• I live in the Hordalands
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is Independent Contractor

Darkness born, and darkness wrought;
Absent from birthright, ghoul festering abyssal,
Seeking, without seeing, a fate of our choosing,
A crossroads to bear all, we meet as a shroud;
Shriek out... a sound lost to the void,
We are but one, yet hidden through madness.

Madness within, and madness throughout;
Legion born, yet disconnected;
Crossroad come, stand alone,
A fate written in marrow, a ritual of blood.

Locked within, an understanding, ancient;
A love, forgotten, withered and twisted,
Doomed to repeat, again and again,
A key in the darkness, birthright offered;
No more sorrow, no more madness... a return to the murky depths.

Called to the void, Legion returnith.

-Personal musing

Sarkhan the Sojourner

The Great War brought about many changes to the world, and for one survivor, a new perception was revealed of the world around them. The earth now spoke to them, the stars called to them, and where others saw decay and dust, this survivor saw impossible geometry, and entities beyond his capacity of comprehension.

They knew nothing aside from madness, and sojourned across the wastes in search of answers that did not exist, yet still remained just out of reach, for questions that could not even be imagined, and simply came across as mad ravings to other wastelanders.

Always alone, but always watching, Sarkhan manipulated the wastes around him in strange ways, lost in his own mind, and having lost all awareness of the world around him. Many see him, but he is always forgotten after passing; yet his influence remains, always manipulating reality as others perceived it. It is unclear what affect this survivor has had on the wastes, but many wastelanders that have been witness to significant events since the War, always feel the nothingness in their memories - memories which have been replaced with a perception that they can understand.

Sometimes it is an impossible footprint lost in time. Other times, motions are set into event with the wrong person, at the right time. A being that exists, yet does not exist.

Orbital - Halcyon On and On

Orbital - Halcyon On and On

Jeska the Warmaiden: not a secondary account; however, this account is mainly accessed through my current I.P. address. Please do not direct any messages and/or actions towards me onto that account. Thanks.

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