aka Gary (the 23rd clone)

  • I live in Vault 108
  • I was born on May 20
  • My occupation is Bobblehead collecter
  • I am Male (Clone)

                                                    Gary (23)'s StoryEdit

It all started with a bobblehead,

Gary 23 loved this bobblehead it was the only thing keeping him together, hed play with it, decorate it, and one day, the vault was invaded by the sole survivor of Vault 101, he took the bobblehead and killed every last gary exept for him. And since this happened gary has taken upon the quest to find and KILL the sole survivor and obtain what is rightfully his, and maybe a few more bobble heads upon the wastes. And even, new NON-GARY friends, if their attitude is juuust right. (with constant name spewing)

                                                  S.P.E.C.I.A.L  StatsEdit

S                             4Edit

P                                     2

E                                     3

C                                    10

I                                       2   (DUH)

A                                     10

L                                      6


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