(Rules: No immersion breaking behaviors, and no dick measuring badasses. If you try to hard to be tough in this RP... it will NOT end favorably. There is no Lone Wanderers or Couriers to be found in this RP. If you do not agree with any of this, do not post.)

    The date is March 8th in the year 2290 in Chicago, Illinois. Fairly recently, the Enclave, coming from the Far East has been openly consolidating fierce military power throughout the once bustling metropolis and in some nearby areas outside of it. Scavenging doomed Vault-Tek Vaults, and broadcasting patriotic propaganda to peaceful human settlements and it's inhabitants...

    The organization is attempting to make up for past misgivings with other regions, even though most in the area are completely ignorant of them, offering protection benefits and medical marvels to those in need and with something to offer them in return. Whilst most are grateful for the opportunity, gracefully accepting them... some few have a horrid feeling about them....

    Very strange events have been increasingly abound throughout the entire locale, much more so than ever before after the Enclave's arrival. Dreadful accounts of a belligerent new nation compiled of super mutants of all kinds, as well as ghouls of all kinds are becoming the norm.

    Possibly even more disturbing, it is rumored "green-eyed boogeymen in armor as black as the night sky" have been responsible for the disappearance of many for a mysteriously unknown purpose. Officers of the Enclave stationed at scarce Enclave outposts near the crumbling ruins of Chicago deny any ulterior allegations to those that approach and ask them, some even outlining the disappearances as the result of rogue factions of the Enclave.

    It would be highly profitable for opportunists of any creed to be in the region as of now however, as an outright war is coming... and settlers and the Enclave alike is looking for volunteers to maintain the mild order they have barely established. Marauders and bandits pollute the region, and there are rumored sightings of horrific monstrosities being sighted, and in need of extermination...

    (CURRENT POSTING ORDER: 1: Eden2012, 2: Kastera1000, 3: ColdMadHatter, 4: Spockfan116, 5: Veteran Legionary.)

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    • Special Agent CRONOS awaits a two-man squadron of his men to retrieve some new... "recruits" just outside as he sits in the interior of a blackened landed VTOL Vertibird a few miles away from the ruins of Chicago, in an obscure stretch of post-nuclear Illinois land.

      His helmet off, and smoking a cigarette, he dreadfully awaits dropping off yet another group of Wastelanders to be forcefully assimilated into the Enclave's military.

      Outside, the two Onyx's accost two homeless wandering Wastelanders with brandished Laser RCW's...

      Enclave Onyx Trooper I: "Don't move, don't fuckin' move...! Keep your hands on your head, KEEP YOUR GODDAMN HANDS ON YOUR HEAD I SAID!!"

      One of the two Wasters trembles on the ground with his hands on his head, whimpering audibly in sheer terror for his life as an Onyx Trooper towers over him and begins grabbing him, whilst the other stands and trembles with a blank stare on his face, not saying a single word.

      The prone Waster looks up to his apparent Wastelander friend, too scared to stand up...

      Wastelander I: "Don't hurt him, please. He ain't right in the head...!"

      Enclave Onyx Trooper II: "I told you godd-... GIDDOWN!!!"

      Fresh out of patience however, and ignoring the cooperative Wastelander's request, the second Trooper bashes the living hell out of the standing Wastelander completely unconscious with the butt of his Laser RCW, aggressively grabbing his limp body and making toward the interior of the Vertibird.

      The first Wastelander begins screaming bloody mary as he saw his friend knocked out, which only worsens immeasurably as he's grabbed by the other Onyx, and dragged by his legs into the Vertibird.

      Wastelander I: "AHHHHH! Wait, no, PLEASE!! WAIIIIIIT....!"

      The desperate screams are nearly muted entirely as he's drug inside of the Vertibird, the door opening and shutting within seconds as the pilot revs up the rotor-wings and starts to ascend...

      Both of them are injected with a potent drug used to knock one out before surgery, and the Wastelander that was flailing and screaming sleeps just like his friend.

      Shaking his head slowly as he sits and observes, making room for the Wastelanders in the sitting arrangements of the craft, CRONOS is completely ashamed of having to resort to such measures to acquire able-bodies for service in the Enclave.

      For now however, he remains silent, narrowing his eyes to spectate through the cockpit...

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    • (If your are willing i would like to take part i have a sub plot where My Charicter was sent on a mission 5 years prior to find out the Fate of the enclave due to the origins of his nation there are close ties, however he took a company of soldiers with him about 40 rifles strong i cold change this to about 1 squad or even just a mission he himself is taking seeing that it has been 5 years but he did make a promise to his senior commander to do so However Enthre are a type of mutant. Long story short Enthre are like Frontline Soldiers utalized by a remnant Faction of the Enclave under the title of a new nation an Enthre on this RP with you would have Acceptable ideals. They view Supermutants as worthy foes and Ghouls as pitiful creatures Rotting in mind and body. normal humans in some cases are viewed as filth like raiders with no warriors honnor)

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    • (Sure buddy, you can join in if you want. I'd just wear some sunglasses, as I can't promise you how the Enclave will react to you and yours' unique mutations. They won't try and kill you on sighting or anything since because as far as I can tell anyway, your Enthre are still mostly human... but they're still going to be extremely weirded out. They've changed a bit from how your character might remember them... but their overall identity and goals remain exactly the same.

      You can bring a fireteam with you if you want... but hold off on the 40 men if you don't care. Theirs only like 70-85 Enclave personnel stationed in Chicago in total at this point in the timeline.)

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    • (Ok ill Drop it to 1 squad easy change seeing that they were out 5 years cold could have made the call not to expend as much resources on his Company of soldiers for this mission there are still some Enclave simularitys on there armor its an Enclave E with a red wolf head on the backgrond as if its is a brand they will have 1 ground vehicle, however they would be at full Initial complement of vertibird II. at this year but i have a personal affection for ground vehicles)

      Cold sitting in the passenger seat of there Assult vehicle looking out of the passenger window while driving offroad post-nuclear Illinois. He sees in the distance a pair of 3 individuals walking then stop as if they saw them. He motions the driver to approach slowly and he bangs the roof to make sure his gunner has eyes up just incase. 

      As they get about 100 yards out several small arms rounds bounce off the hull of the car coming from the Individuals without hesitation his gunner lets loose with his mounted laiser turret ripping through 2 of them the third dropping to his knees and surrendering. The gunner stops shooting bangs on the roof of the vehicle once. Cold replies with 2 equal bangs back and they approach untill about 20 feet from the now identified Raider scared to the point of urinating himself his team dismounts the vehicle except the driver and Gunner. They walk to the raider he motions to have his 2 men check the remains of the dead for information and Cold points to his chest and asks the man "Have you Seen this? pointing to the Enclave E on his chest. Gesturing the raider to look.

      Raider: I... I dont know maybe

      Maybe? cold replies

      Raider: I .... I have heard stories please dont kill me

      Stories? Cold replies with a bit of frustration in his voice as if he has heard this 10,000 times Gripping the plasma pistol on his side

      The raider begins freeking out Cold just sighs

      Raider: West!! go West! he cries out in fear, i Hear of monsers in metal to the west taking people

      Cold replies Thank you... leave or die your choice.

      the raider stumbles off gasping terrably for air then suddenly turns around with a malicious grin on his face as he lifts a hidden detonator just before a plasma round penitrates his skull from colds plasma pistol.

      Cold just shakes his head one of his men recovering a few blocks of C4 the remove the detonating device and Scower for any information on the last Raider finding nothing.

      Cold motions that they return to there vehicle and they begin to walk back.

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    • (I Might join in I have an ok reason for Sgt Hoffmann to be in Illinois, Basicly the east needs more men and since Phoenix is never really in any danger and they have a surplus of robots from trading weapons armor and meds with tribes for tech they find so some soldiers have been sent east to assist.)

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    • (Of course you're welcome to join in Spock. :P)

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    • A medium-sized Enclave outpost rests on the main highway/road that heads into the outskirts of the crumbling city of Chicago, complete with a landed VTOL Vertibird, one plasma turret, and a couple of arranged conjoining metal barricades leading up to a lengthy metal watchtower.

      Manning it is an Enclave officer at the rank of Lieutenant, two standard variant Enclave troopers in APA MK II and armed with AER-9 laser rifles, and an Enclave Specialist who peers out through the top of the watchtower with a pair of binoculars.

      This would prove relatively close to Cold's location...

      (I'm debating on ditching the whole 'posting order' thing guys, so that we might keep this going whenever we damn well feel like it. What do you think?)

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    • (Posting orders make it "fair" in my opinion so I'll come in after Coldmad.)

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    • Cold enters the vehicle with his men and they begin to head out as they drive what looks to be a tower Reveals itself as they round a corner. Cold notices what looks to be movement on top of the tower he quickly motions the driver to slow and approach with caution. he bangs on the roof in a familliar way telling his gunner eyes up to make sure they are ready  just in case.

      (also that post prior is mine i managed to auto logout did not want to type all that again)

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    • (finally here, had to take my mom to a dr. appointment.  Give me a minute to figure out how Mason can enter this.)

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    • Hearing the sound of a distant motor engine growing closer and closer, the now bewildered personnel at the outpost start getting antsy, the troopers especially...

      Enclave Specialist: "We've got a functioning ground vehicle inbound sir, looks like a buncha... wait. I-is that one of ours...?"

      Noticing the old familiar emblem on the vehicle, and customized at that... the specialist falls silent. With his hands clasped professionally behind his back, the officer relinquishes this previously casual body stature and holds up a hand in the air, pushing it forward, attempting to communicate to the odd newcomers to stop their vehicle as they get to the outpost.

      Smiling slightly, the officer speaks out to his subordinates...

      Officer: "I've always wanted to do a real road stop like back in the old days... and here's my chance. Let's look alive men... these might be raiders..."

      (No problem Alek and/or Spock, take your time. As of now, the posting order is just me and Cold until someone else posts an IC response.)

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    • (Well shit, might not make it tonight, got some online class stuff I need to take care of.  Continue on without me for now, will try and jump in later should I find an opening)

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    • They notice the man gesturing to stop them and Cold noticed the emblem on his chest. Cold motions the vehicle to the side and they halt with no incident. Cold dismounts the vehicle and walks towards the officer he has his men dismount except the driver and gunner and stand position by the vehicle.

      Cold asks the officer Enclave?....

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    • Slowly walking toward the vehicle and giving a quick peek inside before turning back around and looking at the mysterious young man, the two Enclave troopers are somewhat impressed with the ground vehicle, but are told to stand-by as the Enclave officer motions to them with a balled fist.

      Narrowing his eyes in a somewhat confused manner, the officer replies to the man.

      Officer: "That's... correct? You look a little peaked kid, are you sick?"

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    • Cold lets out a sigh of relief and motions one of his men to bring the officer the Holotape in the vehicle.

      Cold replies .....we are not sick meerly wariors. This device It tells an important....Story a story by remnants..... a story by Enclave. (the ... means he is thinking about what he needs to say)

      after one of his men gives the officer the holotape cold says 5 years.... of searching for you... Much filth lays in the wake of that search.  He points at the Hollowtape then at the officers rank insignia. Cold says that... must reach somone of great.... importance.

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    • (Damn, I've been waiting for another RP to happen, but I have no characters that could be in Chicago and/or help the Enclave. Although, maybe Cayuga tried to get back to Louisiana, failed hard and followed the Mississippi the wrong way into Illinois. Plus, he's too dumb to know when he's being roped into something, like the Enclave's war.)

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    • (Sorry for the delay, was hoping someone else would join us. Seems not though, so I'll make my next IC interaction.)

      The officer reluctantly takes the holotape, eyeing the man and his companions, then narrowing them down to the holotape. One can easily tell he is very taken aback by this whole ordeal, but he carefully places it in one of the pockets of his uniform.

      Officer: "Where are these 'remnants' you're referring to? Are they nearby, have they been killed, how do you know them...?"

      The specialist in the watchtower observes the newcomers with a growing curiosity, as does the troopers next to the officer.

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    • (You're more than welcome to join in Kas with Cayuga or whomsoever you choose, in fact, I was hoping you would join in. :P You don't have to help the Enclave if you don't want to, rather you could help some of the settlers cooperating with them or not. Completely up to you, this is an open area RP, so theirs a lot of ground you could cover.)

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    • (Help me understand. Are the Enclave gathering locals for the upcoming war? If so, would Cayuga be an asset to them? If they tell him they'll return him home to Louisiana if he fights for them, he will do anything for them.)

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    • (What you saw in the first line was actually a top secret mandate called the Prototype Conscription Initiative, most in the Enclave are completely ignorant of it. But basically, it's meant to bring manpower back into the Enclave that has been lost over the years by any means necessary. And because it's methods of getting the manpower is considered too extreme by most of the Enclave's new generation, it's kept under wraps primarily and penned on 'rogue factions in the Enclave' by those that are in the know of it... despite the fact it's been approved from way up in High Command.

      That one squadron is the only ones doing that though at this moment in time, the rest of the Enclave are actually trying to help and protect settlers in the region in exchange for their cooperation in... well, Enclavey things. :P

      But yes, they accept temporary volunteers or mercs if you will, as well as bring true recruits in for training. Not even the Enclave knows how massive the M.L.A is getting, but they know it exists now. Your character could strike a bargain with them in exchange for a ride home, and they'll stay true... but don't expect them to be exactly happy about using all that limited fuel. :P)

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    • (Hell yes, Cayuga is totally about blowing things up to get a ride home. As fate would have it, he's stumbling into Chicago right now ;))

      Cayuga had been following rivers for years and years, looking for his way back to New Hanrahan in the Deep South Wasteland. His lousy sense of direction did not help and he had been following the Illinois and Chicago Rivers for some time, lamenting that the river spirits that used to accompany him had abandoned him. He had taken to singing (or mumbling) traditional Bayuk songs to keep himself entertained as he wandered aimlessly.

      In the distance, he sees the wreckage of Chicago and is disheartened; nothing has looked like his village for years. A light thumping emanated in the distance, which caught Cayuga's attention. He likened it to a heron beating its wings but much, much faster. The source of the thumping was a VTOL Vertibird that had just touched down on the highway outpost on the remains of Interstate 55. Cayuga thought it was some giant bug and his curiosity sent in toward the 1-55 outpost.

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    • Cold: They are our leaders... they are alive though there age would leave them not as capable warriors as they once were.... there children replaced them... Retired? yes... they are retired... we hail from michigan.

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    • The officer's perplexion only grows by the second, as does those of his men. As the interaction deepens, Special Agent CRONOS and his Onyx's Vertibird flies by to a relatively close-by EAGLE-class Enclave bunker, in preperation to deliver the Wastelanders they 'acquired' to waiting Enclave R&D scientist personnel for 'integration'.

      It lands in a visible distance away from the I-55 outpost (btw, you're awesome Kas for knowing the names of the locations in Chicago and such), and CRONOS, now with his helmet on, gets out with the Onyx's as they aggressively man-handle two limp Wastelanders into the side of a mountain... and proceed into the small bunker within.

      Looking to his squad, the officer somewhat panickingly addresses his men.

      Officer: "That's CRONOS' unit, they're bringing in sympathizers to the mutant army for uh, questioning. Nothing to see over there."

      Enclave Specialist: "If you say so sir..." as he begins to look through the binoculars toward Cayuga.

      Looking back to their 'guests' so to speak, the officer continues.

      Officer: "Sorry for the uh, the interruption. Now you're sure of this? This isn't some misconception? We thought the Navarro outpost was still operational?"

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    • (Wikipedia's a surprisingly good friend when you're looking for location information.)

      Cayuga was about fifty meters from the Enclave outpost before he saw some people milling about. There were the first people he had seen in days and they could be of some use to him. If they couldn't help him find the giant bug he saw fly by earlier, maybe they could give him directions to his village.

      Just in case, he checked to see if his 40mm grenade launcher was fully loaded. He savagely ripped a couple grenades from the duct tape fastening on his backpack and loaded them into the slot. "I hope tings don' get messy," he drawled as he approached the outpost.

      (I'm going say Cayuga broke his minigun sometime in the past. Carrying a grenade launcher, a sledgehammer and a minigun doesn't make sense in this world without hammerspace.)

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    • (Posting order means this is turn based like round robbin right?)

      Cold replies Yes...Navarro?.... he points on his hand around where Detroit should be and says There..

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    • (Yep, it's your turn now. Although to encourage new RP'ers entering the fray, they can join in at anytime. But after they make their first post, they'll be integrated into a new posting order which they will have to abide by after which. Sound good all?)

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    • (yeah no problem and i edited my original post)

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    • Officer: "Is that right...? Well by god, they've moved then. That's very helpful to know young man, we apprecia-."

      The specialist suddenly yelps out in an excitedly nervous manner.

      Specialist: "Holy fuckin'-  guys...! We've got some big company, with a big gun, that could kill us big-time!"

      The troopers immediately rush toward to the entrance, but the officer attempts to halt them.

      Officer: "Wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE. Let's not jump to any conclusions, that's never done us any good."

      Enclave Trooper I: "With all due respect sir, if you keep this up, you're gonna get us all killed."

      Whilst the officer slightly sneers at that, he looks up to the specialist calmly.

      Officer: "Tell them we're not an immediate threat, that we're the government and we're here to help... but we can't do that unless they holster their weapon."

      Whilst the second trooper slowly shakes his head in reluctance, the specialist does as commanded albeit with a brief pause.

      Specialist to Cayuga: "Halt! This is federal territory, we can't let you in, or help you... unless you lower that fine weapon of yours. You understand...?"

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    • Cayuga looked the specialist quizzically, basically dismissing everything about federal territory. "But what 'bout de big bug dat landed in deya? Me need dis guun if we fight. You help smash big bug?" he asked, gesturing into the outpost.

      (Do you guys understand Cayuga's accent or do you want me to leave editorials? It helps if you say his words out loud.)

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    • (I understand it completely, and I like it. :P)

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    • The specialist facepalms visibly, mumbling to himself: "Oh dear sweet baby Jesus..."

      The officer gives a murderous stare up at the specialist.

      Officer: "Specialist!! You're not conducting yourself very 'special' right now, like you should and WILL be before I knock your lungs loose...!"

      Still shaking his head but looking up, sighing audibly, and going "yeah, yeah...", he attempts to reply courteously rather than arrogantly to the curious newcomer.

      Specialist: "T-that wasn't a bug. It's one of our choppers, it takes us where we gonna go without having to walk. Don't worry about it, okay? It's under our control and it won't bother you unless you bother it. We don't wanna fight, now put that gun away and get in here if you're comin', you've got us very nervous with it, is all."

      (Fuck, I gotta head of myself. Sorry Cold, this will be my next reply.)

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    • (its ok i vew that as a direct response to what he said to you would suck if you had to wait to respond to direct dialog for so long)

      Cold viewing them as done here motions his men to return to the vehicle cold begins to walk back to the vehicle himself

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    • "Ah, shuu-ah. Me can do dat, we guess," Cayuga chuckled as he slipped the grenade launcher into what used to be a water bottle holder on his backpack. "Hey, you guys be knowing where me village be? De swamps o' New Hanrahan? You havin' a council me an' I can talk to?" he inquired, gesturing non-specifically with his hands.

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    • Cold notices Cayuga gesture with his hands while listening to what he said and replies No.... your village is unfamilliar to us.... I stear my ground vehicles away.... for fear of being bogged in he mounts the passenger side of his vehicle and pulls a fold out computer from what would be the glove compartment and types up a quick Sitrep while one of his men sets up the antena on the vehicle for transmission of the Sitrep

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    • wrote:
      Cold notices Cayuga gesture with his hands while listening to what he said and replies No.... your village is unfamilliar to us.... I stear my ground vehicles away.... for fear of being bogged in he mounts the passenger side of his vehicle and pulls a fold out computer from what would be the glove compartment and types up a quick Sitrep while one of his men sets up the antena on the vehicle for transmission of the Sitrep

      (again my post i managed to auto log out thinking of what to type)

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    • (Well, we know that you're IP, so it's no big deal.)

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    • Specialist: "New Hanrahan huh? I can't say I myself do... but I'm sure we can find somebody to help you out or point you in the right direction around here. We got maps."

      The officer looks to Cold and the approaching Cayuga, muttering: "I'll be right back.", and excuses himself for a moment, retrieving his Wattz Electronics radio and speaking into it.

      Officer: "This is Echo Team at the I-55 'post, we need a blood sample team... and uh, tell Special Agent CRONOS we need his diplomacy skills right about now... we've got at least two possible volunteers, over."

      Radio (audible): "Roger that Echo Team, our R&D's are uh... busy currently, but we'll send one along as soon as one gets free, and we'll send CRONOS along right now, over."

      Officer: "Roger that EAGLE-III, over and out."

      The now-idle troopers stare at Cayuga if/when it is he gets inside of the outpost, somewhat intimidated even in their advanced power armor mark II's by the man's sheer size and muscle mass with their laser rifles held casually so as to not come across as aggressive.

      Finishing the radio call, the officer looks over to Cold and glances at the approaching Cayuga.

      Officer: "Before you go, if that's what you're doing... it's standard protocol we get a blood sample from you first. And if you're curious why... I can explain in detail."

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    • At the prospect of finding his way back home, Cayuga jogged until he was finally within spitting distance of the officer. "I ain't leavin' – you know where me clan be. If you be needin' some o' me flesh an' bluud so me an' I can find me flesh an' bluud, take all de bluud you wan'. "

      Cayuga's childlike curiosity took over for a moment and he inquired to the officer, "So, what dis place be? Watchtower fa ya? I useda watch fa mutants n' swampfolk back in Hanrahan. Sometimes me gotta fling de red sticks at'm and make dem go boom! Foon times, foon times..."

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    • Cold remembering the ammount of tests done on him as a kid sends his Sitrep within a few moments revieves a reply message From there President none the less Stating that they will cooperate with Enclave forces and at the best moment will provide 2 way comms. He was then instructed to take one of the Data Holotapes and plug it in to the machine he is to provide all research on Enthre to the Enclave. He is then told that Operation One Nation is in effect and further tasking is to follow.

      Cold on reading this realizes that this friendly gesture was infact again Humans being sneaky. (Enthre being a warrior based race dont belive in being Dishonest) A frustrated Sigh follows and he Begins to exicute his orders as issued. a conversation of light gestures ensues with Cold and his men while they wait (they are discussing why humans lie all the time to get what they want and Theory behind it)

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    • So... this tribal can kill mutants with relative ease, huh? Excellent.

      Scoffing, and then chuckling in an amused (and pleased, very pleased) manner... the officer gives a strangely friendly two pats on the shoulder of Cayuga.

      Officer: "You and I are going to get along just fine my curious friend... just fine. It just so happens we've got a hell of a mutant infestation plaguing the entire area... and it's getting worse and worse, as the weeks go by. We're trying to help the American people out here... and ourselves in the process. This watchtower and outpost? Helps us go about doing that... you understand?"

      Pausing for a brief moment, and looking in the distance toward the EAGLE-III mountain bunker's door opening and shutting, with CRONOS walking out and toward the highway slowly but surely, he looks back to Cayuga and gives him a forced, but friendly smile.

      Officer: "You see that man coming to us over there?"

      The officer motions toward the approaching CRONOS, and awaits Cayuga to acknowledge his question, not wanting to speak out of turn or patronize him...

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    • Cayuga smiled and nodded, "Of course I see 'im. He covered in met-ahl, just like me! He almost as big as me too, haha! Who is he?"

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    • Cold notices CRONOS and realizes the man looks like His Commander N Chief he Continues what he was doing with his men waiting for the download to complete

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    • Hoping to get the tribal optimistic about helping them, the officer keeps up his fast talking composure as CRONOS nearly arrives to the I-55 outpost.

      Officer: "That's a good man... a good man. Why hell, he's pulled my ass out of the fire more times than I care to count. He'll help you out if you help him. So I tell you what... do him a couple favors, stick with him, help us kill some muties... and he'll get you where you wanna go. No strings attached, no tricks. Now how's that sound?"

      Despite his overall demeanor resembling that of the devil on a man's right shoulder, the officer's forced smile and offer whilst seemingly desperate, appears and sounds completely genuine.

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    • Cayuga continued banter with the officer as CRONOS approached them. "If de muties be trespassin' on ya lands, I can help ya deya. Me mama always say we gotta keep our clans safe from de swampfolk an' de mutants. You get me and I back to me village, you can borrow me skills with de boom stick."

      (Question: Does 'CRONOS' stand for anything or is it just an allusion to the Greek titan?)

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    • (It's both an allusion to the first generation of Greek titan's, and a reference to the faction Cerberus in Mass Effect's main headquarters, Cronos Station.)

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    • Cold notices the download finishes and pulls the hollow tape, approaches the officer and points at CRONOS and asks your.... Commander?

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    • (Ok I'm joining in)

      After a long flight a Vertibird from New Pheonix finally reached Chicago with Sgt Hoffmann and 8 other soldiers sent to support the outposts within the area.

      Enclave Pilot: "Sgt we've reached the city"

      "Good get into radio contact with them."

      Enclave Pilot: "Yes Sgt"

      The pilot turned on the Vertibirds radio

      Enclave Pilot: "This is Phoenix one requesting a landing location over."

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    • (welcome more people more fun i say)

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    • Meanwhile at the EAGLE-I main base...

      The chief communications officer sitting at a console acknowledges the reinforcements.

      CCO: "Roger that Phoenix One, you are cleared to land at the I-55 outpost, over and out."

      (Back to the I-55 post.)

      Special Agent CRONOS arrives at the I-55 'post, casually nodding to it's Enclave inhabitants before looking at the Officer with the infamous leer of his power helmet's eerie yellow goggles.

      CRONOS: "Lieutenant... I'm glad you called. Let's just say I'd rather be here than over there."

      Casually studying the Wastelanders in the outpost out of curiosity, he drones to them in unison.

      CRONOS: "So... what do we have here? Think you got what it takes to kill some muties and live to brag about it?"

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    • "Me not be de type to be braggin', but me an' I can handle meself when it comes to muties. I seen supah mutants and dey ain't nothin' to de swampfolk around me village," Cayuga boasted with a content grin stretched across his face.

      "But me hafta ask: who ah you? You de chief o' dis watchtowah? Dis boy say you can help me get back to New Hanrahan, if me an' I help ya wit' de muties!" he addressed CRONOS.

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    • Cold ... orders say to assist you... muties?.... worthy foes?

      He hands CRONOS the Data Holotape.

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    • (Spock, it's your turn. This is why I hate posting orders.)

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    • (Oh right sorry was busy yesterday)

      Enclave Pilot: "Copy that heading there now."

      The Vertibird started flying towards the I-55 outpost

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    • Glancing at Cayuga, CRONOS goes instantly and curiously silent to the noticeable amount, stumbling back slightly as if he'd seen a ghost. The humble tribesman and the accent of his voice reminds him of the tribesmen and women of Arroyo... which quickly causes him to go into a traumatic flashback toward that fateful day when he assisted in the raid on Arroyo, rigging C4 to the wooden bridge and blowing it to smithereens.

      Inside his mind, the horrific incident plays out, and the clearly disturbed CRONOS' body language shakes and stiffens in sheer terror and regret... but the stiffled old veteran doesn't utter a single solitary word, he does however whimper and sigh audibly as he recalls one of the many events his mind won't let him forget...

      The officer looks to him with a concerned expression on his face, but addresses Cold and Cayuga.

      Officer: "He does this sometimes... he's getting really up there, and the stress gets to him sometimes we think. He'll come back to in a moment... hopefully. He usually does. Just bear with us."

      Sort of embarassed by possibly the worst timed flashback he's ever seen CRONOS undergo, the sympathy and respect he has for him manages to override it for the time being.

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    • Cayuga may have been stupid, but he was still human and when he saw CRONOS stiffen like a board and heard that distinct whimper, he knew that CRONOS was a man who had seen some shit. He saw it all the time from Bayuk warriors in New Orleans who had come back from war.

      Accordingly, he did what he did with the warriors back home, opened his arms wide to solicit a hug and began shuffling toward CRONOS. "Ay, we all be havin' stress one time or anudder, bruda, an' family raises uus up. Me have some snacks in me pack, you want some?" he offered to his new friend.

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    • After years of travelling the american wasteland looking for valuables Seamus Kennedy arrives in Chicago. After a few hours of exploring Chicago looking for valuables he encounters a outpost filled with men clothed in power armour. Assuming that they are hostile Kennedy dives to cover, after realising that they haven't noticed him, he brings up his binoculars to his gas mask clad face and observes them.

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    • Cold notices CRONOS's body language he stays quiet at first then says "human.... it may be time for you to retire...your warrior spirit is waining"

        Loading editor
    • The reached the I-55 and started to dicend and lowered it's landing tires.

      Enclave Pilot: "Were coming in for a landing."

        Loading editor
    • (Welcome aboard Veteran!)

      Shaking his helmeted head visibly a few times, and regaining his composure mostly despite still trembling like a mild wind meeting a leaf on a tree and feeling as weak as water. Were it not for his advanced power armor, he'd likely have fell over, which would have made the flashback all the more worse than it already was for him.

      Exhaling heavily and getting ahold of himself, he looks to Cayuga, instantly feeling obligated to promise him whatever he wishes in return for assisting them... if anything, to make amends for past misgivings his conscience feels completely guilty of.

      CRONOS: "That's... a-alright, I feel a little better now. Sorry about that... j-just recalling some things I wish I'd never had any part of. Call me Jack... now, w-where did you say you needed to get back to? Whereabouts? Please tell me it's not to the far west."

      Officer: "Think he said it was a place called... New Hanrahan, was it?"

      Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the Enclave outpost to the south, a large group of Mutant Liberation Army militants gather, dressed in uniforms resembling that of Chinese remnants but with radiation symbol insignias hosted throughout them.

      Three Feral Ghoul 'attack dogs', two Vault 87 super mutant brutes armed with Wattz 1000 laser rifles, and a Nightkin commander armed with a super sledge and a Glock plasma defender.

      Nightkin Commander: "Brothers, it's time."

        Loading editor
    • (I suppose I should read up on the MLA now...)

      Cayuga was glad to see CRONOS fight off the evil spirits swirling around in his head, but he was elated when CRONOS mentioned going back home. "Ye, me village be New Hanrahan; it lay along de Mississippi's banks, near de Muddy Salt Watah."

        Loading editor
    • Cold looks at the odd speaking human (Cayuga) and attempts to deciper what he said in his head. "I... understood New Hanrahan... and Mississippi, Your home...?"

        Loading editor
    • The Vertibirds lands and it's propellers powererd down.

      "Ok everyone get your stuff and get out."

      Lachlan and the 8 other soldiers got their equipment and exited the vertibird the pilots stayed in to do maintanence checks.

        Loading editor
    • Seamus spots the vertibird landing and his eyes light up.

      That must be worth a fortune his gaze than falls on the the armoured soldiers exiting the vertibird. "Who are those lads? Brotherhood? No... armour looks too advanced. Enclave maybe? Uhh man, I want their stuff. How could I get it though?" Seamus continues to deliberate with himself on what course he should take.

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    • (It's your turn, Eden.)

        Loading editor
    • (Sorry guys, gonna have to put the RP on hold for awhile. Some things have come up irl which is keeping me pretty busy, and my computer is also fucking up and getting the blue screen of death almost every day. We'll resume though whenever I get situated. Sorry again, but theirs not much I can do about it atm.)

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    • (its k, might need to refromat that computer bud)

        Loading editor
    • (Alright, comp seems to be working for the time being. Will keep this going for now.)

      CRONOS nods slowly and affirmatively to Cayuga as he replies to him, albeit still shaking his helmeted head slightly as he spoke... his thick tribal accent still reminding him all to well of the Arroyo tribals from so many years ago...

      CRONOS: "Mississippi mmm? Well... that'll be a hell of a ride, but... shit, won't be like heading Far East like I sometimes have to do. Don't guess you've ever rode in a Vertibird before? Think you'll like your first time... I know I did."

      Pausing to glance at Cold, he then turns full circle at that and faces him... narrowing his eyes underneath the goggles of his helmet in slight shock at his appearance.

      CRONOS: "And who are you? You here for water? I hope you are... don't gotta be a by the books scientist to know by the looks of you anyway, that the Wasteland's got you bad sick. Yeah... I'd say the R&D boys will take their time with you when they get here. They'll get you better though... we've got some of the best pre-War medicines you'll find anywhere else."

      (Had a much better and longer reply written out, but hit back on my mouse and it took me back to before I'd written it. Pissed me off enough to where I didn't even wanna fuck with it now, but I wrote out a half-assed one compared to what I had instead. :( )

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    • "A Verty... bird?" Cayuga meekly inquired. "It don't look like no 'eron bird I evah seen," he squawked.

      "Anywho, can me an' I come inside ya outpost, rest me feet fo' a spell? I's been walking fer days an' me get tired," he stated plainly as he withdrew a bottle of water from his pack and uncapped it.

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    • "No... not sick.... not human... i have alwayse been Enthre..... i was born this way"

      • He removes his helmet Revealing his bright yellow eyes*

      "I am proud... to be Enthre....The remnants have been told of you....."

      • He points to his vehicle*

      " Data on Enthre is..... to be provided we were instructed as such....."

      • Cold nods and his men secure the vehicles antena and comms equipment on the passenger seat, he then reveals a data holotape*
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    • Lachlan survayed his sorroundings to find anyone who looks like their in charge he spotted agent Chronos in his APA Mk 1, Not knowing it's him Lachlan started walking towards him.

      "Hey you the boss here?."

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    • Seamus continues surveying the outpost when he notices one of the men had taken off his helmet to reveal a mutant with bright yellow eyes. Seamus slightly recoils in shock and disgust.

      "The fuck is that thing, hmm i wonder if i could sneak in while they're occupied with that yellow eyed freak see if i can find anything nice get the lay of the land perhaps, may as well give it a go."

      With his greed overpowering his caution,he leaves his cover and keeping low advances towards the outpost.

        Loading editor
    • CRONOS takes a few steps backward as Cold reveals his face, slightly unnerved, to say the least, by his appearance. The officer close to him's eyes narrow in a sneer, even thinking about going for his plasma pistol. Going to take the holotape offered to him, he quickly takes it, before taking a few steps back again twitchily.

      CRONOS: "Jesus. You've got some balls son, I'll tell you that. Coming to the Enclave and 'proudly' showing off your mutations? I don't think that's ever happened before... and you're lucky I'm the one you pulled that with. Any others probably would've just shot you dead and not thought twice about it... but it's just your eyes, so that's a pretty trivial change to me. Not like you're going zombie or gonna turn into a big freakish mutant right before my eyes, huh?"

      After Sergeant Hoffmann addressed him, he turned to look at and respond to him, not recognizing him at the time.

      CRONOS: "I'm just here to lend a hand, my command is just a matter of respect. You may have heard of me... Agent CRONOS, but call me Jack. What's your orders, your name... and your unit designation? I can put you to some work around here the quicker I know."

      Finally, after Cayuga asked him if he could rest for a spell, CRONOS nods to him.

      CRONOS: "This isn't something I usually okay... but for you? I'll make a special exception. Help yourself for now, but be on your guard and be ready to do what we agreed too... those damn muties will attack when you least expect it sometimes. Anybody gives you any lip, come find me and I'll put my boot up their ass, ya understand?"

      As the interaction with the outposts' 'guests' carries on, the specialist in the watch tower spots the other wanderer, Seamus, quickly approaching the perimeter.

      Enclave Specialist: "Hey, you! HALT! This is federal territory, stop right there, announce yourself and why you're here, or we will open fire!!"

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    • Cayuga giggled at the thought of CRONOS' power armored boot being forced up someone's butt as he sashayed across the gate's threshold and into the outpost. As he passed CRONOS, he patted him on the shoulder as a sign of mutual camaraderie.

      He was on his way up the watch tower to check out the view when the Specialist barked out his commands. Out of curiosity, Cayuga hurried up the stairs to see what was the matter.

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    • Cold smirks "glory can only be met on the field of battle... Enthre.... are warriors of the humans that.....Bare the same collors as you" *Points to CRONOS* " Our president.... Humans have an.... Election?.... we march under orders to find you..... i have looked for Enclave for some time..... 5 years as a human would say"

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    • "My orders are to assist Enclave personnel in the Chicargo area sir, My name is Lachlan Hoffmann one of the citizens recruited from Vault 116 I am the Sergeant of Pheonix MB's Beta Squad and it's chief roboticist under the command of General Henderson."

      Lachlan pulled some blueprints out of his backpack

      "I Have brought these blueprint copies of new versions of eyebots we created won't use as much resorces as the older models we made them with what data was left of the duraframes thought they would be useful here."

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    • Seamus jumps into the air when he hears the tin-can shouting at him. Keeping his shotgun pointing at the ground he replies in his most charismatic voice.

      "I'm just a prospector looking for valuables, no need to get violent sir"

      Whilst saying this he slowly backs away.

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    • Nodding slowly in recognition of Hoffmann's clarification, CRONOS motions toward the Enclave officer close by.

      CRONOS: "Very good Sergeant, very good... Lieutenant, see that the chief R&D engineers down at EAGLE-I receive these new Duraframe Eyebot schematics, I'm sure that'll help our logistics around here."

      Enclave Officer: "You got it sir, I'll have them handed over to the two scientists that... honestly should have been up here by now to administer some blood tests to our visitors. Boys!"

      The officer motions to the two Enclave trooper guards on stand-by at the I-55 post, and they rally next to him.

      Enclave trooper: "Sir?"

      Enclave Officer: "It's been 15 minutes since we heard from our two scientists heading over from EAGLE-I, they may have gotten ambushed. Do a perimeter sweep, we're going on yellow alert and nobody gets in or out until then, on the double!"

      Enclave trooper: "Yes sir, we'll be back in no time."

      The two soldiers rush off toward the exit of the outpost, brushing past the startled Seamus and off toward the surrounding locale for a prelimenary reconaissance of the nearby area.

      Enclave Specialist: "Prospector? There ain't no gold or silver to be found here Wastelander, go about your business. This base is on yellow alert and we cannot let anyone in or out until we've guaranteed the safety of the perimeter."

      CRONOS to Cold: "This is all a little... hard to take in, what you're saying. Enthre? And yet, you're staying true to some of our culture? Were some of your old timers stationed at Navarro or something before the NCR ransacked it?"

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    • Now up the stairs, Cayuga saw the prospector across the way. "Me eyes be keen an' I seein' nuttin' on de horizon. De prospectah don't look like no tret eeda. Dat guun ain't doin' nuttin' to ya iron shell no how," Cayuga remarked, tapping on the Specialist's T-51b pauldron with his knuckles.

        Loading editor
    • Cold " Navarro?..... storys of an Oil...Rig? however we hail from michigan" *cold points on his hand again to where detroit would be in relation to the state

        Loading editor
    • Lachlan walked over to the officer and handed him the blueprints.

      "So now thats done what can me and my men do to help?"

        Loading editor
    • "I'll be on my way." Unsure of what exactly the tribal said he nods simply in his direction and swivels on his heel. He starts walking away staying vigilant in case he ran into any hostiles.

        Loading editor
    • Feeling sort of bad now for the scavenger as he turned heel rather quickly and right at his demand, on top of the tribal behind hims request... the Specialist goes back on his statement, thinking he would be kidnapped by mutants on sight.

      Enclave Specialist to Cayuga: "Alright, alright! He's better off in here for now than out there anyway."

      Enclave Specialist to Seamus: "HEY! If you can follow simple directions like what I just gave you, and so quickly while you're in here... come on in. But don't steal anything, got it?"

      The officer looks up to the Specialist from the groundlevel, somewhat pissed at first that his orders were undermined... but sees Cayuga close by to him and realizes that since he'll be tagging along with CRONOS... he'll let it slide.

      Enclave Officer: "I hope this does us some good old man, this new approach to the Wasteland."

      CRONOS: "How long have we been here without getting shot at by God and everybody?"

      The officer stays silent at that.

      CRONOS: "Alright then, what I thought."

      Turning back to Cold, CRONOS produces to him an audible 'hmm'.

      CRONOS to Cold: "Michigan eh? Curious your ancestors would stretch so far and wide... but considering the circumstances, your connection to us back in the day? Only way I know of that you could pull that off. I'm glad you found us... but the changes you've exhibited may not be entirely healthy for your body... but not to worry, our techies will help us figure that out or not. I've just never seen anyone with eyes or skin like yours."

      As Sergeant Hoffmann gets situated, CRONOS turns to him and casually drones to him.

      CRONOS to Lachlan: "Just stand by for the time being, keep an alert and watch over the perimeter in case the mutants show up again. Make sure our Wastelander friends seeking refuge here for the time being don't run amok on us. I'll be taking one of them with me on a patrol here in a bit... maybe you can come along as well."

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    • Setting his rucksack in the corner of the watchtower, Cayuga dug out a vacuum sealed Salisbury Steak and BlamCo Mac & Cheese TV Dinner and tore the protective plastic off, making small talk with the Specialist. "Dis be my fav'rite... well, Old World food, I mean. You ain't livin' 'til you catch an' fry a Louisiana catfish up wit' some hushpuppies and must'rd greens... or some crawdad gumbo with... dirty rice... or a spicy shrimp Creole... peaches fo' dessert..." He drifted off, daydreaming about Bayuk Okla cuisine.

      He sighed and poked around his TV dinner. "De longer I'm away from me clan, de more I miss it, an' de more I miss de food... You wan' some?" He offered the Specialist some of his Salisbury steak and mac 'n' cheese. As the plastic bowl got closer to the Specialist's Geiger counter, it began to tick, tick, tick minimally.

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    • Cold " I... have lived.... the way i am since birth..." *he thinks for a bit and gains a small smirk* "how old.... do you think i am?"

        Loading editor
    • "Sure I'll come along would be good to get the lay of the land."

      Lachlan turned to his men.

      "You eight are to stay here and watch the perimeter."

      Hoffmann's squad: "Yes sir"

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    • Seamus turns slowly his brow furrowed in suspicion under his gas mask.


      He enters the base and after a quick survey of it heads up to the watchtower to get an elevated view of the area.

      "So why did you let me in? And i wouldn't touch what he's offering if i was you that food is 200 years old."

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    • (Don't worry; the TV dinners are kept fresh with Fallout SCIENCE!)

        Loading editor
    • The Specialist notices his geiger counter going off as the pre-War food is prepared, and he reaches into the nearby first aid kit on the wall of the watchtower, retrieving some RadAway.

      Enclave Specialist: "No thanks, but here."

      He tosses the RadAway next to Cayuga, before looking back outside again.

      Enclave Specialist: "On the bottom level of the 'post, we've got a dispenser for vitamin pills. They ain't much, but they'll keep you going and they're Rad-free. We're working on bringing back pre-War cuisine like you've never seen though..."

      The specialist starts to daydream about warm mac and cheese with mashed potatos and gravy on top of it.

      Meanwhile. CRONOS continues conversating with Cold.

      CRONOS: "Oh, I don't doubt you've always been this way, growing up in the Wastelands. But the changes you're exhibiting is an unfortunate result of all the background radiation leftover from the bombs, and something called the Forced Evolutionary Virus, which also leaked massively just before the war. It's what those muties are so infected with. I dunno how old you are... but you look young to me. That's because I'm an old fuck though."

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    • (It certainly doesn't help that Cayuga has a Medicine skill of 9.)

      Cayuga set his dinner down on his lap and inspected the pouch of orange liquid, flipping it around in his fingers and sniffing around the polyurethane lining. Completely lost, he tapped the Specialist's shoulder again.

      "What is dis? Like peachleech fruits? Me drink dis bright juice, or...?" he meekly asked, trailing off.

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    • (You know what the hilarious thing is Kas? I don't even know how to tell him how to consume the Radaway. IC'ly or OOC'ly. Lmao.)

        Loading editor
    • (Looking at the RadAway from FO1/FO2/FOT, it looks like an IV drip. How they do it in the recent games is beyond me. It's probably best if the blood test techs administer it...)

        Loading editor
    • (That's what I was thinking tbh. Good thought.)

        Loading editor
    • (Cold could administer first aid should it be nessasary plus when i use rad away in fall out it sounds like somone is squeezing the bag maybe eating it? should be ingestable just would not reach the blood stream as fast as an IV drip.)

      Cold " I am.... 50 human years.... most enthre die in combat before then..... i am fortunate. It is true none the less."

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    • Lachlans squad split up into teams of two and started patroling the perimeter of the outpost.

      Lachlan waited and listened while Cronos talked with Cold.

        Loading editor
    • (Veteran? It's your turn my man.)

        Loading editor
    • (Sorry about the delay didn't have access to my laptop)

      Kennedy notices the tribal playing with the radaway. He walks over to him and crouches beside him, handing him a needle he says.

      "Just drive this needle into the pack and gulp it down, it's what i do."

      Whilst speaking to the tribal he studies the specialist standing nearby, the joints in his armour, how he holds his binoculars, his posture.

        Loading editor
    • (Uh... the Specialist doesn't have a weapon. Just a pair of binoculars. :P)

      Enclave Specialist: "It's something I can guarantee you're going to need, if you don't already. Let's just say theirs something in the air left over from the War just about everywhere... and if you don't take some of that after awhile, bad things will happen to your body. Sometimes you die... and other times... well, a fate worse than death, in my opinion. The tech-boys'll help you take it when they get here, so just hold onto it and give it to em when they get around to seeing you."

      The Specialist resumes looking out of the watchtower's observation opening before a loud gunshot richochets toward him, and then several red laser projectiles. He starts to panic visibly before being knocked down unconscious and in shock from several more disturbingly accurate, and successive gun and laser shots.

      Toward the middle of the highway, the sound and sight of lots of Stealth-Boys dissipating is seen & heard, with four Mutant Liberation Army super mutant militants led by a Nightkin quickly proceeding toward the I-55 outpost, three of them brandishing Wattz 1000 laser rifles with scopes, and the Nightkin brandishes a .308 battle rifle.

      Two of the mutants begin hip-firing their laser rifles in an attempt to suppress their Enclave targets, whilst the third mutant and the Nightkin stop together and uniformly kneel at the same time and begin aiming their respective firearms.

      M.L.A Berserker: "Black Devils! We are superior!! And you will die to know why!"

      The plasma turret of the outpost begins discharging wildly toward the M.L.A attackers, blowing chunks of aged concrete from the sides of the highway which the two kneeling mutants take cover behind, and CRONOS panickingly runs toward and kneels behind one of the metal barricades, going for his YK-32 pulse pistol.

      CRONOS: "Fuckin' shit! Red alert, red alert... we've got hostiles inbound, get to cover!!"

        Loading editor
    • (Woopsie daisy sorry about that just assumed he had a gun.)

        Loading editor
    • A laser beam whizzed through Cayuga's straw hat, who was rightfully startled and ducked onto the floor with the Specialist, splatting his TV dinner and RadAway pouch to the ground. His hat (and his wild hair, for that matter) continued to fizzle and smoke after he slapped his hat off and reached for the grenade launcher in his pack.

      As he withdrew it, several 40mm grenades spilled out. The copper tips gleaming in the sun as they rolled into a corner. "Merde! Big bads, dead ahead!" he bellowed into the compound, peeking over his meager wooden defense.

      Cayuga positioned his grenade launcher on the balcony ledge and took inventory of the situation. The super mutants were doing well at keeping their distance from each other, so the effect of the blast radius of his grenades was significantly dampened. Regardless, he took aim at the closest mutant.

      Following a dense *thump*, a grenade whistled through the air and impacted a couple feet in front of the brute. He roared and continued firing even as the explosion flung gravel and concrete into his face. "You will NOT stop us!" he growled.

      "You sure as hell ain't stoppin' me!" Cayuga cried as he let loose another grenade at the same target. The advancing brute walked right into it; the grenade detonated directly onto of his leather encased foot. The explosion savagely dismembered his lower right leg and spun him to the ground. Even so, he fanatically continued firing his Wattz, dragging his minced appendage behind him.

        Loading editor
    • (No prob Vet, it happens.)

        Loading editor
    • Laser fire erupts as Cold puts his helmet back on and begins firing upon the mutants. Advancing taticaly and using cover making his way to his men. His vehicle driver had already spun the vehicle around and the gunner tears into the goup of mutants with the laser turret Mangeling one of them and turning it to ash while his men outside the vehicle use it as cover and they  all advance on the enemys position slowly firing there weapons forcing the mutants to head to cover.

      Cold notices one mutant hit by an explosive round Dismembering his leg he fires on the mutant shooting it in the shoulder several times and causing the mutant to drop its weapon. Cold enters cover and reloads.

        Loading editor
    • Lachlan volted to cover at the sound of gunfire and pulled his automatic rifle and started laying down suppressive fire on the mutants.

      "I Heard there were mutants in Chicago but didn't know they were this bold."

        Loading editor
    • Kennedy dives to the ground as lasar fire hits the watchtower. He notices the 40mm grenades spill out of the tribals pack.

      "Clumsy plonker watch your ammo."

      He quickly picks up the grenades that landed close to him and stuffs them in Cayugas pack. Realising that the range is too far for his shotgun to be accurate he slings it onto his back and draws his .44 magnum revolver, taking aim he opens fire on the two mutants taking cover trying to keep them suppresed.

        Loading editor
    • As the firefight intensifies and casualties are inflicted, CRONOS realizes that they're too far away for him to accurately shoot his YK-32 at the attacking mutants, and he shrugs and holsters it, instead going for his Wattz radio. Speaking into it loudly because of how loud the situation is, CRONOS attempts to check in and report the situation to the EAGLE-I main base.


      EAGLE-I communications officer (audible): "Roger that Agent, we have lost contact with EAGLE-IV, we think they may have been attacked... but we are sending in a Verti-Assault team to your location to help back you up, over and out."


      EAGLE-I communications officer (audible): "We're hoping your Onyx's have contained the situation, and the newly-integrated Conscripts were finished in time to render assistance... these scum must be contained before they inflict much more damage... *static*."


      As the radio-call ends rather unceremoniously, another squad of M.L.A. militant mutants reveals itself from the opposing direction of the super-highway, two brutes armed with Chinese assault rifles, a Vault 87 overlord armed with a missile launcher (!!!), and three feral ghoul attack dogs. The three ferals raspily growl and immediately charge toward the barricades as the two assault rifle-armed mutants lay down suppressing fire to help cover their approach...

      The overlord primes a missile into it's launcher, and aims it toward Cold's vehicle, firing it not long after...

      M.L.A Overlord: "A present from Quincy!"

      The missile travels through the base and completely annihilates the aforementioned ground vehicle, blowing it clear from the sides of the highway onto the terrain below it...

      Right after, CRONOS begins to panic at the sight of the serious damage as a result of the heavy ordinance in the hands of the overlord. Going for his radio, he attempts to belay the approaching Verti-Assault team in fear they will be shot down...


        Loading editor
    • Cayuga ducked for cover after hearing the explosion. He had heard the rocket whoosh past, but the warzone was too chaotic to pay it any mind. However, the assault vehicle that flipped and was currently belching out a greasy plume of smoke quickly drew his attention.

      Tracking the smoke trail left by the rocket, Cayuga found the source and internally calculated the trajectory he would need to arch his grande launcher to take the fight to the overlord. With another dense thump, Cayuga let loose a grenade that sailed over CRONOS' head and impacted on the ground as close to the overlord as it could without actually hitting it. The explosion threw the overlord's missile launcher out of its hands and to the ground; a feral dog was also unlucky enough to be in the blast radius and was torn apart immediately, with a brief yelp.

      Not unexpectedly, the overlord let out an angered roar as it covered its ruptured ear drums sustained from the blast injury, but didn't pay much attention to the third degree burns splashed up its leg. "Stupid regular!", it shrieked as it primed a fragmentation grenade and hurled it blindly into the outpost.

        Loading editor
    • The resulting explosion impacting the car throws the men following behind the vehicle onto there backs and the gunner while the vehicle is tumbeling in the air is flung off the vehicle several hundred yards away The car roles to a stop on the terrain below the highway. His men who were flung to there backs quckly recover and fire upon the feral Ghoul attack dogs dispatching them and head behind cover trading fire with the supermutants

      Cold finishes off the mutant he disarmed earlier. He proceded with gunning down another mutant that poped out of cover. Cold procedes to the other side of the cover noticing the nightkin and the supermutant with it waiting for him. Cold reloads and mentions to the nightkin" you Cowardly filth!...... You hide..... no honor!...." he rounds the corner hipfiring an entire magazine into the mutant killing it and the Night kin charges Cold raming him into a stone structure causing the wall to crack noticably from the force. The nightkin raises his .308 to fire at him and Cold quickly raises his plasma pistol attempting to fire it then realizing that the weapon had been broke he quickly chucks the broken pistol at the nightkin's head the pistal making a loud thunk off of its head. The Nightkin yelping 'HURT!!" and steaping back a gew steps in shock. Cold takes the advantage he charges the nightkin palmstriking the weapon out of the nightkins hand  and kicking the weapon away. Cold backs off and motions at the Nightkin for a one on one. The nightkin reaches for its back and pulls out a concrete slab attached to some rebar for a makeshift mele weapon. Cold pulls out a combatknife and they square off in the wreckage around them as Chaos continues around them. 

        Loading editor
    • Lachlan aimed at the overlord and fired ten rounds at it three hit it's torso and one hits its left leg Lachlan went back into cover and reloaded. The overlord was staggered by the four .308 hitting his torso and leg. Lachlan yells at overlord "Take that you ugly piece of shit!" The overlord yells back saying "Stupid metal human I'll CRUSH you!." Lachlans squad hear the gunfire and explosions and run over to support them.

        Loading editor
    • Kennedy quickly changes his attention and focuses on the new comers. After reloading and taking aim he fires shots at one of the brutes laying down suppressive fire. 1 shot misses but his other 5 hit him in the torso neck and head the brute crumples to the ground dead or stunned Kennedy can't tell from the range. Kennedy then proceeds to crouch down and reload his revolver.

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    • As the tide turns against the Mutant Liberation Army's sudden onslaught, the Verti-Assault team CRONOS called in earlier and evidently failed to call off rushes toward the smoky warzone. As the rotor-wings of the Vertibird become deafening, the side door of the Vertibird opens while it slows suddenly, lowers it's altitude, and swerves to just outside of the sides of the 1-55 super-highway, it's ongoing rotor-wings flying in mid-air right beside...

      One of CRONOS' Onyx Troopers reveals himself with the sudden discharging sound of a de-activating stealth boy, kneeling in the entry-point of the Vertibird's door and armed with an Anti-Materiel rifle which he aims at the M.L.A Overlord, firing it with an audible discharge proving louder than the still-going rotor-wings of the Vertibird he positions himself in.

      Next to the sniping Onyx, another Onyx Trooper lowers himself and kneels slightly behind but near him, inserting a series of maximum-charge electron charge packs into a Laser RCW and aiming it at the barely still-standing Overlord, discharging it subsequently toward the Overlord and killing it dead soon after as it gargles for air and falls over dead with a massive hole in it's side pouring blood everywhere near.

      The Onyx Sniper aims another deafening shot from the anti-materiel rifle toward one of the now-charging M.L.A militants armed with assault rifles, firing at and completely dismembering the head of one of them with a sickening thud of the militants large corpse.

      As the other stops in sheer panic at the sudden loss of his comrade and Nightkin officer at the hands of the wildly firing plasma turret of the outpost and the sudden sneak attack by CRONOS' Onyx Troopers, he too is dropped by another successive shot to the chest from the Onyx Sniper's deadly rifle, falling to his knees and feeling of the gaping wound momentarily before falling over dead.

      CRONOS sighs with relief at the sight of his soldiers springing to the rescue with the reliable results he'd hoped to instill in them proving to be near-perfect, taking the opportunity to look at and reassure his Wastelander comrades.

      CRONOS: "Feel free to pop a squat and rest yourselves... you've earned it. That's all of 'em... we got 'em. Thank you Wastelanders... this is why I tell them it's worth it, moments like these when we can all stand together and help each other out. Gives an old man like me some much needed hope..."

      The Vertibird picks itself up slightly in altitude before swerving to the inside of the highway and plopping itself down, the Onyx's inside exiting it carefully to ground-level before continuing ahead and searching for anymore enemies, aiming their weapons cautiously...

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    • After the Vertibird powered down, the landscape immediately reverted back to it's usual placid calmness... save for the crackling assault vehicle burning. Cayuga hopped down from the watch town and approached CRONOS, with a strange mix of excitement, fright and curiosity in his eyes.

      "Ey, what dose tings be? Dey look like de swampfolk from de Mississippi, but mo' bigger an' madder. An' how de hell dey got boomtubes an' sizzle guuns?"

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      • a loud buzzing sound is heard from the vehicle which turns into an explosion and a small mushroom cloud can be seen by all*

      Cold stands over the Nightkins corpse and walks back to his two remaining men they nod to eachother silently

      • they walk to whats left of the wreckage to verify that the failsafe destriyes all compromising tech*

      Cold kowing that the failsafes transmission would have reached HQ by now knows he needs to find a way to report soon Before speculation begins

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    • wrote:
      *a loud buzzing sound is heard from the vehicle which turns into an explosion and a small mushroom cloud can be seen by all*

      Cold stands over the Nightkins corpse and walks back to his two remaining men they nod to eachother silently

      • they walk to whats left of the wreckage to verify that the failsafe destriyes all compromising tech*

      Cold kowing that the failsafes transmission would have reached HQ by now knows he needs to find a way to report soon Before speculation begins

      (well forgot to log in crap realized when i saw some errors went to correct them and realized i posted as a wikia contributer)

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    • Lachlan got out of cover and walked to Cronos.

      "I Am somewhat regreting singing up to come here I heard there was a mutant problem but didn't know it was this bad damn this brings me back."

      Lachlans squad resumed it's patrol.

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    • Kennedy promptly climbs down the watchtower, he then proceeds to loot the corpses and stuff any valuables into his pack.

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    • (It's your move, Eden.)

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    • The restlessly cautious, prowling Onyx Troopers begin accosting Kennedy as he begins to touch the mutant corpses. Droning out to him with an intimidatingly mechanical and deep voice, one of them hoists him upright and shoves him lightly in the direction back toward the now-smoky 1-55 'post.

      Onyx Trooper I: "Beat it Wastelander, these mutant corpses are contaminated and biohazardous and they will be incinerated accordingly. Do not approach them again, or you WILL be apprehended next time. Harshly! Is that clear...?"

      Leering at him through the olive-green lenses of his Onyx APA helmet, the Onyx 'correcting' Kennedy awaits his acknowledgement.

      CRONOS responds to the Sergeant with a simple but firm shaking of his helmeted head.

      CRONOS: "Buddy.... you ain't seen nothin' yet. We're lucky they didn't send their little reptile pets to help 'em this time... they got a poisonous bite that's killed everyone of our guys and gals punctured by one. Regular anti-toxin for most poisons don't work with it, damndest thing to deal with I've ever seen I think."

      The Enclave officer shrugs deeply in relief, and crawls from out of cover, holstering his plasma pistol and goes for his radio, attempting to give the all-clear to the other outposts that they'll be standing down to a yellow alert status and that they need a Hellfire trooper to dispose of the mutant corpses.

      As Cayuga restlessly moved about near CRONOS and questioned him, he replied and glanced toward his vanguarding Onyx's

      CRONOS: "That right there my humble friend... is the walking, breathing, scourge of the human race. They used to be just like you and me before a prototype pre-War bio-toxin called the Forced Evolutionary Virus, some of the leftovers of it we had in some of our bunkers around here they raided, mutated them into something else entirely... what you see them as now. Them and their hotshot zombie headcases?"

      Pausing for a moment and coughing mildly, CRONOS resumes his explanation to Cayuga.

      "Far as we can tell... they're out to replace us all... say they're the next superior step in the evolutionary ladder. We hear tale from desperate civilians visiting one of our 'posts at least every other day about someone they know close to them having disappeared, and our Eyebots have surveillance footage of 'em draggin' these same people off to the depths of hell for all we know."

      Scoffing curiously, CRONOS adds.

      "It's ironic to me... made by a FORCED evolutionary virus... saying they're the next phase of dominant life, when from what little I know about science... real evolution occurs slowly, mildly, and gradually. Nuthin' forced or quick to be had about it. But, interesting little paradoxes aside, they're giving us hell any chance they possibly fuckin' can... and we're tryin' to kill off every last goddamn one of 'em before they do us... and have been for decades. We've failed so far... not for lack of trying."

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    • (Sorry that I was unclear Eden, but Cayuga was asking what the super mutants were, not the Enclave shock troops. Please revise and then I'll post.)

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    • (Fixt)

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    • Cayuga understood a couple words CRONOS said, like "they raided," "mutated," "replace us all," and "kill off"; basically everything else flew over his head, but he smiled and nodded anyway. CRONOS spoke with a certain tone of authority and command, like Cayuga's grandpapa. It didn't matter what Papa François was droning on about, Cayuga listened intently.

      "So dat's where me an' I come in? You wan' help takin' de fight to dem, b'fo' dey wipe out you an' I," Cayuga reasoned before pondering for a moment.

      He furrowed his large brow and solidified his verbal contract with CRONOS. "Dey attacked us wit'out no why. Dat's not akseptab. You give me a big, big guun, de biggest you got! Poin' me in de direction an' I take de fight to dem wit' great glad!"

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      • Cold Returns with his men to the others once they finished up at the Wreckage of there vehicle.*
      • Cold  listening to the others conversations while on guard with his men using there eyesight to carefully scan the area*
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    • "Great...poisonous reptiles atleast it ain't cazadors trust me they are a hell to deal with we've been studying them something is...wrong with the genes FEV doesn't seem to be the cause of them or those nightstalkers like they've been spliced or something."

      Lachlan put his rifle on his back and pulled a bottle of Nuka Cola out of his bag.

      "Damn I'm parched hey anyone want some brought some sarsaparilla as well very popular back in the Mojave."

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    • Kennedy pulls away from the onyx solider and glares at him for a second contemplating whether shooting him in the head would be worth it after deciding that it would be a moronic plan he replies in an exasperated voice.

      "I'm wearing a gas mask, i'll be fine and i expect compensation for the help i gave you. So you can either pay me or let me loot the corpses your choice"

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    • (Bump. Your turn, Eden.)

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    • (The thread's dead, Jim.)

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    • (Omae wa mou shindeiru)

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    • (Just had some shit to do irl, gimme a few minutes and I'll have a good long IC response to keep the ship afloat.)

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    • CRONOS nods to Cayuga, rather appreciative of his enthusiasm to assist them.

      CRONOS: "Tell you what kid, how'd you like to have a gatling laser? I've got one I've not even used in... hell, I can't even remember ever using it come to think of it, but I've got one in storage. It's a little old, but you look built enough to make proper use of it."

      Looking to the thirsty Sergeant Hoffmann, CRONOS points up toward the watchtower.

      CRONOS: "Should be a fridge up there with water in it, no Sasparilla's though. Long ways away from the West out here pal. And if that don't do it for you, should be some liquor in there too. Don't touch the Rotgut though... that's mine."'

      The Onyx Trooper Kennedy pulled away from leers toward him, but looks away and replies.

      Onyx Trooper: "Fine... fine. Take their weapons and valuables, but leave their energy weaponry untouched. They'll be acquired by the techs for processing."

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    • Hearing the hiss of Hoffmann's Nuka-Cola, Cayuga reflexively looked in his direction and began sniffing around. The sugary treat tickled his flaring nostrils and he pretty much begged the sergeant for a Sarsaparilla, "I take a Nuka?"

      (I know that Southerners call every carbonated beverage "coke", so I'm guessing every carbonated beverage for a Southerner became "Nuka" in the Fallout world.)

      He turned to CRONOS after seeing Lachlan begin dig through his bag. He tried to remember what CRONOS offered him, but he had never heard of it and mostly rambled, being easily distracted.

      "A lase-ah what? Nevah heard it befo'. Fact, I nevah evah 'ave used a lase-ah guun – only seen raidahs with dose, and dey're mean, so I blow dem up an' de guns wit' 'em. I useta have a minguun, but it broke aftah a while an' I dropped it somewe-ah in de mountains..."

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    • Cold motions his men and they patrol a bit looking for more possible enemy in the immediate area

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    • Kennedy nods at the onyx soldier in acknowledgement and proceeds to go from corpse to corpse salvaging anything he deemed valuable, leaving the energy weapons not wanting to tempt faith and placing the valuables into his backpack.

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    • Lachlan walked over to Cayuga and gived him a Sarsaparilla.

      "Gatling lasers are basicly like miniguns but don't need the barrel to spin up and runs on batterys powerful piece of tech...also they don't leave one hell of a mess."

      Lachlan partially took his helmet off only showing his mouth poped the cap of the bottle of Nuka Cola and starting drinking it.

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    • CRONOS realizes the tribal will likely require a more... thorough means of explanation, and he motions toward one of the Enclave troopers that came with Lachlan.

      CRONOS: "You. Over here... I need your weapon for a second... this won't take long."

      The soldier reluctantly relinquishes his weapon into the hands of CRONOS, and he points it directly into the air and discharges it right after. A loud 'PEW' is heard, with smoke rising from the weapons barrel, and CRONOS hands it back over to the confused trooper.

      CRONOS: "It does that. But like your old minigun."

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    • Cayuga was in the midst of taking a sip of his Sarsaparilla when CRONOS discharged that rogue beam into the sky. The sudden flash of the laser column and its accompanying scream startled Cayuga, making him jump and his Sarsaparilla foam out the top.

      He brought the bottle into his mouth and caught some of the foam as he muttered a meek, "Whooaa..."

      A moment later he boasted, "Me be real strong – I can handle this ting! Show me an' I to de storage and lemme hold it!"

      (Real talk: is the Gatling laser in storage an L30 [from FO1/2/T] or a UB-FRIED 3000 [from FO3/NV]? Cayuga might be able to use the L30, but the UB-FRIED is way too technical for him to use.)

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