"Don't get caught, and you'll do fine."

Trevor Raynes is a sneaky mercenary from the Florida Swamplands.

Trevor Raynes
Born March 8th, 2261

Vault 118, Disney City, Florida Swamplands

Race Human Caucasian
Affiliation None
Role Mercenary
Location Salt Lake City
Level 50
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 6 ST

7 PE
6 EN
6 CH
6 IN
7 AG
6 LK

Skills Guns
Perks Cowboy

Rapid Reload
Travel Light
Quick Draw
Silent Running
Intense Training (4)
Jury Rigging

Derived stats Hit Points: 340

Damage Threshold: 20


Friendly is how one would describe Trevor's disposition. His demeanor is steel, toughened by where he grew up. He has a liking for caring for children, however, and treats women with respect. But those who earn his trust get to see his funloving risktaker side.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit



Trevor's armor is composed of scavenged NCR ranger body armor, a leather jacket, and a motorcycle helmet.


  • Silenced .45 automatic submachine rifle w/ scope slinged over his back
  • (2) reinforced .45 auto pistol holstered at his thigh and under his jacket w/ removable silencer
  • Hatchet at his belt
  • Combat knife at his belt
  • (20) Throwing knives under the jacket


  • Stimpacks
  • Med-X
  • RadAway
  • Rax-X
  • Doctor's bag
  • Purified water
  • Nuka Cola


  • PIP-Boy 3000
  • Scavenged motorcycle w/ microfusion breeder engine
    • Tool kit in compartments
  • Supply of .45 auto clips
  • Supply of bobby pins and a screwdriver


Trevor's skills in short range and melee weaponry is high, as well as stealth and infiltration. His skill at repair is above average, evidenced by his ability to restore a motorcycle to functional use.


Born in Vault 118, an open Vault located in Orlando, Florida, beneath Walt Disney World. Before it opened, the only media available to the Vault Dwellers were those produced by Walt Disney Studios, as part of the experiment. He grew up in the city of Disney, where he lived in the Contemporary Hotel with his family.

At the age of twelve, he and his father would take him out hunting, teaching him stealth and guerrilla tactics against mutant alligators with minimal gear. He became well versed in this art, and even took to exploring the old amusement parks surrounding the hotels, sometimes having to defend himself from ghouls and mutated animals from Animal Kingdom. Exploring and curiosity made him want to fix the ancient animatronics and machinery and take up repair.

It wasn't until he turned eighteenth that he decided to strike out on his own, and left to explore the wasteland, catching a caravan to the Capital Wasteland, where he spent time as an adventurer and mercenary. During this time, he restored a motorcycle to full use and earned hundreds of caps before deciding to head out west, finding a dead NCR ranger along the way, which helped him find the Mojave Outposts through a gracious roadmap. Salt Lake City looked promising, so he headed thataway.

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