discussion, "You headed to New Vegas also?"

      (yeah were all going to NV)

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    • (If Monty gets paid, that is. Don't worry, Monty's rates are significantly lower for military clientele.)

      "Amigos, I feel the need to say that it would be a good idea to not head for NV right now. Everything bad in the Mojave comes out at night: radscorpions, ferals [ghouls], nightstalkers... chupacabras. Think you should keep to the barracks tonight and head out at 0600 tomorrow."

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    • Bayaraq considered what the spanish man said, and agreed.

      "All right then, you seem like you know the area, so bright and early it is."

      Finding himself with more time, he turned to the bartender. "Barkeep! Two beers for the soldiers there" he nodded to Monty and George "Another nuka for my friend here" he nudged Aaron "and a rum and nuka for me, if you have it"

      "For good luck fellas"

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    • Aaron smirked and accepted the Nuka. With a shrug, he offered to clink bottles with Bayaraq.

      "Bright and early. Cheers."

      (Skip to morning soon?)

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    • (if no one else minds)

        Loading editor
    • "Well" george said yawning, "Goodnight all"

      George walked back to his cot, he hasn't used it in several days and it was cold and stiff. Yet that was exactly what George found comfortable. Hopefully there won't be anymore suprises.

      (And lets make the switch)

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    • (What switch? New thread?)

        Loading editor
    • (so about New Vegas what are we doing there? Are going against the Omertas or is there some grand scheme involving the Legion or Enclave or some other faction?)

        Loading editor
    • With a shrug of indifference, Monty gulped down the shot of tequila Captain Taylor had ignored before turning in for the night. He slid the glass to Lacey, wished everyone within the room a good night and settled into a chair in the corner, listening to Mojave Music Radio until he drifted to sleep.

      (I'd be for transferring to a new thread. We've racked up over 200 posts and I can see lag in our future. Brainstorm a name for this next adventure?)

        Loading editor
    • (I can just set up a part two with the same title)

        Loading editor
    • (Alright, I'm cool with that.)

        Loading editor
    • (sounds good)

        Loading editor
    • (Shall I make the new thread?)

        Loading editor
    • (Please)

        Loading editor
    • Bayaraq finished his last cigarette, then headed back inside to sleep. Seeing the soldiers asleep, he found a bunk by the wall and drifted off into a light sleep

      (not to mess up the post order)

        Loading editor
    • (Here's part two. Same posting order.)

      Aaron went to a bunk and prepared an alarm before radioing his wife and telling her that he would be working with others still. He then went to sleep.

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