The Union Caravan Company is a major trading company and rival to the Crimson Caravan Company stationed in Malheur City in Oregon.

History Edit

The Union Caravan Company started as a small trading company shuffling goods between Malheur City and Grande Ronde City along I-84 in 2199. It quickly grew to dominate the market in Eastern Oregon, and only further grew once the Oregon Republic (now the Cascadian Republic) entered Eastern Oregon in 2264 and 2265. The company began expansion into the southwest in 2268, heavily competing with the Crimson Caravan Company for routes in Nevada and Utah.

Regional Caravan Divisions Edit

Ranked Most Profitable to Least Profitable:

  • Malhuer Division, east of Cascade Mountains in Oregon and Washington, Regional HQ: Malhuer City
  • Oregon Division, west of Cascade Mountains in Oregon and Washington, Regional HQ: Oregon City
  • Idaho Division, southern Idaho and north Nevada, Regional HQ: Twin Falls
  • Provo Division: northern Utah and east of New Elko, Regional HQ: Provo
  • Vegas Division: southern Nevada and Utah, Regional HQ, New Vegas
  • Reno Division: west Nevada and east California, Regional HQ: New Reno

Notable Members Edit

  • Carren Thicket
  • Cole Winston
  • Quin Thicket
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