(Rules: No immersion breaking behaviors, and no dick measuring badasses. If you try to hard to be tough in this RP... it will NOT end favorably. There is no Lone Wanderers or Couriers to be found in this RP. If you do not agree with any of this, do not post.)

    The date is March 8th in the year 2290 in Chicago, Illinois. Fairly recently, the Enclave, coming from the Far East has been openly consolidating fierce military power throughout the once bustling metropolis and in some nearby areas outside of it. Scavenging doomed Vault-Tek Vaults, and broadcasting patriotic propaganda to peaceful human settlements and it's inhabitants...

    The organization is attempting to make up for past misgivings with other regions, even though most in the area are completely ignorant of them, offering protection benefits and medical marvels to those in need and with something to offer them in return. Whilst most are grateful for the opportunity, gracefully accepting them... some few have a horrid feeling about them....

    Very strange events have been increasingly abound throughout the entire locale, much more so than ever before after the Enclave's arrival. Dreadful accounts of a belligerent new nation compiled of super mutants of all kinds, as well as ghouls of all kinds are becoming the norm.

    Possibly even more disturbing, it is rumored "green-eyed boogeymen in armor as black as the night sky" have been responsible for the disappearance of many for a mysteriously unknown purpose. Officers of the Enclave stationed at scarce Enclave outposts near the crumbling ruins of Chicago deny any ulterior allegations to those that approach and ask them, some even outlining the disappearances as the result of rogue factions of the Enclave.

    It would be highly profitable for opportunists of any creed to be in the region as of now however, as an outright war is coming... and settlers and the Enclave alike is looking for volunteers to maintain the mild order they have barely established. Marauders and bandits pollute the region, and there are rumored sightings of horrific monstrosities being sighted, and in need of extermination...

    (CURRENT POSTING ORDER: 1: Eden2012, 2: Kastera1000, 3: ColdMadHatter, 4: Spocklan116, 5: Veteran Legionary, 6: SigvartTheDemon.)

    Progress: Special Agent CRONOS and his Enclave comrades have managed to recruit some Wastelander mercenaries and have successfully repelled one of the M.L.A's vicious onslaught's. The worst is yet to come however, and the Enclave has a few dark secrets of it's own that threaten to backlash momentarily.

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    • (May I join in with Louis "Steel" de Luca? I assume the Enclave doesn't have any qualms with recruiting a member of the mafia as a merc. Besides, Lous' loyalty is to the money.)

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    • (By all means, feel free.)

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    • (are we starting the tern order over?)

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    • (No. It's your turn Cold. Sig will go after Veteran.)

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      • Cold sufficiantly satisfied with his patrol thinking that the area is safe enough for now he returns to CRONOS*

      Cold " Humans..... ok? Filth seems to have deep roots here..... I need to report to my command..... the satilites.... should know about my vehicles demise...... they will send Agents if i dont."

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    • Lachlan finished drinking his Nuka Cola put his helmet back on walked over to CRONOS and whispered to him

      "Do most of the people around here have trouble talking if so the damn tribals back in Utah speak english better than this."

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    • After finishing up looting the corpses near the the Enclave base, Kennedy scans the area for any more corpses seeing a few remote ones he heads over to them. and proceeds to crouch down and search them placing any valuables he encounters into his backpack.

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    • Steel walked towards the group from a distance. As they noticed him, he waved and lighted up a cigarette. He wore a fedora and a thick duster which held and concealed his weapons. When he reached the group he went straight to business. "All transactions has been made. The money has reached my safe by now and my guns are at your disposal. Tracking you down seemed more than too much to bother with, but the Enclave certainly have a way of convincing people." He went on to offer the group a cigarette.

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    • (may i join and how?)

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    • (Feel free.)

      CRONOS nudged the whispering Sergeant with his armored shoulder, attempting to indicate to him that maybe now wouldn't be the best time to criticize the tribal dialect considering he's staring at, and in the process of giving away a gatling laser to one right in front of him.

      Caught off guard by the sudden new arrival, the prowling Onyx's aim their weapons at the approaching Steel, seemingly ignoring his previous proclamation.

      Onyx Trooper II: "Freeze!"

      Onyx Trooper: "Halt!"

      CRONOS, albeit a bit taken aback himself, motions to his Onyx's with a balled fist and they lower their weapons accordingly, but even so they stare at him suspiciously.

      CRONOS: "Well now, it seems like anytime we're being tracked... bad things happen to us not long after. But since you've been compensated already, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Hope you're ready to get that suit a little dirty, maybe even bloody."

      Deja vu of his visits to Salvatore's Bar in New Reno all those years ago swirling through his mind as he looked at the newcomer, CRONOS walked toward him and offered out an extended gloved hand to him.

      CRONOS: "Special Agent CRONOS, United States Secret Service... but call me Jack. Who are you... and how good are you at aiming a weapon?"

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    • (Just make sure to link or post your character here so we know who you're playing as.)

      Cayuga's alert ears picked up the exchange between Sergeant Hoffmann and Agent CRONOS, but he took it in stride. "Heehee, I know me speak kinda funny, but I bet me an' I can speak Bayuk bettah dehn aaany one o' you!" he giggled, nudging Lachlan. He then waited patiently for CRONOS to finish talking to the man in the suit so CRONOS could potentially show him his new toy.

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    • Cold " sorry.... i am not like a human.... i have troubble speaking in the way you do.... i meerly view humans as... too loud in the first place."

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    • "Yeah...we can be quite loud sometimes but hell nothing gets you going in the morning after having barly any sleep for a few days like a Drill Chief yelling at you."

      Lachlan watched CRONOS walking over to Steel and Lachlan put his hand on his 5.56mm Pistol ready to pull it out of it's holster.

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    • After finishing his looting Kennedy looked around and noticed a man wearing a duster and fedora. He don't look like Enclave must be a merc, wonder if the Enclave is hiring he thought to himself. Kennedy walked over to CRONOS.

      "You guys hiring mercs because i'm available if so."

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    • Steel shaked CRONOS' hand.

      "Louis de Luca, but people call me Steel. Pleasure doing business with you for Bishop." He recieved the 5.56mm from Lachlan. "Nice gun, but by all means, keep it." He opened his duster and revealed two weapons.

      "I offer heavy firepower, and the Bishops wouldn't let me keep it if I wasn't good with weapons. Here's my light machine gun. It uses 5.56 rounds. I use it to keep the heat at the other gangsters and also to offer covering fire. Unfortunately, it's easy to use up all the bullets for this one, so it's only for emergencies. So that leaves me with my other weapon. A .45 Auto pistol. I stumbled upon it while I was in a mission at Zion. Packs a relatively good punch, but nowhere near the weapons you're using. In any case, as you can see my arsenal is rather heavy, so I'll have to decline your gun. And by the way, do you think the Enclave would hire me if I didn't have experience? I'm known mostly as a bank robber. I ain't that good sneaking around, but give me a place to break in and let me do the planning. We'll get in and out relatively easy."

      He once again offered the Enclave soldiers cigarettes. "You do have the ability to take of your masks right? If not, surely you can find other means to smoke."

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    • (Oh sorry I was meaning Lachlan put his hand on his own sidearm in case steel did anything sorry for the confusion I edited the post)

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    • (Aye, it's okay. I edited mine to fit the situation better as well.)

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    • (And the one comment above me is me obviously. Forgot to log in.)

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    • (Hey, can I join?

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    • Acknowledging Steel's light machine gun, CRONOS nodded appreciatively. That was all he needed to see. Whether or not he was actually skilled wasn't his concern, that big gun of his providing suppressing fire and a distraction was all the service he required. That on top of his boastings of making a good sneak... and CRONOS is more than okay with his tagging along.

      CRONOS: "Bishop huh? So you are from Reno then? I passed through there a few times in my younger days... we had an understanding with old man Salvatore. Heard the NCR come down on 'em, and hard, when they found out about our little understanding. Sure if you're from Reno, you know all about them... and how they look at any sort of competition."

      The Enclave officer near CRONOS speaks into his Wattz Electronics radio somewhat audibly amidst the introductory small talk, a somewhat grim expression growing ever more grim as the radio-conversation continues.

      Enclave officer: "1-55 to EAGLE-III, status report, over."

      Radio: "This is EAGLE-III, requesting immediate reinforcement and a med-evac, we've been hit hard by M.L.A. shock troops and suspect another squad of theirs is on route, over."

      Enclave officer: "Roger that EAGLE-III, 1-55 just got hit pretty hard as well... no casualties luckily, but our ordinance took some hits. We've got a squad of Wastelander employees led by Special Agent CRONOS and Sergeant Hoffmann that may or may not be able to back you up, but we don't have any medics... over."

      Radio: "This is EAGLE-I, we have medical personnel on stand-by. but they're unwilling to leave until they've established contact with an armed squad. Our DoTA garrison has been deployed on a patrol and we are understaffed, over."

      Overhearing the predicament relayed on the radios, CRONOS taps the officer on his shoulder before he responds.

      CRONOS: "Tell number one we'll meet up with them, have the medics follow along, and head on over to relieve number three."

      Noticing Kennedy's inquiry, CRONOS nods to him.

      CRONOS: "We'll take all the help we can get, and you'll be compensated after your services have been rendered."

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    • Cayuga approached CRONOS and pointed at his radio. "Guess ya bettah get me de guun you were talkin' 'bout right quick! We goin' fo' a long walk... or we going for a ride in de Verty-bird!?" he asked giddily.

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    • Cold "..... we are alwayse ready for battle...... we are ready to meet glory"

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    • "Agent want me to round up my men and get the Vertibird prepped for take off."

      Lachlan removed his hand from the pistol and pulled out his radio.

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    • Kennedy nods at CRONOS in appreciation. Kennedy was always looking for caps and taking out a few mutants with power armoured comrades sounded like easy money to him. Kennedy crossed his arms and leaned back on his heel waiting for CRONOS to make a move.

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    • Steel: "Yeah, the NCR has been making a couple'o moves. But we've managed to keep'em out so far."

      When CRONOS moved on to respond to the radio, Steel got out his .45 and prepared for the situation ahead.

      Steel: "Time to do some business then?"

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    • CRONOS nodded to himself, thus far pleased with his efforts to recruit a band of Wastelanders to assist himself and the Enclave. Of course, in the depths of his mind, it was all about helping civilized Wastelanders. Whether or not they'd actually succeded in that goal though, remained unclear.

      I still got it. The old man thought to himself, before looking to Sergeant Hoffmann addressing him.

      CRONOS: "Too risky. You saw that they had missile launchers, right? Well High Command, mostly ol' Flight Lieutenant Ekerd will blow a gasket on us if we lose anymore 'Birds. Irreplacable hardware, I've been told. Takes nearly half a year to replace a single one of 'em... so we don't have the luxury, right now. No... we'll have to head out on foot, but don't worry... it ain't too far."

      Pausing for a moment to cough, CRONOS resumes his monologue soon after.

      CRONOS: "Thing about these EAGLE-class bunkers is, they depend on each other for continual operation. That, and they're pretty close to one another. So if we're lucky, we might be able to get a 'Bird to pick us up after we've finished what we need to do."

      Looking to Cayuga, eagerly awaiting his gatling laser, CRONOS shrugs to him.

      CRONOS: "Well that's the thing kid, it's at EAGLE-III, where I'm usually bunking at. You'll get it when we get there, I promise."

      Looking back and forth between Cayuga, Cold, Kennedy, Sergeant Hoffmann, and Steel... CRONOS then looks toward the exit of 1-55.

      CRONOS: "Unless theirs anymore questions... we'd better move out. No rest for the wicked... and all that."

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    • Cayuga shook his head and backpedaled to the watch tower where his pack lay. He returned as he was loading a few more grenades into his launcher and muttered, "Got me everything, chef..."

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      • Cold and his men follow CRONOS a faint glow under there visors as they are all on alert for enemy 
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    • Lachlan nodded and put his radio up to his helmet

      "I Need four of you were heading out everyone else stay here and follow their orders until were back."

      The four soldiers meet up with Hoffmann 

      "Ok ready sir."

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    • Kennedy unfolds his arms and slings his shotgun off his back and grips it ready for a fight.


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    • As he finishes his cigarette, he drops it at the ground and steps on it.

      Steel: "Ready."

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    • CRONOS looked to his prowling Onyx Trooper's, walking toward them. Saluting him on sight, the Onyx's acknowledge him with a fierce sense of loyalty.

      Onyx Trooper: "CO Hunter on deck!"

      CRONOS: "Yeah yeah, at ease boys. I need you to do me a big favor and head on over to EAGLE-I, get those medics to come with you, and meet us at that old crashed airship. Think ya can handle that?"

      Onyx Trooper II: "Surely you have more faith in your training than to ask a question like that, sir."

      Actually garnering a hefty chuckle at that little comment, CRONOS waves them off.

      CRONOS: "Get outta here, and don't get killed on the way or on the way back! That's an order."

      The Onyx's salute the old armored man and head off to EAGLE-I as directed. CRONOS starts to tread toward a distant, but huge crashed dirigible. Retrieving his YK-32 pulse pistol and gripping it firmly in his right gloved hand, CRONOS surveys his surroundings in a paranoid fashion.

      CRONOS: "Stay frosty... you never know what you'll run into out here."

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    • (Skip my turn; nothing to add at the moment.)

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    • (Okay then.)

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    • (skip my turn sorry i took so long i am on vacation )

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    • (I'll post in a few hours busy right now)

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    • (Ok you know what skip my turn too sorry for the wait)

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    • (Skip my turn as well;got nothing to add at the moment.)

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    • (And mine...)

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    • (bump post)

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    • (Gonna skip my turn as well until I can figure out what direction I need to continue this in in order to keep it interesting and going. Writer's block in this department atm, tbqh.)

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    • (And I'm ready to continue this, thanks in no small part due to Kastera's idea.)

      As the group of tribals, mercenaries, and Enclave members approached the massive crashed airship surrounding the exterior of the ruins of what was the city of Chicago, CRONOS spots a mysterious lone figure vanguarding over the area.

      The figure's identity is concealed by a large hooded purple robe, and CRONOS raises a balled fist to his company behind him, indicating to them to hold positions.

      CRONOS: "This is new... who the hell could this be...?"

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    • "Me no-know, but 'e look mighty fishy," Cayuga mumbled to CRONOS, peering over the agent's pauldron. He sniffed the air briefly and a distinct scent of rot curled his nose.

      "...he smell mighty fishy too," he shuddered.

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    • Cold " i can approach.... the individual i am not human......."

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    • Sgt Hoffmann: "Yeah I don't trust this guy."

      Lachlan pulled his automatic rifle off his back and kept it lowered

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    • "He looks mighty suspicious,we should fire a few rounds at him and scare him off."

      Kennedy raised his hunting shotgun and aimed it at the hooded figure.

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    • Steel nods to Kennedy's sentiment. "Aye, that we should. Or instead of scaring him away, we might as well shoot his head off. As far as I'm concerned, we shouldn't risk anything. No half measures."

      He didn't do anything as of now, but he was clearly ready to take out one of his weapons just in case.

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    • Tilting his helmeted head curiously at Cayuga's observation and looking to him then, back toward the robed figure who has yet to turn his head and face them, CRONOS attempts to get a grip on the situation.

      CRONOS: "Smell fishy...?"

      Taking a big deep breath, the sounds of which proving to be mechanical-like through CRONOS' duraframed advanced power helmet, he exhales with a hint of disgust in his voice proving to be all too obvious.

      CRONOS: "That's a fuckin' zombie guys...!"

      The robed figure's shoulder twitches angrily, and he turns to shakily greet the newcomers... sketchily.

      M.L.A Acolyte: "Normies... outlanders. Mmm. You don't get through unless you pay the toll like ev'rybody else, capiche? 100 caps, take it or leave now...!"

      The purple robed figure reveals his ghoulified face, and seems to be holding something else under his garment...

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    • Once the robed figure exposed his face of sloughing skin, Cayuga jumped back and laid his hand on the sledge in his belt. Most, if not all, ghouls he had ever encountered wanted nothing more than to set upon and devour him, so he was curiously cautious about this one trying to extort them.

      Cayuga turned to CRONOS warily and asked what the plan was.

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    • Cold " Caps?... what is this word?"

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    • Kennedy grunted in disgust as the zombies face was revealed. His trigger finger twitched.

      "Just give me the word,i'll blow this fuckers ugly head off."

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    • (I'll just skip)

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    • Right after Kennedy's sentence, Steel says "Don't forget me. I don't want to see that ugly son of a something ever again!"

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    • M.L.A Acolyte: "The hell ya lookin' at so fierce? Never seen a ghoul or somethin' before."

      Smirking with a hint of satisfaction in his voice, CRONOS nods to the group firmly.

      CRONOS: "All I needed to hear. Blast 'im boys!!!"

      Switching his YK-32 pulse pistol and going for his Norinco Type 93 assault rifle (beefed up Chinese assault rifle with an extended magazine), CRONOS audibly inserts a large banana-clip into it and aims it subsequently, letting out two hip-fired bursts.

      M.L.A: "Dumbasses! The whole normie lot'o ya's! I'll show you blastin'...!!"

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    • Cayuga was initially startled by CRONOS' barked orders, flinching away from the special agent. However, once CRONOS let a few rounds fly, his behavior shifted to the fervor and gung-ho typical of an artilleryman. He took the China Lake from out his pack and arced down range.

      With a mighty thump, the grenade went soaring and landed smack dab in front of the robed figure; the impressive explosion only left a couple piece intact, like the shredded and gnarled arm that landed directly in front of Kennedy.

      "That waan' so bad; c'mon, nous aller," he boasted and gestured onward. Moments later, the tribal was thrown to the ground with a cracked breastplate and a startled yelp. A split second later, the incredible crack of a .308 DKS-501 echo could be heard, reverberated through the skeletal city. The crack was accompanied by a callous sob somewhere high in the surrounding skyscrapers, "That one's for Maurice, ya smoothskin bastards!"

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    • In the general direction of just where the high caliber sniper was discharged, the corpses of two very nearby Enclave troopers laid out would quickly start to reveal to a Perceptive individual... (PER check of 7 required) this is no ordinarily unsafe place to be... this is a sniping nest! And those two deceased troopers were the doomed Enclave patrol originally sent by the Enclave Lieutenant stationed at the 1-55 outpost: where the recent encounter(s) all began.

      Accidentally dropping his assault weapon from the... rather bad jolt he received on account of the unceremonious, not to mention loud crackling of not only sniper rifle(s) but friendly explosives as well... CRONOS' survival instincts take over, and he darts for the very nearest piece of cover he can possibly put his back on, and with every single thing left in him.


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    • Cold and his men take cover they ready their weapons in preperation to root out the sniper and kiling it

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    • Lachlan and his squad run to cover and ready their weapons.

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    • "Ugh gross" Said Kennedy as the shredded arm of the ghoul lands directly in front of him, spraying blood on to his pants, boots and duster. Kennedy turned to Cayuga to complain but didn't get to as the tribal was thrown to the ground.

      Kennedy quickly dives to cover behind a dingy car. Kennedy cautiously peers over the bonnet of the car to try and judge where the sniper was. The sniper notices him and fires. Missing his masked head by inches. Kennedy quickly gets his head behind the car. Great I'm pinned down by a sniper and all i have is a shotgun and a revolver Kennedy thinks as he sits with his back against the car clutching his shotgun.

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    • (Sigvart's had over a week to respond, it's your turn now Eden.)

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    • (anyone on? i would like to join.)

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    • (At the moment, this RP is pretty dead. I blame end of the years school projects. Regardless, you'd need to make a character first and get permission from the game master, which I'm hard pressed to see happen. We already have six players, and five is where things start getting out of control.)

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    • (Strange, it seems like I got no warning that people had continued. You could just wildly pretend that Steel has actively been fighting or something.)

      Steel jumps to cover behind a somewhat large rock and readies his weapon.

      "Tell me when you need it, and I'll provide covering fire. I'll likely not hit them, but I think I can be accurate enough to make them think twice about aiming!"

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