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  • I live in Maryland
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is Saving the world
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  • Bio This is my bio, cause I'm a big time Saiyan moderating a big time Wiki.

    You can often find me in the main chat room, and I'm occasionally browsing on this discussion board too. I've been a regular on the Fallout Wiki since 2011, a chat moderator since 2012 (with a short haitus in 2015), and occasionally write articles for the Strategic Nuclear Moose fan site.

    I play some on PC, but mainly Xbox One. Feel free to ask for my gamertag cause I'm always looking for more friends to play with!

    Have any questions? Ask me either here, in the chat room, or leave me a message on my talk page.
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Roleplay Character 1 [Active]Edit

Name: Chris Michaels

Gender: Male

Race: Cyborg

Special: S-6, P-7, E-7, C-6, I-8, A-7, L-5

Strengths: Stealth, Small guns, Melee, Unarmed, Speech

Backstory: Chris was always the one that the crowds gathered around as a child. He had a way with words, and everyone liked that. This changed, however, when Chris' home was ransacked by a group of raiders in the Seattle Wasteland. Both of his parents were killed from this, and a scar was left gashing across his face. He was only 14 when this happened, which made it much harder to confront people. Chris trained his combat skills for years until he was 19, finally tracking those who murdered his family. After killing them, he realized he had no real home, no purpose. So, deciding his skills were best used elsewhere, he set off to the east, awaiting whatever challenges he faced.

Chris has recently taken to performing assassination contracts for the Enclave in the Mojave after the Enclave Resurgency of 2282.  After a recent contract gone wrong, Chris took several severe inguries, requiring medical assistance from the Enclave.  Because of this, his right arm and a small portion of his head and brain were replaced by cybernatic implants. He is currently 24 years old.

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Roleplay Character 2 [Inactive]Edit

Name: Steve Zimmerman

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Special: S-4, P-6, E-4, C-8, I-8, A-2, L-8

Backstory: Born in the Angel's Boneyard, Steve never had much of an interest in fighting, although he had some experience in defending himself. Steve mostly frequented the library, learning everything he could to become a doctor. The Boneyard was much safer after the NCR took control, but there were still many crooks around, especially due to the Gun Runners expanding. Once he turned 16, he decided to join the Followers of the Apocalypse and apply his knowledge to the local populace. When he was 20, he learned of how dangerous the rest of the world was compared to what he always heard in the NCR. So, with this knowledge, he set out east in hopes of finding a place to help. Eventually, he stumbled upon the biggest little city in the world, New Reno. Just outside of the city was a small medical facility with people occupying it, however they only knew very little and needed a mentor. Four years later, Steve was shocked to return to the facility after shopping for a few supplies and found that the building was razed to the ground. So, with only the few supplies he just bought and what he was wearing, he set off into the wasteland, searching for a place to call home.

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