Tom "Wraith" O'Malley
Wraith FNV
Former NCR sniper for hire.
Born November 24, 2250
Race Human, Caucasian
Affiliation 2270-2274: NCR 1st Recon

Current: None, free agent.

Role Mercenary
Location Wolfhorn Ranch
Level 19
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 6 ST, 6 PE, 5 CH, 6 IN, 6 AG, 6 LK, 5 EN
Skills Guns: 60 Sneak: 55 Melee: 45
Perks Friend of the Night, Animal Friend, Center of Mass, Weapon Handling, Infiltrator, Purifier, Sniper, Travel Light, Quick Draw
Derived stats Hit points: 240 DT: 3
" Do I look like I care if I survive?"
— Tom, after being told he was going to be sent on a suicide mission

History Edit

Born in the Boneyard, Tom was a sickly child who barely survived infancy. His parents were Jet junkies, and they threw him out as soon as he was old enough to take care of himself, and he spent most of his teenage years wandering and prospecting for weapons and anything to sell. His wanderings showed him how brutal the wasteland could be, and left him with mental and physical scars. They also gave him his nickname, earned by his tendency to move at night, and wear a hood.

Coming across an enlistment center and being wooed into joining with promises of R&R at The Strip and easy money, he signed on with the NCR and quickly discovered how good he was with a rifle. He was enrolled in First Recon, and worked well and mercilessly. The army life was not for him, though. He disliked the rules and the command structure, so he left as soon as his tour was up and makes his way as a bounty hunter and a merc. He likes to keep his mark's ears as proof of kill. He wears them on a chain under his jacket.

Personality Edit

Apparel First Recon Beret, Authority Glasses, Wasteland Wanderer outfit
Weapons Hunting rifle, 10mm pistol, Machete Gladius, Various scavenged weapons
Miscellaneous 40 .308 rounds, 100 10mm rounds, NCR dogtags, at least 100 caps
On death Humar ear necklace

Tom's rather lonely, he hasn't got too many friends. He's got a split personality, who is violent, destructive, and hateful. He uses chems to control it, and he's completely addicted to whiskey. He tends to wander, and tries to isolate himself. He seems to get along with animals better than humans, keeping a pet dog that's practically a stray.

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