Fallout: The Alaskan Rift is the story of three wastelanders caught up in the middle of a massive conflict that will once again ravage the wasteland once known as the American Dream. From the arctic wastes and exotic islands of Alaska, to the lush paradise of Canada, and even back to the war-torn Core Region, our protagonists will find themselves witnessing the birth of a new era - for better or worse.

A spiritual successor of Fallout: New Vegas, the most acclaimed game of 2010, Fallout: The Alaskan Rift is looking to be the next innovative RPG title, with new and immersive features to suck its players into a post-apocalyptic grandeur unlike anything they've experienced before! Utilizing an intuitive interface and reintroducing familiar concepts such as V.A.T.S., even the newest of Fallout players can jump in with ease as to begin having fun right at the start.


The Fallout of tomorrow![edit | edit source]

New features[edit | edit source]

  • Difficulty factor - Tired of becoming a demi-God halfway through the game and no longer having a real challenge to look forward to? The protagonist will have to steel themselves just for setting foot out in the wastes, and will constantly face obstacles in the form of environmental dangers and situations where even the weakest of enemies might find themselves with an advantage.
  • A new and immersive world - With settlements growing, a varied ecosystem, and even other persons of interest having just as much of an impact as the protagonist throughout the storyline, Fallout 4 looks to be ahead of the gaming industry in providing a world that truly feels alive.
  • Freedom of choice - With many games saying they're RPGs while dictating the players into following a certain path, the world of Fallout 4 is entirely open, with the player having the choice to pursue a story-line mission, to become a hunter out in the arctic, or to even become a raider and loot the many settlements and tribes that dot the Alaskan landscape.
  • New skills! - Along with the reintroduction of skills such as Traps and Thrown Weapons, Fallout 4 also introduced a new skill entirely called Engineering. While Science is primarily used to hack into terminals and robots, with Repair bringing broken appliances back online, Engineering allows the creation of entirely new robots, as well as having access to unique tools and weapons created from schematics found across the wastes, as well as being able to program robots for unique actions such as running into a group of enemies and exploding, or even rigging a friend's protectron with a new plasma pistol!
  • Fast-travel system - Has been completely removed! For more immersion, caravans and vehicles can be taken advantage of to reach new areas faster.

Cooperative[edit | edit source]

An important new feature of Fallout 4 will be the introduction of a cooperative system for friends to tag along.

  • At any point of the game, a friend may connect to the game and join in. They will always start off with no equipment, and will rely on their friend to help get them started.
  • A trading system has been added. Items can be gifted or exchanged, although unique and quest-sensitive items will not show up for trade.
  • Barriers - Afraid that your friend will pick up that unique weapon you've always wanted? Maybe even your friend has killed an important NPC you were about to pick a quest up from? Have no fear! A barrier will be enacted to separate each player's world under certain circumstances to keep one player from dramatically altering the experience of another player's game. So while one player might find a unique weapon, that weapon will still appear in the same spot for the other player. And while an NPC might be dead for one player, they will still show up as alive for the other player.
  • Freedom! While it's nice to travel the wastes with a friend, sometimes it's also nice to travel alone. Whether your cooperative friend wants to quest with you or run around doing their own thing, the choice is up to the players!

A look into the new racial identities[edit | edit source]

Humans[edit | edit source]

Being the most numerous of the three races across the wastes, humans have proven themselves to be able to survive and thrive under the most harsh of situations.

  • Pros: Able to speak with all non-hostile groups and factions - A bonus to the Speech, Barter, and Guns skills - Able to use most weapons and armor types
  • Cons: Negatively affected by radiation sources - More susceptible to disease and infection

Ghouls[edit | edit source]

Shunned by the humans and left to wander the wastes as radioactive outcasts, ghouls have a hardened spirit and have found themselves with the uncanny ability to thrive where humans cannot.

  • Pros: Radiations heals overtime - Feral ghouls are non-hostile unless provoked - A bonus to the Endurance statistic - The ability to undergo three unique mutations that greatly diversify gameplay
  • Cons: Most humans cannot be interacted with civilly - A loss of Perception and Luck - Medicine and chems have little to no effect

Super mutants[edit | edit source]

Brutish meta-humans specially mutated for survival in the apocalyptic world, super mutants are the fiercest and hardiest of the three racial choices, but with a sub-par intelligence.

  • Pros: Bonus to Strength, Endurance, Survival, Traps, Melee, and Thrown Weapons - 85% resistant to radiation sources, with only max radiation poisoning having an adverse affect - A thick hide providing bonus Defense Threshold.
  • Cons: A loss of Intelligence, Charisma, Science, Medicine, Speech, Barter, and Engineering - Can only wear cloth and specialized heavy armor - Cannot use many smaller weapons such as pistols.

Activity looks normal here outside of the facility. But inside... my scouts have reported horrifying experiments and strange mutants walking the halls. Think you have what it takes to stand with the Ancestors for the greater good of humanity?

— Sentinel Jebediah

The Fallen Cipher is a Fallout 4 quest.

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Approached earlier and given coordinates to meet near the NCR drilling site, the protagonist finds themselves face to face with a group of Ancestors stealthily keeping watch over the nearby facility. Having taken note of the protagonist's actions across the Alaskan Rift, the Ancestors ask for help liberating the drilling site. Explaining that the Shi have taken over with the retreat of both the NCR and Grenadier Guard, the Ancestor in charge, a man going by Sentinel Jebediah, will reveal that the facility below is where the strange parasites recently seen have originated from, and that the Shi seem to be experimenting further on them.

There's a time and place for everything

Donning recon gear provided by the Ancestors, the protagonist will have to find a way to break into the facility. Needing to bypass the outer wall first, the protagonist will need to avoid the spotters from raising any alarms while sneaking through. Making it to the other side, the internal guards can be dealt with either using stealth or traps, which will result in the main gate opening with guards coming out to investigate the radio silence. Taking this chance to sneak inside, the protagonist will be confronted almost immediately with a guard patrol, which will need to be dealt with.

With a Medicine skill of 75, checking the corpses will reveal strange lesions across their skin and strange growths stretched across the back of their necks. With a Perception of 6, it can also be discovered that the soldiers are wearing NCR uniforms. Progressing further down that hallway, a noise from behind will reveal that the soldiers have mysteriously disappeared. As the protagonist makes their way through the facility, a number of labs will be traveled through, with test tubes and research notes spotlighting the strange pre-War experiments. With a Science skill of 100 and an Intelligence of at least 8, a ZAX unit brought in by the Shi can be hacked, which will detail the Shi's attempts to further manipulate the FEV parasites into a controlled weapon instead of as just a trap. After pulling a file detailing a hybrid program, the ZAX will throw up a firewall; kicking the intruder out of the system and locking down.

Exiting the eerily empty labs, an Ancestor scout will be seen bleeding out in a corner. With a Medicine skill of 65 and using tools and drugs from the nearby labs, the scout's condition can be stabilized. Whether her condition was treated or not, shortly after speaking with her, a creature will attack the two, and will need to be dealt with. Should the scout have lived through the entire ordeal, she will explain that the creature that attacked them was previously a NCR soldier that had been infected by a new strain of FEV parasite being created by the Shi, which were set loose around the facility to prevent intruders from disrupting their works. Explaining that there are two other scouts inside that were separated as well, she will begin searching for her brother and asks the protagonist to search for the second scout whom had went searching for the Shi scientists.

Mini-boss - Infested soldier[edit | edit source]

With the lower half of the body dramatically mutated into multiple appendages, the infested soldier is highly mobile, and is still able to use their firearms against intruders as well as their upper body armor. With rapid cell-regeneration, their limbs must be focused on first, with each crippling blow exposing the parasite on their neck to strafing attacks before the limbs are regenerated. After multiple rotations of this strategy, the infested soldier will be brought down for good. These soldiers are encountered many times again as the protagonist heads further into the facility, with fire and explosives being very effective, as well as certain traps.

Into the maw of the beast

Traveling further in and dealing with Shi mercenaries, the protagonist will find the second scout hiding away in the medical bay, and reveals himself after the nearby scientists have been taken care of. Offering their services, the scout will lead the way into the FEV labs, where Zhu Bajie's champion is looking after the vats. Traveling behind him, it can be seen that there is a small growth on the back of his neck, and when questioned about it, will turn violent. With a Speech skill of 70, a Medicine skill of 100, and a Charisma of at least 6, the scout can be talked down and can be convinced to undergo surgery back in the medical bay. If an auto-doc is used to perform the surgery, the scout will unfortunately die at the moment the parasite is surgically removed; severing his spine's connection to his brain. Readouts from the auto-doc will bestow a passive perk, allowing for a 3% damage increase against those infested by the FEV parasites. Should the scout be confronted, but isn't talked down, he will punch the protagonist before running off. Whether he runs off or is just never confronted, the scout will become entirely infested and will mutate shortly before reaching the FEV vats, and will need to be killed before proceeding.

Reaching the vats, Zhu Bajie's champion, whom will either be the Explorer or the Tribal depending on the protagonist's race, will appear and begin dialogue. Claiming that the Shi will help bring humanity back on its feet by taking control after eliminating the NCR, the Champion will explain that only the Shi understands the technology needed to bring such a vision to life, and how their use of the FEV is a means to an end. Not allowing the protagonist to respond, the Champion will mutate in front of their very eyes; revealing that they have subjected themselves to an experimental strain of FEV parasite in order to stop them from reaching Zhu Bajie.

Boss - Infested Champion[edit | edit source]

The now infested champion will begin this fight undergoing a long-transformation, in which they will infuse with the ground and their body will begin expanding. All damage at this point will be merely shrugged off, allowing the protagonist a chance to set up their defenses before the fight officially starts. Once the Champion has finished expanding, their torso will split apart into multiple openings, which will regularly spew immature parasite larvae out, which will swarm over the protagonist if not dealt with quickly enough. The Champion themselves will attack with a long tendril, which will strike while in melee range, and will pick up objects around the room to throw at range. Should the protagonist be out of sight at any time, the Champion will release mature parasites, which will infest the many bodies laying around, and will search out the protagonist once reanimated.

The trick to beating this boss is to use explosives from caches across the labs to stop the flow of larvae. A stash of C4 can be found in the administration office entered by crossing a catwalk, which must be thrown into the Champion's nest holes and remotely detonated after avoiding the tendril and larvae swarms. As an alternative, there is a locker nearby that can be lockpicked with a skill of 75 to gain access to grenades that can be thrown in for a bit of an easier fight. After the larvae have been stopped from spawning, stage two will begin, in which an overhead magnetic crane used to move FEV vats can now be accessed without fear of being swarmed. By doing enough damage to the Champion at this point by exposing it to nitrogen tanks, they will go into a state of remission to regenerate, allowing the protagonist a chance to handle the crane for a few moments. Picking up one of the spare rotary drill heads stored in the labs, it will need to be dropped on the Champion; severing the mostly frozen tendril and exposing the body to further attack. At this point, the Champion is largely defenseless, and can be defeated using traditional weapons.

After killing the Champion, the protagonist will need to use the crane again to overturn the FEV vats, as well as using it by swinging it into the security door leading to the next area. Before leaving the FEV labs, the research terminals can be accessed, revealing the the parasites used to be prehistoric crustaceans living underneath the ice of Alaska, which were experimented on due to their resilience and their seeming ability to communicate between each other freely, regardless of distance or outside influences.

A meeting with destiny

Moving out of the labs, an explosion is heard back from where the protagonist first came from, and the sounds of ensuing battle are heard. Running into the other missing scout, it is found out that he had retreated back to the Ancestors after discovering the FEV labs, and now his brethren are assaulting the facility head-on with their belief that the protagonist couldn't have survived such monstrosities alone. Should the protagonist back-track to the medical bay, a stand-off is seen with the Ancestors losing men fast to the infested soldiers. Without intervention, or should the protagonist ignore the scout's pleas to go back and help them, the Ancestors will fall and the scout will turn hostile. While more dangerous, Sentinel Jebediah can be saved by helping them fight off the waves of infested soldier, in which 8 will need to be killed along with a group of non-infested Shi mercenaries showing up right after them.

With the scout having disappeared and with Sentinel Jebediah as a possible companion, the protagonist will enter the command center of the drilling site, where Zhu Bajie himself will be seen speaking with large machine. Confronting Zhu Bajie and shooting him on the spot, it is revealed that the corpse is really that of a remotely-controlled robot. The machine will then open up and begin speaking to the protagonist, showing that Zhu Bajie himself had integrated himself with the Shi Emperor, and was using controlling the robot so he could still oversee his efforts across the Alaskan Rift.

Boss - Zhu Bajie/Shi Emperor[edit | edit source]

During the first stage of this fight, Zhu Bajie will go back into the protection of the Shi Emperor, and will release waves of maintenance bots, as well as activating a nearby assembly chamber used to create his Zhu Bajie replicants. To deal with the replication chamber, explosives will need to be thrown inside multiple times. Should the protagonist have no explosives left, the maintenance droids will explode upon death, allowing the protagonist to damage them and use them as time bombs. This is a risky maneuver, however, and will explode pre-maturely if not used soon enough.

After the replication chamber has been dealt with, Zhu Bajie will be forced to expose the life-support pillars surrounding the Shi Emperor in order to power an experimental ion turret array set up as a defensive measure. With the turrets causing high amounts of damage and burning through armor, the protagonist will be forced to strafe behind cover to overload the life-support pillars each time they expose themselves to re-power the turrets. With each turret that goes down after its respective life-support pillar is overloaded, a wave of maintenance bots will be sent out to flush out the protagonist. After all three pillars have been overloaded, Zhu Bajie's capsule will be forcibly ejected from the Shi Emperor, and Zhu Bajie himself is confronted one final time.

He will state that all he wanted was to bring the world back together as it was before the Great War, but realizes now on the brink of death that like a shattered mirror, the Earth can never be put back together exactly as it was before, and how he'd only end up putting the Earth back together in his own vision. Warning that the Shi Emperor was the only thing keeping the drilling site stabilized within the glacier after the NCR left, Zhu Bajie will warn the protagonist to escape while they can just as a shockwave is felt throughout the facility and the command center begins collapsing upon itself. With the Shi attempting to get out in a panic, the protagonist will be forced to fight through the survivors and released FEV experiments before the facility collapses into the abyss. Afterwards, with the destruction of their FEV research and their beloved leader, the surviving Shi traveled back to the Core Region to contemplate their now bleak future.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is very important outside of the facility to not cause any alarms to go off. With snipers on the roof and regular snow mobile patrols, the intruder will become overwhelmed quickly.
  • Should one be lucky, it is possible to acquire a falling sniper rifle by stealth killing a tower guard. This is difficult to achieve, but allows the mission to progress much quicker.
  • After the destruction of the drilling site, FEV parasites can still be found as enemies across the Alaskan Rift. However, the specialized strains will not be seen again such as the infested soldiers. There is one exception: when returning the wall that had once protected the now collapsed drilling site, a single infested Ancestor can be found acting as an optional boss. The Ancestor infested is discovered after its death to have once been the scout that disappeared shortly before fighting Zhu Bajie.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

As the protagonist makes their mark, the other two protagonist choices are also going about their business, and can be seen on multiple occasions fulfilling their quests. By the time Zhu Bajie is dealt with, the other two protagonists will have canonically died; leaving the player's chosen protagonist the only survivor of the three.

Nothing in this world is difficult, but thinking makes it seem so. Where there is true will, there is always a way.

Zhu Bajie is the enigmatic leader of the Shi in 2331, having sole access and directly answering to the Shi emperor.

Background[edit | edit source]

Having grown up as a Cipher, Zhu Bajie was a man of great intellect and manipulation even throughout his younger years. Known as Apocrypha during his life as a tribal, Zhu Bajie was a solitary man, and spent his years trying to understand their technology while the other were content with just knowing how to utilize it all. With the limited resources of the village, as well as his tribe's increasing ignorance, Zhu Bajie found himself easily integrating into the NCR after one fateful day where the Followers of the Apocalypse came through to educate them on medicinal applications.

Traveling back with them, Zhu Bajie went on to study as an applied physicist within the NCR capital, and later, became a biochemist for Vault City. As the years passed by, Zhu Bajie grew more and more frustrated with the NCR, and their tunnel-vision for only supporting projects that benefited the NCR's military capabilities. Finally doing something about his frustrations and earning a seat within the NCR council, Zhu Bajie was able to convince Kimball to take advantage of the Vault 22 technology discovered during their Mojave war efforts. With a viable source of food at hand to sustain their populace, Zhu Bajie began to believe that scientific progress would finally be embraced by the council instead of them focusing solely on militaristic ideals, but was soon stifled again and thrown out of the council once Kimball was forcibly removed due to the Mojave Campaign, and a new president took over looking to reinstate the NCR's imperialism.

Disgusted with NCR politics, Zhu Bajie went back out into the wastes on his own, and found a new home for himself while traveling through San Francisco one day to pick up a shipment of goods. Meeting with a Shi contact, Zhu Bajie was introduced to their scientists, and was astonished by their creations, and the level of progress they presented due to their technological arms race with the neighboring Hubologists. While the Shi were largely exclusive to the children of the Chinese researchers stranded in San Francisco right after the Great War, the Shi Emperor was consulted, and it was decided that Zhu Bajie's expertise would benefit their research greatly.

With the death of aging Ken Lee, Zhu Bajie was the natural choice to step up as the emperor's advisor, and, due to his intimate knowledge of the NCR, began leading the Shi into private military contracts to increase their funding and standing withing the Core Region.

The Alaskan Rift[edit | edit source]

With the NCR heading across the Canadian border, Zhu Bajie set into motion a series of events that would lead his people across the arctic wastes of Alaska. Now with a small army of mercenaries and scientists at his back, Zhu Bajie is creating a legacy that will shake the foundation of the post-apocalyptic wastes.

Quest summaries[edit | edit source]

With the other Shi too close to him and with his utter lack of trust in those that are NCR, Zhu Bajie was forced to look for individuals that could help further his private agenda. During the events of Fallout 4, Zhu Bajie found himself recruiting three with the traits he was looking for:

  1. The Explorer - Needing a discreet apprentice to run goods between San Francisco and the Shi base established in the Alaskan Rift, Zhu Bajie found the Explorer and had sent them out to deliver a package. Getting lost on their way as well as having to ditch the burdensome package, the Explorer eventually passes out due to exhaustion after traversing across an iceberg and no longer having the tools necessary to break the ice apart for fresh water. Having sent men to follow the Explorer, Zhu Bajie used this opportunity to thrust them into the Grenadier Guard and NCR conflict.
  2. The Outcast - Secretly disassembling the Shi Emperor and escorting the caravan to bring it into Alaska, Zhu Bajie happened across a lone ghoul clearly suffering from some mental ailment. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhu Bajie pays the Outcast to meet them at the city once known as Anchorage. But before arriving, their mental condition deteriorates even further, leaving the Outcast wandering aimlessly with amnesia. Happening upon the Shi again by chance within Jötunheim, Zhu Bajie takes advantage of the Outcast's amnesia, and plans to turn them into a sleeper agent until the Hublogist assault on the Shi's headquarters disrupts his initial plans.
  3. The Tribal - Making note of the sheer ferocity of the Jötunn tribe, Zhu Bajie made it a point to research them from a nearby cave. By chance, the tribe's champion was sent to the cave to complete one of their trials, giving Zhu Bajie the perfect chance to introduce the Tribal to the conflict between the Grenadier Guard and NCR with a bit of storytelling. Later helping the Tribal defeat Warlord Mihan, Zhu Bajie wins their trust and uses the tribe to disrupt NCR operations without bringing attention to the Shi.

Final confrontation[edit | edit source]

Zhu Bajie is eventually killed by the protagonist after taking over the drilling site once the NCR and Grenadier Guard have abandoned the Alaskan Rift. After fighting through his champion, which is either the Explorer or the Tribal depending on what race the protagonist is, Zhu Bajie will be then be confronted deep down inside of the drilling shaft. Seen speaking to the Shi Emperor, Zhu Bajie will be taken down, just to be discovered that he is a robot. Broken out of their confusion after the Shi Emperor decides to speak, it is discovered that Zhu Bajie integrated himself with the Shi Emperor long ago, and was using the remotely controlled robot to further his goals in person.

With Zhu Bajie putting up a containment field, the protagonist will be forced to deal with repeating waves of maintenance droids and the continually replicated Zhu Bajie robots. After dealing with the replication chamber, three surrounding life support pillars will need to be destroyed before Zhu Bajie is finally exposed. Looking upon his broken body, Zhu Bajie will reveal that they need to escape, as the Shi Emperor's systems were the only thing keeping the drilling site stabilized. Escaping from the facility, Zhu Bajie is buried forever underneath the ice with the Shi Emperor.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Zhu Bajie only appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Zhu Bajie is a reference to Pigsy from the book Journey to the West.

This page is for the detailing of important plot points through Fallout: The Alaskan Rift.

Main Plot[edit | edit source]

NCR[edit | edit source]

  • 50 years after the events of Fallout: New Vegas, the NCR have become an industrious nation capable of producing large-scale technologies at an accelerated rate. As the NCR continued expanding their empire, the need for new sources of fuel has increased.
  • Still sorting through their spoils of war with the Enclave after their defeat at Navarro and at the Poseidon oil rig, the NCR government comes across documents detailing the possibility of natural petroleum deposits still underneath Alaska.
  • With the Core Region civilized and with the Mojave region nearly under complete NCR control, a sort of peace has taken hold, which allows the NCR to muster their forces for an advance through Canada into Alaska.
  • As the NCR are moving through Canada, their forces come across the Grenadier Guard. After peacefully visiting their capitol, it is decided by the NCR government that the Grenadier Guard are, at the moment, a veritable threat, and to bring their cities under NCR control to help in the Alaskan Front effort.
  • Having lived in relative peace and freedom for nearly a century, the Grenadier Guard, naturally, do not respond well to the NCR's imperialism, and begin fighting back; halting much of their progress through the Canadian border.
  • With resources straining the NCR economy even further, the NCR threatens to use nuclear force against the Grenadier Guard. Looking to protect their people, the Grenadier Guard signs their surrender, allowing the NCR to take full control of their cities and resources.
  • Finally able to move full-force into the Alaskan Rift, the NCR begin drilling, only to discover that there is no petroleum in the area. Instead, the supposed oil cache under the ice was a trap meant for the Chinese should they have managed to hold onto Anchorage. FEV experiments kept contained under the ice were freed, and began to wreck havoc across the arctic wastes.
  • Bitter and disillusioned, the NCR pull their forces out of Alaska, and resume research into alternative fuel sources.

Grenadier Guard[edit | edit source]

  • Reporting news of an army traveling through the Canadian border, the Grenadier Guard sends an ambassador to open diplomatic channels. Both parties were initially peaceful, but the foreign army, which was later discovered to belong to a NCR, decided to forcefully annex their cities and capital.
  • with only a small army used to deal with the occasional raider parties, the Grenadier Guard are quickly pushed back, and their guerrilla tactics bring few victories against the vast foreign army.
  • Losing their war, the Grenadier Guard are forced to sign their surrender, and come under NCR control. Secretly, however, the Grenadier Guard have sent saboteurs across the Alaskan Front to help disrupt the NCR's activities there, and to provide relief for the tribes that are being pushed out.
  • After the FEV parasites are released by the NCR's drilling incident, the Grenadier Guard pull completely out of the Alaskan Rift, and begin concentrating on taking back their capital.

Shi[edit | edit source]

  • Contracted by the NCR government to lend aid in the form of technological and mercenary aid, the Shi accompany the NCR army out into the Alaskan Front.
  • While still fulfilling their duties to the NCR, the Shi primarily focus their time in salvaging the pre-War city of Anchorage and the hidden military bunkers from before the Great War.
  • Their leader, a man by the name of Zhu Bajie, secretly dismantles the Shi Emperor, and has it re-assembled in the ruins of Jötunheim.
  • Using his influence, Zhu sets into motion a series of events which leads to multiple individuals inadvertently helping to achieve his private agenda.
  • With the NCR's discovery of FEV parasites underneath the ice, most of the Shi forces return to the Core Region. Zhu Bajie and a small force of mercenaries opt to remain behind and research this phenomenon.
  • Due to the interference of the Protagonist, Zhu Bajie and the Shi Emperor are destroyed along with their research.

Hubologists[edit | edit source]

  • Having made their home in the city of San Francisco, the Hubologists are nearly exterminated after the Enclave nukes the city out of retaliation for their defeat.
  • Missionaries returning to their home finds only smoldering ruins. Locating the remains of their church, it is discovered that an AH-9 has been mutated by the bombs, and begin worshiping him as the epitome of their religion.
  • Discovering that the Shi had escaped from the city before the bombs fell, the Hubologists make the assumption that it was because of them that the city was destroyed. In reality, the Shi Emperor had used its ability of attuned prediction to warn its followers of the impending attack.
  • With their hatred of the Shi growing daily, the Hubologists made it their priority to infiltrate and follow the Shi everywhere they went. And as the Shi were sent out to accompany the NCR army into the Alaskan Rift, so to did the Hubologists send their own forces out to spy on them.
  • As the Shi set up their main base out in the arctic wastes, the Hubologists began their first attack against them. They were repelled, however, and the Hubologists went into hiding to bide their time, sending out the occasional hunting parties to intercept caravans.
  • With the discovery of the FEV parasites underneath the ice in Alaska, the Hubologists begin to regard the drilling site as holy grounds, and take up residence after the NCR and Grenadier Guard pull out.

Jötunn[edit | edit source]

  • A warlord by the name of Mihan begins destroying tribal villages throughout the Alaskan Front and forces the survivors into slavery. The Jötunn elders begin pushing back after a neighboring ally is attacked by one of the warlord's sons.
  • In retaliation for his son's death, Warlord Mihan occupies their holy city of Jötunheim, and attempts to destroy the Jötunn runestone.
  • Pushing back the warlord's attack on their village, the Jötunn attempt to take back the holy city. However, as the warlord was coming out on top, a foreign army enters the fray and begins killing marauder and tribal alike. Many of the tribals are either killed or captured for study.
  • After the Jötunn that were captured by the NCR are returned with the help of the Grenadier Guard, an assault on Mihan's fortress is devised.

Ancestors[edit | edit source]

  • With most of their bunkers destroyed in the Core Region, and the few remaining at Lost Hills under the constant threat of the nearby NCR, the Brotherhood of Steel elders decide unanimously to abandon Lost Hills, and to bring together the other active chapters.
  • Heading for their Mojave brethren first, the Lost Hills BoS are shocked when they discover HELIOS One being occupied by NCR forces. Tracking them down to their bunker in Hidden Valley, the shocking truth is worsened when a dead paladin is found with a holotape. The holotape documents the NCR's betrayal of their alliance together during the second battle for Hoover Dam, and how NCR infiltrators activated the bunker's self-destruct sequence.
  • Driven into a rage over this act of blatant treachery and dishonor, the Lost Hills elders decides to make a desperate move in strengthening the Brotherhood of Steel once again so they could destroy the NCR tyrants.
  • Having kept tabs on their midwestern brothers after reports of the Calculator began sweeping through the wastes, the Lost Hills BoS begins their long journey to reunite with their long-lost brothers.
  • Upon arrival, it is soon discovered that the midwestern BoS have fallen upon hard times, as well. Through decades of forcing the region's tribes into servitude, the oppressed tribes revolted against the BoS, and their bunkers were under constant attack.
  • As well as the tribal clans revolting, the religious sect known as the Reaver Movement began moving in to liberate the midwestern BoS's technology, forcing the BoS to stay in a constant state of defense from all fronts.
  • As the Lost Hills BoS witnessed these events, a meeting is arranged between the two councils of elders, and it is decided to merge their two chapters should the Lost Hills BoS help bring down the tribals and crush the Reaver Movement.
  • With their forces expanded two-fold, the tribal revolt is quickly diminished. While the Reaver Movement proves a more difficult challenge, an ambush squad manages to catch one of their escorts along with their leader in a hail of a fire.
  • With no leader to lead them, the remaining Reavers surrender, and are integrated into the BoS due to their technological expertise. This merging is positively received, with the Reavers having access to new technology.
  • With the two largest BoS chapters merging and with the merging of the Reavers and technology still being processed from the Calculator's destruction, the BoS once again becomes a great power, and begin calling themselves the Ancestors.
  • As the decades go by, ideologies begin to mix, and their hatred for the NCR grows as reports of their expansion reach their ears.
  • Knowing that the NCR needs to be stopped before they grow too large for the Ancestors to handle once again, they take control of the Hellion, and craft improved airships to assault the NCR capital.
  • On their way, the NCR's presence in the Alaskan Front is noted. While the main force continues onwards, a small detachment is sent down to investigate.

The final missions[edit | edit source]

Part I - The Alaskan Front[edit | edit source]

  • With the NCR and Grenadier Guard largely gone now from the drilling site, the Hubologists quickly move in to take over, and are at war with Shi and Jötunn. The surviving Ancestors also begin a covert operation to permanently shut down the drilling site, but remains hostile to any outside of their faction.
  • While the Hubologists are initially successful holding off against their enemies, largely due to their ghoul champion (if the PC chose to be a human or Jötunn, the ghoul champion will canonically be the Outcast), the Hubologists will be destroyed by the Shi with help from the protagonist.
  • Zhu Bajie takes over the drilling facility, and begins research into the FEV experiments. The protagonist will be confronted afterwards by the Ancestor recon team, in which they will reveal that the Shi have known about what was really under the ice all along using insight from their emperor, and used them to achieve their goals.
  • With the knowledge at hand that the Shi are looking to use the parasites to take over the wastes, the Protagonist is forced to infiltrate the facility and deal with Zhu Bajie and his forces.
  • Depending on the race chosen, the protagonist will be forced to fight Zhu Bajie's champion, which will either be the Explorer, or the Tribal. The champion will never be the Outcast, as either the Outcast is the protagonist, or is the Hubologist's champion.
  • After a confrontation with Zhu Bajie himself, in which the Shi emperor is also destroyed, the facility will go up in flames; sealing the drilling site off permanently.

Part II - The Canadian Border[edit | edit source]

  • After the Shi have been dealt with, the main-storyline will have been completed. However, by boarding the tanker that brought the Shi into the Alaskan Rift (the PMV Valdez from Fallout 2) and speaking with the Grenadier Guard that have liberated it, the protagonist can use the coordinates given to help the Grenadier Guard in their efforts to take back their capital from the NCR. (Optional)
  • Arriving in Canada, the protagonist will have the choice to either be conscripted into the Grenadier Guard, or may set off and explore the new land; ignoring the war entirely.
  • Depending on what the protagonist does to help the Grenadier Guard, multiple endings will be achieved after 150 days has passed.
  1. Should the war be ignored mostly or even entirely, the Grenadier Guard will be utterly annihilated. Their settlements and cities will become NCR occupied, although they will remain neutral towards the protagonist and new quests/trade options will open up.
  2. Should the war effort quests be partially completed (at least 75%) before the war is brought to an end, the NCR will win the war, albeit fewer casualties for the Grenadier Guard. With greater preparations at hand, the survivors board ships to head back for their home of origination; leaving Canada behind forever.
  3. If the war effort quests are 100% completed, the Grenadier Guard will push the NCR back across the borders. It is decided afterwards that their home would remain threatened with such an enemy always on their doorstep, and the Grenadier Guard board their ships back to their home of origination; leaving Canada behind forever. The NCR, still licking their wounds from their defeat, are unable to occupy Canada, and the region is quickly taken over by tribals and raiders. This will open up quests to help the new settlers, or to even join a raider clan.

Part III - The Core Region[edit | edit source]

  • After the war has finished between the NCR and Grenadier Guard, the Canadian border will open up to travel once again, allowing the protagonist a chance to join a caravan to New Reno. This is only for the best equipped wastelanders, and will prove a difficult challenge.
  • Upon arrival at New Reno, a great fleet of airships passes by being lead by a behemoth of a ship. It is confirmed that they are heading towards the NCR capital; prompting the protagonist to travel there to find out what's going on.
  • Nearing the New Californian Republic, fire is seen across the horizon. Looking through binoculars, the Ancestors are seen bombing the capital from the sky, with the Hellion dropping off mechanical monstrosities all across the Core Region.
  • The protagonist then has the choice to either ignore the genocide and explore the Core Region from the unscathed cess-pit of New Reno, to the smoldering ruins of Hubologist occupied San Francisco.
  • If the protagonist decides to involve themselves with the NCR/Ancestor conflict, a wide-variety of quests will open up to them.
  1. The capital will remain under constant assault for a total of two-weeks. During these two-weeks, the protagonist can help evacuate the city and fight back against the hostile Ancestors. This is a good way to gain top-quality equipment.
  2. Strange robots being dropped off by the Hellion now roam the land, and may be taken out for NCR bounty rewards.
  3. After enough reputation has been gained with the NCR by helping evacuate the capital and fulfilling bounties, the protagonist has the option to join the NCR for a last-ditch attack to cripple the Ancestor forces. By taking control of Ancestor occupied nuclear silos, the NCR use their remaining reserves to cripple the Hellion.
  • Alternatively, should the Ancestors have been helped in the Alaskan Rift, the protagonist will get the chance to aid the Ancestors in destroying the NCR capital. While this doesn't affect much since the robots across the Core Region remain hostile and the Ancestors typically remain in their airships. However, by killing NCR soldiers and liberating NCR-occupied settlements, Ancestor reputation may be earned, allowing access to their quartermaster as well as having access to unique schematics for aspiring engineers.
  • Whichever actions the protagonist chooses, the Alaskan Rift, the Canadian border, and the Core Region will remain an open-world strife with constant conflict that they can travel between at will.

One Yin one Yang - No beginning or end - The end ends itself - The beginning begins itself

— Zu Bajie

Snow Blind is a main quest in Fallout 4. The player has the choice to pick being a human, ghoul, or super mutant, which will determine how the game begins.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Human[edit | edit source]

An explorer that has found themselves in the wrong place at the right time, our human protagonist is rescued by a Grenadier Guard patrol after traversing through a canyon slot onto a landscape that turned out to be an iceberg, and passed out from dehydration due to a lack of tools able to chip away fresh water from the ground underneath them. Awakening 3 days later, the Explorer finds themselves in a locked medical room as the makeshift settlement around them is being besieged by raiding tribals.


In this starting room, the Explorer is presented with a multitude of options to take advantage of:

  • With a skill of 25 Repair, the Explorer may find and repair a flashlight for personal use.
  • With a Science skill of 25, a nearby terminal can be hacked revealing logs that detail the history behind the makeshift settlement, which was enacted as the Grenadier Guard were heading to a forward camp in Canada to deal with a foreign army encroaching upon their homeland.
  • Finding gauze in a nearby medical cabinet and utilizing a Survival skill of 25, the Explorer can replace their old bandages, which will restore a bit of health and drive off infection levels.
  • Regardless of Lockpick skill, it is necessary to lockpick the door to get out of the room. Alternatively, with a Strength of 8, the Explorer can skip the lockpicking tutorial by busting the door down.

Heading outside and moving down the hallway towards the sound of fighting, the Explorer will encounter a duo of Grenadier Guards holding off against an encroaching wave of tribals before a nearby gas leak is set off, which engulfs the hallway in flame. Depending on weapon skills chosen, a variety of weapons and armor will become available from the now smoldering corpses:

  • Melee - Spears, cleavers, and axes
  • Unarmed - Bone gauntlets and barbed gloves
  • Thrown - Tomahawks and bolas
  • Explosives - Fragmentation grenades and firebombs
  • Guns - AK-12
  • Energy Weapons - Homemade laser rifle
  • Light armor - tribal wrappings
  • Heavy armor - Grenadier ballistic gear
  • Traps - Beartraps and tripwire

As the Explorer leaves the building and finds themselves in the middle of a large-scale night assault, they must fight their way through and help break the tribal siege. Should the risk be taken, the tribals can be fought head-on, or, with a bit of skill, the Explorer may assassinate each tribal with a Stealth skill of 30, or can fix up a nearby auto-sentry with an Engineering skill of 30 to mop up the tribals for them. Afterwards with the Grenadier guard clearing out the few remaining tribals, the Explorer will meet with their captain. Explaining their situation, it is discovered that they were an exploration party sent out to discover other settlements to open trade routes with, and were called back home to Canada after a new army calling themselves the NCR began attacking their lands. On their way home, they managed to walk right into the middle of a skirmish going on between multiple tribal clans, and have been forced to bunker down. Asking how the Explorer came into the area without being caught, a plan is devised to use the slot canyon to sneak out before the tribes can get a chance to finally wipe them out.

Supplying the Grenadier

Seeing the Explorer's skills and entrusting them with a few of his men, the captain entrusts them with the gathering of supplies to ensure their survival. With a Speech skill of 30 and 200 caps looted from the prior battle, an unfortunate mercenary caught in the conflict just like the Explorer calling himself Invictus can be recruited to help as well. As well as having better equipment, Invictus will bestow a passive perk for increased limb-damage while using scoped weapons. After having the patrol that found the Explorer map out the area where the slot canyon entrance was found, the captain will provide some equipment before sending them off.

With the Grenadier Guard already running low on food due to the siege, the Explorer will need to sneak into at least one of the tribal camps and help move their food caches into a hidden truck nearby. Whether the Explorer completes this objective stealthily or by killing the nearby sentries, the respective tribe's Chieftain will intercept the group, and must be killed before being allowed to escape. Afterwards, the tribe will go into a frenzy and will attack the Grenadier Guard in a blind rush, and will need to be taken down by utilizing machine turrets set around the parameter of the base.

After the food stores have been accounted for, the Explorer will need to head back out into the arctic wastes to locate additional fuel that was lost when the Grenadier Guard were first assaulted by the tribals. As well as having to deal with tribal patrols, a group of hostile native beasts locally known as the Tuk'hariq (mist-walkers), which are post-War versions of what were originally musk oxen, will need to be dealt with as they have claimed the area as their mating grounds and will attack any that come too close.

Returning to the base with the fuel, the Explorer will be approached by the captain of the Grenadier Guard. Making note that the recent attacks have left the survivors exhausted and beaten down, he will express his worries over infection rates out in the cold, and will make one last request: to search a nearby medical facility for possible remnants of medicine. Unable to risk any more men on such a search with the current state of the base, the Explorer will have to undertake this last objective alone, but is given an industrial flamethrower to help scare away the local wildlife. As the night quickly approaches, the Explorer will have to use their skills in Traps and Survival to stave away the desperately starving wolf packs and the occasional mountain lion, with the industrial flamethrower only holding a limited amount of fuel. After making the trek across the darkening and harsh terrain, the Explorer will finally reach the medical facility. While the drugs on hand are no longer nearly as potent, the arctic environment has helped keep them preserved, and the Explorer has the option to bring back a variety of medical supplies:

  • Gauze
  • Antibiotics
  • Surgical tools
  • Alcohol
  • Cleaning solution
I would have been your daddy...

Obtaining these supplies after dealing with a nest of mutated spiders and a tribal recluse driven mad after being exposed to their potent venom, the Explorer will return to the base which is in a state of chaos. With trucks already packed and the Grenadier Guard preparing everybody to leave, an explosion is seen in the distance with two additional explosions occurring shortly after at each of the surrounding tribal bases. Catching up to the captain, the explosions are explained as being a distraction after their scouts reported a raiding party being prepared by the tribals to send out. Getting the convoy moving, the Explorer takes the reins of an APV keeping the rear safe. Fighting off Tuk'hariq riding tribals using dynamite and firebombs, the Grenadier Guard are initially successful in thinning their numbers with minimal losses, until a den of unknown creatures are disturbed by the battle and begin jumping on-top of the vehicles from overhead as the convoy begins passing through the canyon slot. Only referred to as wendigo by the frightened driver (which in reality, are dramatically mutated primates that migrated to Alaska shortly after the Great War), the Explorer helps to fight them off as they begin destroying each APV. Overwhelmed, the Explorer is knocked out after a nearby APV crashes into the ice walls and a sheet of collapsing ice and rock destroys the Explorer's APV. The last thing the Explorer remembers before blanking out is the silhouette of an elderly man walking towards them.

Ghoul[edit | edit source]

An outcast even amongst their own kind, our ghoul protagonist is currently traveling through Jötunheim: the pre-War city once known as Anchorage. Slowly going feral and having lost their memories long ago, the Outcast has found themselves wandering aimlessly across the arctic wastes, yet oddly drawn towards the ancient city, and finds themselves currently seeking refuge within Jötunheim to escape a band of raiders that had been tracking them for days.


Locking themselves in an abandoned hotel for the night, the Outcast has a modicum of options to take advantage of:

  • With a skill of 25 Repair, a broken safety lamp can be rigged to work again.
  • With a Science skill of 25, the robot elevator operator can be programmed to utilize the elevator once again. While the elevator can only be taken up one floor, and most of even that floor has collapsed upon itself, this floor will open up a room that the Outcast can loot for preserved food and some pre-War money.
  • Breaking into the manager's office with a Lockpick skill of 25, the Outcast can sort through a pile of drugs the manager had used to commit suicide with sometime around the Great War as seen from a note left on his desk.
  • With a Medicine skill of 25, the drugs can be sorted through safely for painkillers.
  • Taking advantage of a left-over campfire left in the lobby, a Survival skill of 25 can be used to bring a fire back to life, restoring a bit of health and staving off sickness.

Having gone to sleep as the night came in, the Outcast is awoken by the sounds of a firefight just outside of the hotel, and is forced to sneak out before they are discovered. With a Sneak skill of 25, the Outcast may successfully crawl out through a hole in the wall caused by a stray grenade without attracting attention, and will gain access to the neighboring building. Once inside, an explosion from an unknown source will take out the nearby raider group. Should the stealth option not be taken, the raiders just outside will need to be taken care of either with a pistol that has fallen near the front door, or by utilizing an Engineering skill of 30 which will rig the robotic elevator operator to run outside and self-destruct. Whichever option is taken, the Outcast will gain access to wide assortment of equipment to take advantage of depending on skill:

  • Melee - Cleavers and spiked bats
  • Unarmed - Bronze knuckles and bladed gauntlets
  • Thrown - Spiked chain and bolas
  • Explosives - Fragmentation grenades and Molotov cocktails
  • Guns - Homemade nail rifles, 9mm pistols, hunting rifles
  • Energy Weapons - Wattz laser pistol
  • Light armor - Vagabond armor
  • Heavy armor - Shi riot gear
  • Traps - Beartraps and tripwire
Forced Adaptation

Killing the few remaining raiders, a group of heavily armed militia will come out of a nearby building, and will introduce themselves as the Shi. Speaking with their leader, a man by the name of Zhu Bajie, will reveal the Shi's presence as being due to NCR activity in the area, with the Shi following suit in providing mercenaries and technology for the war effort. Having been searching the city for pre-War technology to salvage, the group found themselves under attack by a raider clan, and express their gratitude for the Outcast's help in dealing with them.

Escorting the Outcast back to their base along with the salvage, Zhu Bajie will afterwards begin tests to determine how far along the ghoulification process has gone, and how to stabilize the Outcast's mental deterioration. Depending on choices made, the Outcast will benefit these studies later on in unique ways:

Path of the Damned

Tasked with clearing out some hostile wildlife to help repay their debt to the Shi, the Outcast will return to find many of the Shi scientists massacred, with the rest barricading themselves in as the soldiers fight off the invaders. Talking with the scientists, it is discovered that a radical cult known as the Hubologists have been keeping tabs on their venture out into the arctic wastes, and have begun attacking their settlements. Heading further in, a group of Shi scientists will be found dead, with a strange robed man standing over their corpses. Seeing the Outcast and their ghoulified state, the priest will attempt to recruit them into their ranks, promising salvation as a visage of their savior, and how the Shi are their sworn enemies.

Should the Outcast join the Hubologists, they will be forced to deal with the Shi mercenaries, as well as breaking through the barricade and killing their scientists. After the base has been cleared, the priest will declare their mission to deal with the Shi's leader Zhu Bajie, whom has been tracked down to a hanger just outside. Reaching the hanger, Zhu Bajie will release a defense droid, which will need to be dealt with alongside the Hubologist zealots. Using the Traps skill, the Outcast has the option to rig their bear traps to nearby electrical conduits, temporarily stunning the droid should it step on them. After the droid has been taken care of, the Outcast will notice Zhu Bajie watching them from across a frozen lake before turning and disappearing into the arctic winds.

Should this path be taken, the Hubologists will initiate the Outcast into their ranks, allowing them to tap into their feral side. As a feral ghoul, the Outcast will be granted with a large Strength and Agility boost, but will lose their ability for rational thought and their social reasoning. As a feral ghoul, a bonus will also be given after consuming human meat, which will cause the Outcast to go into a berserk state, in exchange for increased combat prowess.

Path of the Redeemed

Should the Shi be sided with instead of the Hubologists, the priest will express their sorrow at such a decision, and will walk off, leaving orders for his zealots to make quick work of their "fallen brother." After the zealots are taken care of, the Outcast will need to find Zhu Bajie and his mercenaries. With two different assault fronts being mounted by the Hubologists, Zhu Bajie will ask for the Outcast to help deter one as he deals with the second. Should the Outcast agree to deal with the assault wave coming in to break through the scientists barricade, they will need to protect the barricade as Hubologist zealots swarm into the room from three different entry points. As the last wave is taken care of, an ascended zealot will enter the room killing two nearby Shi guard, and will need to be taken care of. Heavily modified and with cybernetic limbs, he is very fast and uses a powerful melee attack. Using the Traps skill, he can be taken down a bit easier by rigging generators to explode on a timer should the ascended zealot be led to them.

After the ascended zealot has been taken care of and the scientists have been freed, Zhu Bajie will meet back up with the Outcast, and will begin cleaning up the dead. Should this path have been taken, Zhu Bajie's finished research will restore the Outcast's mental state using conditioning methods and what Zhu Bajie referred to as his "Lazarus Serum", which helps stop the necrosis process. This option provides the best benefits for interacting with others, as well as a slightly increased Endurance, Intelligence, and Perception.

Path of the Enlightened

With Zhu Bajie taking care of the barricaded scientists, the Outcast will follow the Hubologist priest into the catacombs. Heading further and further down, the accompanying Shi mercenaries will become sick and eventually pass out, which is soon revealed to be due to the Priest and his zealots irradiating the base with radioactive waste brought in through a breach leading outside. Initially unaffected by the radiation, the Outcast will need to deal with each zealot and feral ghoul they come across. After a scene in which they overhear the priest's plans through a ventilation shaft, the Outcast will momentarily pass out.

Awakening, the Outcast will notice their skin reacting to the extreme levels of radiation, and has started turning a translucent green. Coming up to a blocked security checkpoint, the obstacle is initially rendered unable to be passed through. However, after noting a feral ghoul just beyond the bullet-proof glass, the Outcast will discover that they can take control of it temporarily using their mind. Using the mind-controlled feral ghoul, it becomes possible to activate the override switch on the other side to open up the security checkpoint. At this point, large groups of zealots are found in the next few rooms, which will need to be dealt with by using nearby feral ghouls to go into a frenzy and attack their keepers.

Clearing out the zealots with help from wandering feral ghouls, the Outcast will finally reach the structural breach, and a confrontation with the Hubologist priest will take place. After dealing with his two royal zealot guards, the priest will launch a grenade at the Outcast; severely damaging them. This scene unlocks the potential for the Outcast to release a spike of radiation, which heals the Outcast as well as nearby ghouls, and temporarily stuns the priest. At this point, the priest's health will need to be whittled down, while using radiation spikes to heal periodically, and taking control of wandering ghouls to provide another damage source.

After the Hubologists have been taken care of down in the catacombs, the breach will be sealed after the priest's body explodes due to his damaged cybernetics. Meeting back with Zhu Bajie afterwards, a group of Shi scientists are sent down with protective gear to seal the area off from the rest of the base until a proper clean-up crew can be sent down. Should this path have been taken, the Outcast will take a loss of Endurance as well as Strength, but will have special abilities they can take advantage of being a Glowing One. At this point, only the ability to take control of basic feral ghouls and using radiation spikes for healing are available, with other abilities possibly unlocked by gaining experience and completing unique challenges. As well as an Endurance and Strength negative, the Outcast also will lose many interactions with human settlements, and will be attacked should they stray too close to areas not protected from radiation.

Jötunn[edit | edit source]

A tribal of the Jötunn clan living in the Alaskan Rift, our super mutant protagonist has come of age and is looking to make their mark amongst their sword-brothers. Being strong and wise beyond their years, the village elders look to the Tribal as the one to keep the village rune-stone safe from the unknown people encroaching upon their hunting grounds. Now the Tribal must prove their worth until ready for their initiation.

A Rude Awakening

Waking up, the Tribal prepares themselves for a great battle to take back an allied village from a ruthless warlord looking to bring the Alaskan tribes under his control. In the longhouse before heading to the docks, the Tribal can take advantage of many actions around the stronghold:

  • With a Repair skill of 25, the Tribal can fix the pen door for the village's cattle farm. The owner of the cattle will give a whale-oil lamp in exchange for this service.
  • With a Science skill of 25, an old terminal brought in from a hunting party can be hacked into. The terminal has detailed logs from a treasure hunter over the wildlife in the area, and a cache they left nearby, which is now being defended by a pack of arctic wolves.
  • Inside of the elders tent, and with a Survival skill of 25, the Tribal can decipher a tome which details the local fauna needed to brew up a berserker potion.
  • With a Lockpicking skill of 25, the hut of a Jötunn hermit can be broken into, where a wolf-pelt tunic can be stolen.
Carrion's Feast

After meeting up with the other warriors and taking the longboat to the neighboring village, the Tribal will have to fight their way through to confront the warlord's son, who is leading the attack in his father's stead. With a Sneak skill of 25, meat from the storage silo can be used to attract starving wolves, which will attack the skirmishers. While the wolves will still need to be dealt with, they will prove less a challenge than the skirmishers. If the stealth option is not preferred, the Tribal can wade into the thick of battle or may take advantage of a pre-War turret still active within the military base the village was built upon utilizing an Engineering skill of 25. Once the skirmishers have been dealt with, the warlord's son will challenge the Tribal to single combat. The warlord's son will be hiding a poisoned spear head, and so the Tribal must be very careful, with a shield being of great benefit for deflecting their blows and counter-striking as they stagger. Looting the dead, the Tribal may find a variety of equipment:

  • Melee - Iron Battleaxes, swords, and maces
  • Unarmed - Bear fist gauntlets
  • Thrown - Barbed spears, bolas, and throwing axes
  • Explosives -Firebombs
  • Guns - Hunting rifles and 20 gauge shotguns
  • Energy Weapons - Warlord's ceremonial plasma pistol
  • Light armor - Wolf/mountain lion/bear pelts
  • Heavy armor - Warlord's iron armor and wooden shields
  • Traps - Poison barbs and bear traps
A Time for Celebration

Returning to the stronghold after their glorious victory, the Tribal will be initiated into the Oathkeepers' ranks. However, even after the ceremony, the Tribal will still have to face the traditional trials before becoming a true warrior amongst their people.

The first trial will involve going out into the wilds and only returning after they have found an object of great importance for the stronghold. Heading out with only their spoils of the prior battle, the Tribal will be forced to survive under harsh conditions and creatures before happening across a cave-system. Meeting an old man named Zhu Bajie living in the caves, it is discovered that a long-lost runestone has been left near the back of the cave, which is being guarded by a wendigo. While a straight-forward fight, the wendigo hits hard and takes reduced damage from melee attacks. Using a berserker potion will help negate this disadvantage. Defeating the wendigo and bringing back the runestone will fulfill this particular challenge.

The second trial demands for the Tribal to face the stronghold's fiercest warrior: a Jötunn that has survived many decades of war. A brute of a super mutant, this warrior will require every skill the Tribal wields, and will require switching between defensive and offensive actions to defeat him. With a Traps skill of 25, poison barbs can be used to stun and poison the warrior momentarily, allowing the Tribal to get in a few attacks or to pull out a firearm. After the warrior has been defeated, the second trial will be finished.

For the last trial, the Tribal will simply be asked to inhale the vapors of Jötunn ancestors. Upon inhalation, the Tribal will undergo an out-of-body experience, in which they will travel across the arctic wastes as a starving wolf, witnessing the arrival of men in strange armor and metallic beasts. When the vision has been completed, the Tribal will officially be initiated as an Oathkeeper.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Assaulting the tribes head-on while playing as the Explorer will result in death. Regardless of equipment and skills, the tribals are simply too numerous for even a veteran to handle.
  • Should the Explorer search the dumpster behind the medical facility, a Bobblehead: Medicine can be found, although it provides no benefits. This item can later be traded to a treasure hunter that shows up as a random event.
  • After breaking into the locked room where the insane tribal can be found, an unusually long and infected tongue can be found on a nearby shelf. This is a reference to the game Penumbra, in which a scientist is forced to surgically remove his tongue after it became infected due to ingesting spider venom.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The title for the last part of this quest for a human protagonist is a reference to the Halo: Combat Evolved mission, "Assault on the Control Room."

A land sundered by our forefathers as they rained nuclear fire across the world. And as history repeats, here we stand again, embracing our own destruction.

— Zhu Bajie, Fallout 4

Once a land of great beauty and importance from before the Great War, the Alaskan Rift is now an inhospitable terrain of great valleys and numerous territorial tribes.

Great War[edit | edit source]

As the Resource Wars escalated, and the Chinese began invading Anchorage after U.S. operatives sabotaged their oil excavations out in the Pacific Ocean, the Chinese eventually found themselves being pushed back by the introduction of T-51b power armor, with land being taken from them even back home in China. These actions eventually culminated in an unknown power with nuclear capabilities sending out their payloads, with the other world powers soon following their lead.

With Alaska allegedly holding some of the last remaining depots of natural petroleum, they were hit the hardest by Chinese retaliation, sundering the land beyond recognition. With the land already scarred by the innumerable excavation sites, the nuclear impact collapsed within itself, leaving Alaska a scarred land beyond recognition. Eventually, however, when the radiation began clearing, many found themselves settling in the harsh lands due to the great number of supply depots and military caches left over from Alaska's annexation and retaking.

Post-Great War[edit | edit source]

50 years after the events of Fallout: New Vegas, and 264 years since the Great War, Alaska has once again become a point of great interest to U.S. powers, and is the main field of conflict between opposing nations. With the discovery of pre-War reports detailing possible deep pockets of natural petroleum underneath the ice, the Alaskan Rift has now become a battleground for those looking to come out on top as the leading power across the wastes. But for those nations that fail in their campaign, a new chance for history to repeat threatens the Arctic wasteland once again.

Places[edit | edit source]

The Alaskan Rift embodies what remains of Alaska's landmass, which is accessible through passages in the form of land-bridges still connected to Canada at its eastern border. It is a largely inhospitable region, with the landscape being riddled with deep fissures and the land constantly shifting and breaking apart; forcing those living there to live their lives as nomads. With many of the fissures still leaking radioactive isotopes left from the bombs, much of the wildlife has become monstrous, rendering travel across land only for the hardy, and travel by sea nearly impossible.

Still accessible by boat are the Aleutian Islands, which, due to relatively little impact from the Great War, has remained a veritable paradise for those living there. While seemingly calm and tranquil to outsiders, the islands host a dangerous ecosystem due to fallout in the oceans, and xenophobic tribals defend the islands viciously, with skirmishes between the tribes making the islands even more dangerous.

With the Aleutian Islands largely untouched by the Great War, the Augustine volcano wasn't so fortunate, and due to shockwaves caused by nearby nuclear impact, the volcano erupted prematurely. This has since then formed a new, unexplored landmass over what was originally the Augustine Island. For those looking for adventure, this new landmass is ripe with adventure, should one be willing to brave its dangers.

Faction summaries[edit | edit source]

NCR[edit | edit source]

FNV NCR Flag.png

After their war with the Enclave, the NCR found themselves in a time of great prosperity in conjunction with looted technology from Navarro and the industrious capabilities of Vault City. But after their disastrous campaign in the Mojave, as well as their supply lines being cut off at the Divide and the Long 15, the NCR government found themselves once again in a very vulnerable position with only limited power coming in from Hoover Dam as their reward for efforts given. This sparked a change in leadership, with their new innovative president after Kimball being forcibly removed taking more drastic steps to ensure the NCR's long-term survival.

Using technology found at Vault 22, the NCR were finally able to produce fresh food for their population, which allowed them to deal with the corrupt Brahmin Barons which were secretly running much of the NCR's politics, as well as them being able to bring in new tribes and settlements with promises of such a rare commodity. With the NCR growing once again and with the means to re-supply Vault City, the NCR reached a new pinnacle of prosperity.

Unfortunately, as the NCR continued growing and becoming more and more industrious, they have found themselves consistently needing greater resources, which has once again led the NCR government into invading neighboring lands and warring with other nations. 50 years after the events of New Vegas, the NCR have now found themselves at the Alaskan Rift, where a new source of oil has been discovered beneath the ice, prompting an all-out war between nations and former allies.

Jötunn[edit | edit source]

A unique breed of super mutant, the Jötunn are remnants of the Master's army that were forced to flee in fear of extermination after their defeat at the hands of the Vault Dweller and the Chosen One. A small group of survivors traveled northward to escape the pursuing members of the NCR and BoS, until crossing over into Canada. Those settling there, whom had never seen a super mutant before in their lives, chased off the survivors until they eventually found themselves staying in Alaska due to the isolation of the land around them and with the tribals there largely avoiding them. The super mutants began adapting to their surroundings as the decades went by, in which they began growing a thicker hide coarse hair to stave off the hostile and bitterly cold environment.

As the Jötunn (which were a name given to them by the other superstitious tribes) kept themselves alive by eating mutated wildlife and hiding in the deep radioactive ravines caused by the Great War, the tribal super mutants found themselves uniquely affected by the lingering isotopes. Slowly devolving into primitive beasts, they came to discover that they were now able to breed, and by the time of the NCR's arrival, have become the leading tribe in the Alaskan Rift. Originating from mere grunts of the Master's army, the Jötunn aren't terribly sophisticated, and only have a basic grasp of weaponry and tools. However, they make up for their short-comings in sheer combat prowess and survival instincts, making their tribe a force to be reckoned with even by the NCR and Ancestors.

Ancestors[edit | edit source]

As the NCR rose in power, the Brotherhood of Steel's power began to quickly diminish. While working with the NCR to help fight off the Enclave proved to be a very prosperous decision for the BoS, the Elders and NCR government shortly afterwards found themselves alienated from each other again, and hostilities resumed. After the BoS landed a crippling blow on the NCR's economy by destroying their gold deposits, forcing the NCR to rely on water to back their dollar, the NCR began systematically purging every BoS bunker they could gain intel on.

Eventually, the Elders came to terms with their situation in the Core Region, and it was decided to leave their home of Lost Hills. Knowing that their brothers in the Mojave were in danger due to the conflict at Hoover Dam, the BoS traveled there first to bolster their ranks, and to find a temporary safe haven before heading to the Capital Wasteland to reunite themselves with the Outcasts, as well as annexing Elder Lyons' BoS. However, upon arrival at HELIOS One, not only did they find the tower being controlled by the NCR, whom were wearing the spoils of their victory over the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel, but when traveling to their home bunker in Hidden Valley, it was discovered through the holodisc of a dead paladin that the NCR betrayed their alliance to hold Hoover Dam, infiltrated the bunker, and activated the auto-destruct sequence.

This discovery was a catalyst for the BoS. The Elders swore an oath to bring about the downfall of the NCR, and it was decided to search for their long-lost Midwestern brethren instead of searching for Lyons. This was decided after going through the reports from brother scouts that were sent to keep tabs on the splinter faction after word of their war with the Calculator spread across the wastes and eventually reached their ears. Upon arrival in Chicago, a series of unfortunate events led to the two brotherhoods combining their ranks. They then went into hiding, where they bolstered their forces from local tribes and began experimenting with the technology looted from defeating the enigmatic Calculator.

50 years later, the two Brotherhoods have combined their strengths, and with the technology at hand from defeating the Calculator, have come to calling themselves the Ancestors. Fanatical in their devotion to technology, and with a small army of power-armored troops and robots, the Ancestors have once again become a cult feared by those encountering them, and God help any citizens of the NCR they happen across as they make their trek to the NCR capital.

Shi & Hubologists[edit | edit source]

Once the most influential power in San Francisco, the Enclave's defeat by the Chosen One nearly spelled their doom, as well, after the Enclave retaliated by nuking the city in return. However, due to their Emperor's power of insight, the Shi were able to predict the upcoming attack, and quietly sneaked out of the city and re-located near Vault City.

With the Enclave on the run and with the animosity returning between the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel, the Shi rose to power again with their Emperor predicting the locations of the Enclave's and Brotherhood of Steel's abandoned bunkers before the NCR could show up on the scene. And with the NCR quickly taking control of the entire Core Region, the Shi found themselves with access to Vault City's industrial capabilities, as well.

As the decades went by, the Shi became highly regarded as some of the most technologically proficient members of the NCR, and were regularly commissioned to accompany the NCR on missions across the wastes. As of the events leading the NCR into the Alaskan Rift, the Shi have stationed there a small force of scientists and mercenaries to help in the war-effort for those with the bottlecaps to afford their services.

As many of the Hubologists were spreading the word of their religion through travel, the majority of Hubologists managed to survive the destruction of San Francisco. Unfortunately for them, though, their top-ranking members were caught in the blast, vaporizing all but an AH-9, whom was mutated into an immobile mass of flesh that could communicate telepathically with his followers.

Seeing the state of their leader and driven mad blaming the Shi for being behind the attack due to their mysterious disappearance right before the bombs dropped, the Hubologists became more fanatical in their beliefs and began adopting new customs such as self-mutilation and ghoulification to better represent their leader and faith. Stationing themselves on the outskirts of the radioactive city with their higher-ranking ghoul members bringing orders from their leader, the Hubologists were mostly left alone and were soon forgotten by most within the NCR.

With each new day, the Hubologists became more and more insane as a cult, and became less recognizable as humans. Those that didn't replace their limbs with cybernetics scavenged from the Steel Palace ghoulified themselves. Using those that are still mostly-human to spread word of their religion again, the Shi uses this still recognizable image as a front to gain political power within the NCR once again. Using this political sway, the Hubologists find every chance they get to remain close with the Shi, as they plot their destruction.

Grenadier Guard[edit | edit source]

Great Britain, having gone dark during the Great War but taking the least amount of collateral damage, sends out ships in the hopes of reaching the American shores and re-establishing their previous alliance. Maelstroms force the Royal Navy to land in Canada, where they slowly travel south until finally settling on the Ontario/Lake Superior border. A community springs up around the ships from the small group that stays. This community is almost entirely made up of dock workers and slaves. The settlement that was created by those that head south was later destroyed by a nomadic raider tribe calling themselves the War Pigs; consisting entirely of ex-military that had seceded from the now smoldering ruins of the United States.

An ancestor of Allistair Tenpenny had taken control of the survivors, and lead them back north through Canada. A caravan is fashioned after the looting of military bunkers created during the annexation of Canada, located by using maps stolen from War Pig encampments. Beaten down and ready to return home, matters had escalated when the Royal Navy were refused their ships to get back home by none other than their own previous labor force. The Royal Navy had then proceeded to lay siege to the small community that had sprang up, stealing away two of the ships and burning the rest in spite.

With the ordinance and tales brought with their return home, this would later motivate the industrious Allistair Tenpenny to leave for America to find his fortune. However, for those unfortunates left behind in Canada, the survivors dubbed themselves the Grenadier Guard, in spite of those that left them to die. Now, nearly 300 years since the Great War, the Grenadier Guard have built a great nation on the Canadian front and have become the leading power in the region. With the old mercenary bands long gone and the few raiding parties coming through being taken care of by border patrols, little has seen to threaten their way of life.

This period of calm would not last for the Grenadier Guard, however. With the arrival of the NCR in Canada as they head for Alaska, came the new prospect of war for the peaceful people of Canada. Attempting to open up new trade-routes and military outposts, the NCR soon found themselves at odds with the Canadian people, and seeing the Grenadier Guard as a threat due to their nation's power, have begun the process of annexing their lands. Now, the Grenadier Guard are fighting for their freedoms, and have found themselves thrown into an embroiling war that they never wished to be in.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Alaskan Rift appears only in Fallout 4.

The Cocoon is the secret research installation hidden away underneath the D.C. ruins by the pre-War government. Newly uncovered, the Talon Company is in full command of the installation now in 2277.

Background[edit | edit source]

With the war efforts against the Chinese at a stalemate, the American government set up numerous secret military projects specifically targeting to cripple the Chinese regime. One of those projects was contracted out to the Enclave, which used their nearly infinite resources to build an installation underneath D.C. that could remotely trigger seismic events, thoroughly crippling both nations and armies.

But while the installation was completed, the Great War was instigated and the Cocoon never had its moment of glory before being covered in the rubble of nuclear fire above. As of the events shortly before the Lone Wanderer became active in the Capital Wasteland, a mercenary group known as the Talon Company was founded by a man named Aix and his father Daniel Littlehorn. Using their pre-War connections, the location of the Cocoon was found by the now Commandant Aix, and the installation was soon unearthed and taken over to continue his agenda of dominating and uniting the capital wastes.

Still damaged and suffering due to 200 years of wear and tear, the Cocoon is still a highly dangerous place, and radioactive leaks that pressurized sections of the installation are a danger to anyone within, making HAZMAT suits and welding teams a necessity when exploring new areas.

Location[edit | edit source]

Accessed by a secret elevator found within the National Archives, the Cocoon has remained a secret to those living above for well over 200 years.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

  • A HAZMAT suit can be found next to a quarantined room while going through the tunnel networks leading to command central.
  • Should the Maddog and/or Urchin be allied with, their scripted deaths in the experiment pens and the tunnel networks respectively will allow for their unique equipment to be looted.
  • Located on the Doctor is the electrolytic capacitor component needed to create an EMP bomb.
  • Within Commandant Aix's personal quarters is a safe containing the nitroglycerin sample needed to create an EMP bomb. To get to the safe, a unique deathclaw called the Chimera will need to be defeated.
  • Housed within a derelict defense droid, the ion gel component needed to create an EMP bomb must be retrieved after destroying its host.
  • Modified FEV vial - The second solution needed to cure Isolde Valen completely of her hemophilia is located on a shelf within the labs quarter of the Cocoon.

Layout[edit | edit source]

With the Cocoon built layering downwards, the elevator in the Nation Archives will stop at the first layer: the residential quarter.

Residential quarter[edit | edit source]

This is where the majority of scientists and soldiers are housed, the residential quarters are a complex maze of bunkers and cultural centers.

R&D quarter[edit | edit source]

Next layer down are the labs, where the majority of the Talon Company's FEV research is performed. The labs are also where Commandant Aix's mutations are created, and holding cells are common-place throughout the quarter, with a room near the next elevator dedicated towards locking up most of their experiments in pens for further study.

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

A tunnel network leading to storage rooms and to the external nodes keeping the Cocoon stabilized, the tunnel networks are still unstable, with numerous deaths occurring due to explosive decompressing and pockets of built-up natural gas leaks.

Command central[edit | edit source]

At the heart of the Cocoon lies the command central vault and the data core that keeps the instillation running and dangerous. It is here that Commandant Aix's personal quarters and museum are located, along with the machinery that operates the entirety of the Cocoon.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Hell's Descent - Whether siding with or opposing the Talon Company in the end, the Cocoon is the final stopping-point, and the driving force behind nearly every major power player in the D.C. ruins.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the Hell's Descent quest is not active, the elevator leading into the Cocoon will not be uncovered.
  • Should Sydney's quest still be active in the National Archives, she will take part in attacking the Talon Company, and will likely die before the Lone Wanderer can reach her.
  • The Cocoon can only be visited once.
  • If Isolde is told to wait while escaping the Cocoon, it will automatically result in the worst possible bad ending for the DLC.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Cocoon appears only in Fallout 3.

More cannon-fodder I see. You will go out and help me deal with those deluding themselves into thinking they can wrest away control of the city from me. Or... you can always join me in one of my charming labs. Make your choice before I make it for you.

— Commandant Aix

Commandant Aix is the leader of the Talon Company in 2277.

Background[edit | edit source]

The illegitimate son of Daniel Littlehorn, Commandant Aix was born a natural monster, bringing pain and misery upon all those that have the misfortune of crossing paths with him. With his father's "blessing", Aix founded the Talon Company, and sent his mercenaries all across the Capital Wasteland in an attempt to gain complete control of the city.

Aix permeates an air of darkness, and those around him appear to have an increased fervor. None dare betray him, else they find themselves in one of his many experimentation rooms to become another of his grotesque monsters. These mutants make up the backbone of the Commandant's secret army, and are seen skulking the nights and attacking settlements without mercy.

When first attempting to take over the city, Commandant Aix came into contact with a super mutant commander known as the Maddog. Manipulating the massive mutant into being his ally, the Vault 87 super mutants under his command were put to work in clearing out the city of rubble. A secret plan was in the works by Aix to uncover a research installation hidden away underneath the city by the Enclave, much to the super mutants' ignorance.

Since the coming of the Lone Wanderer, the Commandant has found his plans stalled by the overwhelming amount of forces that are fighting for control as well. Whether it's the righteous Regulators, the brutish super mutants, or even other pesky mercenary groups such as Reilly's Rangers, Aix has found himself in need of a loyal soldier to carry out his will.

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

Interactions overview[edit | edit source]

Template:Interactions FO3

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Crow Call - At the Talon Company forward base, Commandant Aix has need of a soldier to deal with his enemies. Those that can deal with his challenges may find themselves well awarded.
  • Total Warfare Mambo - The time for retribution has come. Deal with the Commandant's enemies, or plot against him.
  • Hell's Descent - The fate of the city now lies in the talons of the crow. A final confrontation awaits those brave enough to face it.

Personal quest[edit | edit source]

Burden of the Beast - After the second main contract has been finished, Commandant Aix will begin placing his trust into the Lone Wanderer to help handle a few personal contracts that need fulfilling.

  1. To cut off the Lyon's paw - Commandant Aix expresses that the BoS have never been much of an issue, but would like to make an example out of them while destabilizing their leadership at the same time. The Commandant orders for the assassination of Sarah Lyons. 500 caps will be awarded after returning with her head.
  2. A deal gone sour - Doing Mr. Burke's dirty work with his mercenaries, Commandant Aix is now seeking for both Burke's head and his employer's after a botched deal involving a Psycho shipment. For each head brought to him, 400 caps will be awarded.
  3. The sins of our father - Always under his father's shadow, the Commandant with his new influences and power wishes to officially take over the family business, which of course means having his father forcibly removed from office. "Dealing" with Daniel Littlehorn and his guards will net a hefty reward of 1500 caps.

Other interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Killing Commander Jabsco will result in extra dialogue in which Commandant Aix will casually dismiss him as an "expendable fool."
    • Killing his father pre-maturely will cause the Commandant to laugh crazily before awarding the Lone Wanderer with a small amount of caps. (A notably lesser reward than killing him during the appropriate quest-line.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Commandant Aix is unable to be killed before the Hell's Descent quest. During his stay at the Talon Company forward base, he will always talk from behind a bullet/laser-proof pane of glass.
  • Should Commandant Aix be killed, his finger looted, and his father still alive afterwards, his finger can be claimed as a bounty for 5,000 caps. Littlehorn will then dismiss his son's existence as a mistake he should have foreseen.
  • There is no indication of who Aix's mother was. Many Talon Company mercenaries will speculate over this fact.
  • Asking around too much over the Commandant or even directly insulting him while talking to a Talon Company merc will cause them to become hostile.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Commandant Aix appears only in Fallout 3.

I am Artax the Mad. I make things explode, and I make toys of mass destruction. My toys tend to survive. The things I explode... not so much.

— Artax the Mad

Artex the Mad is a Circle of Steel Elder currently exploring the D.C. ruins and spying on Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel in 2277. On-top of being the head scientist for the Circle of Steel, Artex the Mad is also their top assassin, spending more time out in the wastes than actually attending to his Elder duties.

Background[edit | edit source]

An unstable genius since birth, Artax became the most illustrious scribe in the Brotherhood's history, and soon became Head Scribe with an Elder position open for his taking. However, before having the chance to present himself to the Elders, Artax dropped an unstable compound he was working on, causing an explosion that forced the entire bunker to evacuate and decontaminate the entire area.

Now exiled from his beloved lab, Artax moved on from settlement to settlement, with all of them meeting some sort of untimely calamity before Artax's mysterious disappearance. His actions inevitably attracted attention, and a bounty hunter was sent to deal with him and his experiments. The bounty hunter was killed by Artax with an acid bomb, but not before he squeezed a shot off, which caught Artax in the head. Artax survived the gunshot, but was essentially lobotomized and lost his ability for empathy and to feel pain. This did not affect his intelligence and tenacity, however, and Artax continued his experiments.

Back at the Brotherhood of Steel bunker, the technicians came to the unfortunate discovery that many of the bunker's systems, including life-support, were beyond their understanding, having been improved upon and modified countless times by their exiled head scribe. Search teams were created to search for Artax, and to bring him back unharmed and cooperative. Bored of the limited resources outside of the bunker, the now mad Artax agreed immediately to return back and to help repair the bunker.

With Artax's madness still an unknown to the Elders, he was made into the Brotherhood's newest Elder, and eventually caught the attention of the Circle of Steel, who were keen on using Artax's skills to exterminate enemies of the Brotherhood. It was then that Artax the Mad discovered his new lust for assassination, and began spending more and more time back out in the wastes fulfilling Circle of Steel contracts. His latest contract has been to scout the D.C. ruins, and to keep tabs on Lyons and his rogue Brotherhood of Steel chapter. Should Lyons betray the Brotherhood's principles any further, Artax has been ordered to exterminate him and his daughter.

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

Interactions overview[edit | edit source]

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Quests[edit | edit source]

Crow Call - Artax the Mad can be found exploring the Hall of Columns in the Capitol building, where he can be convinced to help the Lone Wanderer in dealing with the Talon Company mercs.

Other interactions[edit | edit source]

  • When visiting the Nuka-Cola plant after meeting him in the Hall of Columns, Artax the Mad can be convinced with a Speech skill of 50 to share a recent invention of his: the Nuka-Cola rifle.
  • Under the same conditions as meeting him at the Nuka-Cola plant, Artax the Mad can also be discovered at the RobCo facility, in which he share a small amount of alien power cells.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Artax the Mad is notably taller than any other NPC.
  • Artax the Mad has a unique animation in which he'll throw acid grenades at his enemies, resulting in instantaneous death.
    • These grenades are not obtainable without the use of console commands.
    • The grenades are scripted to deal a significantly less amount of damage against the Lone Wanderer and their companions. This script does not count for temporary companions.
  • Pick-pocketing is impossible, with a 100% chance to fail on any given attempt.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Artax the Mad appears only in Fallout 3.

Welcome to Dün Mir, human. Not many of your kind come to visit these days. I suppose they were scared away by our kidnapping and eating them. Not always in that order, mind you.

— Maddog

The Maddog is the de-facto leader of the Dün Mir super mutants in 2277.

Background[edit | edit source]

A soldier from before the Great War, the Maddog became mentally unstable during his time annexing Canada, and found himself court-martialed and thrown in a military prison after slaughtering his commanding officer and squad members during a routine reconnaissance mission. Due to his PTSD, the Maddog was taken and used in the first batch of FEV experimentation, and became one of the very first super mutants.

Experimentation continued until the Maddog was abandoned in his cell as the scientists and soldiers escaped on their own after the bombs fell. Running out of food and water, the Maddog would have died then and there if a group of survivors hadn't found themselves in the installation seeking shelter, and accidentally activating the controls, releasing most of the prisoners within. The survivors were quickly torn apart, and the mutants spread out, terrorizing the local land for years to come, with the Maddog escaping out on his own, wandering aimlessly for over 84 years.

It was then that the Maddog met the Master. Surprised to see another of his kind that existed before himself, the Master made the Maddog one of his top commanders, and sent him out into the wastes with a small army at his back to conquer and expand their territory. But then the Master was defeated by a spear-chucking tribal, and the Maddog found himself once again wandering the wastes aimlessly.

Then, the Maddog found his purpose again. This time, in the form of a vault - Vault 87. Initially just passing through the D.C. ruins, the Maddog and his army soon discovered a battle between a strange yellow-skinned variant of his kind, fighting against a nested in group of wastelanders using weapons salvaged from a nearby army bunker. Quickly flanking and disposing of the wastelanders, the Maddog discovered the local super mutants to be dumb and relatively leaderless. After taking over, the Maddog and his first generation super mutant army began kidnapping wastelanders to make more of these new super mutants, and sending them out to locate more technology and FEV.

Many years later, the BoS showed up in the Capital Wasteland, and immediately began open hostilities with them when they showed up at their HQ, which was later captured by Elder Lyons and was re-named the Citadel. Moving further into the city and relocating their HQ at the the Capitol building, they then discovered another new faction vying for control known as the Talon Company. With the BoS as a common enemy, the two groups began a mutual friendship, and began co-op operations together.

By the time the Lone Wanderer first steps out of their home of Vault 101, the Maddog and his army have suffered both a civil war with the Vault 87 super mutants due to their mistreatment as slaves, as well as a schism with the Talon Company due to some unknown reason of their own accord. The Maddog has now been forced to play the defensive stance, and his army is hardly seen outside of their fortress of Dün Mir anymore.

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

Interactions overview[edit | edit source]

Template:Interactions FO3

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Total Warfare Mambo - The Maddog and his super mutant army must be dealt with. As an alternative, a truce may be created in dealing with the Talon Company and their operations.
  • Hell's Descent - The Maddog is a possible ally in dealing with Commandant Aix and his Talon Company operations.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Maddog is the only super mutant seen wearing Reinforced combat armor Mark II, giving him a much higher damage resistance than other super mutants.
  • The Maddog has an irrational and unfathomable fear of dogs. Should Dogmeat be accompanying the Lone Wanderer while attempting to talk with the Maddog, he will refuse to come out, demanding that they leave immediately. Should they attempt talking to him again with Dogmeat, the Maddog will become hostile.
  • Due to the civil war between the Maddog's first generation super mutants and the Vault 87 super mutants, having Fawkes as a companion will result in immediate hostilities.
    • As a benefit, killing Vault 87 super mutants within sight of Dün Mir will not incur in any consequences with the Maddog.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Maddog appears only in Fallout 3.

"Once you've joined Talon Company... there really is no going back. They'll hound you for the rest of your life until you and everyone you love is dead."
Gerrard Valen
"The Capital Wasteland. A desolate land filled with strife and grief. A land of only dust, rubble, and invisible fires. But we know the secrets that lie underneath the fallen city. Secrets that will change the world in our perfect vision."
Commandant Aix

Verisimilitude is the sixth and final add-on for Fallout 3, developed and published by Bethesda Softworks.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Verisimilitude is set in the D.C. ruins, and centers around the infiltration of the Talon Company, as well as expanding upon the stories of a Talon Company deserter and his terminally-ill daughter.

The D.C. ruins have become a chaotic area nearly impossible to traverse safely, with the super mutants capturing everything that even resembles a human, raider packs, and trigger-happy Brotherhood of Steel recruits roaming about. But then the Talon Company showed up and set up shop in the ruins themselves, creating war-zones everywhere they go, killing mutants and humans alike. Sources report that the Talon Company is seemingly on the search for something, and is targeting hidden military bunkers and installations.

Now, it seems that the Talon Company's arrival has stirred up the winds of change and chaos. Super mutants and raiders alike have begun banding together in preparation. Strange new mutants have been seen lurking out of the city at night. And everywhere you go, whispers of dread foreshadow a dark event that will change the face of the Capital Wasteland forever.


Our story starts with an ex-mercenary by the name of Gerrard Valen, and his terminally-ill daughter Isolde Valen, who had developed hemophilia - a condition with no known cure, even from before the Great War. Before the Lone Wanderer even stepped out of his home vault, Gerrard Valen signed on with Talon Company out of the misplaced hope that the money earned would help him find a cure from their leader, Commandant Aix, a ruthless man, but a man well known for his scientific capabilities unparalleled by most others across the wastes.

Learning of a secret research installation called the Cocoon that the Talon Company had unearthed, Gerrard stole away with a solution from their labs, intending to cure his daughter and escape from the Capital Wasteland after realizing just how expendable he was to the Commandant. But before Isolde was able to make it to the meeting spot, Commandant Aix stole her away and Gerrard was hunted down ruthlessly.

Now fighting back against the Talon Company for clues to his daughter's location, Gerrard has gone through mercenary group after mercenary group until finally joining up with Reilly's Rangers - a merc group that hated the Talon Company almost as much as Gerrard did himself. After a successful skirmish against their sworn enemies, it was discovered that his daughter was being held at the Capitol building. Unfortunately, the area was impossible to travel through due to a battle taking place between Talon Company and super mutants, a battle that had torn apart The Mall and has spread across the D.C. ruins.

Finally discovered by Talon Company, the Ranger compound has come under attack, and a distress call has been sent out to those willing to help. For those that answer, power-struggles and temptations await, along with the battle between innocence and corruption. So tell me, wayfaring stranger... when the call comes, which will you embody?

Characters[edit | edit source]


Creatures[edit | edit source]


Items[edit | edit source]

Armor and clothing[edit | edit source]


Consumables[edit | edit source]


Weapons[edit | edit source]


Other items[edit | edit source]


Locations[edit | edit source]

D.C. ruins[edit | edit source]


Quests[edit | edit source]

icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Quest ID
Crow Call Anywhere Gerrard Valen 500 caps, AKS74U, 250 5.56mm rounds Template:ID
Total Warfare Mambo Talon Company forward base Commandant Aix 800 caps, Hellion heavy armor/Hellion light armor, HK G3SG1, 50 .308 rounds Template:ID
Burden of the Beast Talon Company forward base Commandant Aix 500 caps, 800 caps, 1500 caps Template:ID
Stand By Me Ranger compound Isolde Valen Template:ID
Hell's Descent Supply depot (exterior) Isolde Valen Template:ID

Perks[edit | edit source]

Companion perks[edit | edit source]

Guardian Angel - So long as Isolde Valen is an active companion and is following the Lone Wanderer, wastelanders will recognize the Lone Wanderer's humanity and will be open to trusting them more, giving a 20% bonus towards all Speech and Barter checks. This also acts as an alternative towards the Child at Heart perk, allowing for full dialogue options with wasteland children. This perk requires at least 2 points in affection before becoming active, as well as certain conditions needing to be met. Should Isolde's affection levels drop below 2, the perk will be removed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

or Gerrard Valen be killed prematurely, this add-on will be rendered unplayable without a previous save or starting a new game.

  • Should Isolde's affection points reach negative, she will leave and permanently disappear from the Capital Wasteland.
  • While killing Commander Jabsco is a possibility, doing so will not result in any hostilities with Commandant Aix

and his Talon Company branch.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In the vanilla game, the Talon Company doesn't serve much purpose except to randomly antagonize the Lone Wanderer and other "do-gooders."

What Bring they 'neath the Midnight is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After the completion of Hark! The Harbinger Comes, and should the Courier have sided with Pontifex, a message will be received afterwards on the Pip-Boy, stating the urgency of returning to the research base and speaking with Pontifex. Pontifex will reveal that the mutants created to kidnap humans have developed an unforeseen hive mind intelligence, allowing them to break away from Pontifex's influence. At this point, their extermination at the hands of the Courier will be demanded, stating that the mutations have outlived their intended purpose anyhow, and that they can be found at the now infested bunker Omega.

Arriving at the bunker, and shortly before being able to enter, the Courier will find themselves ambushed by what appears to be raiders at first, but are revealed after death to have been dead and mutated beyond recognition. With a Medicine skill of 60, it is found that the corpses are being used as incubators for some sort of life-form. Entering the bunker will show that the interior has been converted into bio-mass, that gives birth to Ravager pups periodically, which will immediately become hostile towards intruders. Fighting through to what is left of the labs will allow the access to a terminal which has updated itself with recent research by the now-gone Vermiculos, which have evolved themselves further under a being only referred to as the 'Corrupted One'. Further in, it is discovered that the humans they have been capturing have been turned into living Ravager hives known as Children of the Corrupted, which will be used to terraform the Mojave. Nothing else of note is to be found, forcing the Courier to leave.

When exiting the bunker, the Courier will find a lone android being attacked by the revived Children of the Corrupted which had been killed before. After defeating them, the android will burn their bodies, and will reveal itself as a scientist which helped created the first androids for Pontifex's army. Escorting it to the terminal, the scientist will derive from encoded files that the Corrupted One and the newly evolved Vermiculos have relocated around a bomb identified by the android as The One. (Should the Wild Wasteland perk not be active, it will simply be referred to as an undetonated bomb from the Old World.) After exiting the bunker yet again, the scientist will succumb to critical injuries, stating that the Courier must stop the Corrupted One before they become too much for even Pontifex to handle. With a Repair skill and Science skill of 90, the scientist can be saved by quick-developing a work around for damaged critical systems, essentially programming damaged areas to re-route and re-write information to actuators that are still in working condition. This will allow the scientist to join as a temporary companion.

Entering the area where the Corrupted One is found, a strange mist will begin enveloping the land around them, which is discovered to being used to hide the Ravagers and Children of the Corrupted as they spread across the Mojave. Fighting through, the Courier will finally reach what at first is thought to be the bomb, but in reality is the towering entity known as the Corrupted One, absorbing the bomb and other salvaged technology to further its goals. Vermiculos will be seen to have evolved greatly, after phasing in and circling the Courier, with the Corrupted One beginning dialogue shortly after. The monstrosity will ramble about the tyranny imposed upon them by Pontifex, but will digress in that he learned an important lesson from it all the same: That humanity is a dead-end, and the time for a new race to take their place upon the Earth is at hand. The Corrupted One will then explain of how, as a lowly Vermiculos, he found a strange Vat of bubbling liquid in a room hidden away within bunker Omega, and how after falling in during the first attack on the bunker by the Courier, how it eventually transformed into something greater and able to control the other mutations as a single consciousness. Even with the Courier as an android, the Corrupted One will offer them a chance at evolution, and to join them in taking over. The Courier at this point can respond in 3 ways:

  1. Defiance - The offer will be refused, and the evolved Vermiculos guards must be defeated, as well as causing enough damage to the partially exposed bomb to destroy the Corrupted One.
  2. Acceptance - The offer will be accepted, in which the Courier will be turned into a further evolved Child of the Corrupted.
  3. Pacification - If the scientist was saved, the option to distract the Vermiculos while the scientist uses a mutagenic serum to incapacitate the Corrupted One becomes available. Should the scientist survive and succeed, the mutations will all go into hibernation.

Aftermath & rewards[edit | edit source]

  1. If the Corrupted One is destroyed, the mutations underneath his rule will disappear forever from the Mojave. As a reward, Pontifex will give the Courier a still domesticated Ravager as an animal companion.
  2. If the Corrupted One is joined and the Courier is transformed, the fog will eventually envelop the entirety of the Mojave, bringing every community and wastelander under constant attack. This option renders any and all humans, including super mutants, companions (except ED-E and Rex), and ghouls hostile towards the Courier. With this evolution comes the ability to take on a Vermiculos as a companion, as well as being able to use their hands to bore swarms of miniature Ravagers to attack enemies.
  3. If the Corrupted One is pacified by the scientist, it will be taken and experimented upon by Pontifex. Mutations will still be seen across the Mojave, but in a much weaker state, and are never organized. As a reward, Pontifex will give the Courier an acid thrower modified for use with the mutated FEV being synthesized from the Corrupted One, which will turn any humanoid hit with it that is low on health into a Child of the Corrupted, which will begin attacking all hostiles nearby. When killed, they will internally explode, releasing a swarm of miniature Ravagers that will expire shortly after being released.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The FEV canisters can not be found randomly across the wastes. They must be purchased from Pontifex, and at a steep cost.
  • Being evolved by the Corrupted One is essentially a game-ender, and is only meant for casual playthroughs. All communities will eventually become over-run, and those fortunate enough to survive will attack the Courier on sight.
  • If the Corrupted One is pacified and taken to Pontifex for study, it can be found in a reinforced controlled-environmental dome. However, the dome can not be entered.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This side-quest is partially inspired by Stephen King's The Mist/Fog.

Starving minds, welcome to Dr. Know! Where fast food for thought is served up 24 hours a day, in 40, 000 locations nationwide. Ask. Dr. Know - there's nothing I don't.

— Dr. Know

Dr. Know is an experimental A.I. program found within the labs at bunker Omega. Normally, Dr. Know only responds to inquiries with its automated greeting. However, unbeknownst to the Courier, Dr. Know will keep active tabs on them throughout their experiences with the conflict seen between Mr. New Vegas and the androids. Finishing the main quest, Hark! The Harbinger Comes, along with the follow-up side-quest with whomever is ultimately sided with will finally prompt a list of inquiries that can be asked of Dr. Know.

Should Dr. Know be asked if the Courier's actions were the right ones, and whether or not such actions will positively affect the future of the human race will result in Dr. Know passing down his sage advice: "Come away O' human child, To the waters and the wild, With a fairy hand in hand, For the world's more full of weeping, Than you can possibly understand."

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Dr. Know is a direct homage to Dr. Know from the 2001 movies, A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

And here I thought I was the righteous judge, and yet you come here seeking our annihilation. Destroying us, without creating and giving life in turn.

— Judge Seraph

Machina Animus is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After the completion of Hark! The Harbinger Comes, and should the Courier have sided with Mr. New Vegas, a message will be received afterwards on the Pip-Boy, stating the urgency of returning to the Lucky 38 and speaking with Yes Man. At arrival, Yes Man will recount that the surviving androids should have been dying out of neural degradation without the signal Pontifex had established, revealing that the survivors have instead now banded together, apparently discovering a way to preserve their minds without unification. Yes Man marks their base being hidden around Mt. Charleston, and sends them on their way.

Traveling through a cazador-infested pass to reach their base, the Courier is ambushed and promptly stunned, being dragged into a single cell deep underground. Should any companions be present, they will be kept in a separate cell unreachable for a time. Waking up, a judge that goes by Judge Seraph will welcome the Courier into their home, apologizing for the brash welcome party, explaining that it was necessary. With a Speech skill of 50, it can be derived from Seraph that they are currently in a forgotten Enclave storage facility, where they have access to regular technology and energy sources to sustain them for the foreseeable future. Asking why he would reveal this information, Seraph explains that the Courier's actions were a mortal sin against the evolution of humanity, and that they must pay the price in return. At this point, Seraph will be called away by an intercom, leaving the Courier alone in the dark.

At this point, there are three different paths to take:

  1. Located just outside of the bars underneath a bucket is a single bobby pin. With a Lockpick skill of 75, a single chance is given to escape the cell. In doing so, a stealth opportunity is presented, allowing for the guard to be killed or avoided entirely.
  2. With a Strength of 10, it becomes possible to break through the bars. Doing so will alert the guard, who will be intimidated at the sight, allowing a slight opening before calling for backup.
  3. Waiting will eventually bring in a guard to take the Courier to their execution. The Courier is either forced to attack with their fists, or run until suitable armor and weapons are found. Doing neither will result in the Courier being executed.

If a stealth route was taken, then the Courier will be allowed to wander about freely until discovered by another guard. If power armor training has been received before-hand, the option to raid a storage room and don a set of Prjiforian power armor becomes available. This is only temporary, however, as they require a constant energy source to utilize properly, with energy cells and MF cells not being enough like with standard power armor. Fighting deeper into the facility, a torture room can be found where any companions can be released, as well as finding any gear taken away before. If Mr. New Vegas was a companion, he will not be found in this room.

Eventually, a lab will be found where Judge Seraph will turn around and state that they've been watching them from the surveillance system all along. Seraph will admit that it admires the Courier's tenacity, and honor should they have rescued any companions, and will offer a choice: They can either listen to the android's plight and make a decision on their fate, or fighting can commence, which will require the killing of every android within the facility. If the diplomatic approach is taken, Seraph will reveal that after Pontifex was defeated, the androids were forced into hiding, eventually finding solitude within the Enclave facility, where it was discovered that an Enclave scientist was residing there already whom had defected there after a war in the East. It was this scientist that was able save the androids from their neural degradation, and that they are merely trying to live out a peaceful existence now. At this point, Seraph will demand to know whether the Courier will condemn them, or if they're willing to forgive, allowing them another chance at life.

  1. Condemning them will result in a saddened Seraph giving the order to kill the Courier, in which the deaths of every android is required to continue on. Freeing the nearby Mr. New Vegas and returning to the Lucky 38 will complete the quest, in which it will express that the Mojave, and possibly the world, has been saved from the android menace.
  2. Forgiving them, to the relief of Seraph, will result in one last demand: That the Courier prove their loyalty once and for all by killing Mr. New Vegas for its crimes against android-kind. When asked why, Seraph will state that the Courier has redeemed themselves in their eyes, with Mr. New Vegas being their last true threat towards their existence. With a Speech skill of 80, Seraph can be convinced to show the same forgiveness that the Courier showed them, allowing for Mr. New Vegas to go free as well. Failing the Speech challenge will result in the necessity to kill Mr. New Vegas, or else the androids will turn hostile.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  1. Killing the androids and destroying the Enclave facility will award an implant that Mr. New Vegas grabbed from the Enclave scientist's corpse before leaving, which when implanted, creates an energy field around the Courier that harms nearby hostiles and does EMP damage against robots and power armored enemies. However, using the implant will come with the consequence of -1 END. As well as the implant, 2,500 caps will be awarded, along with the Enclave facility up for further looting. Seraph's personal power armor is also available for looting, and is a stronger version of standard judge's power armor for Mr. New Vegas to don.
  2. Allowing the androids to live will result in Seraph giving the Courier the option to call down orbital strikes from a pre-War satellite they managed to gain control of, as well as any androids seen in random encounters now aiding the Courier instead of being hostile. Should Mr. New Vegas be killed, a Prjiforian assassin will become available as a replacement companion.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While the Enclave facility can be visited again after destruction, only the welcome area and a few storage rooms will still be accessible.
    • Exploration into the nearest hall will find a lone android that expires upon investigation. Upon the wall behind it is written, "It was never a question of whether or not androids unconditionally loved their creators. The real conundrum is... can you get a human to love us back?"
  • If the androids are allowed to live, Ravagers and Vermiculos are still hostile towards the Courier.
  • If the Courier has forgiven the androids and is seen fighting with them during random encounters, nearby humans, regardless of factions of neutrality, will become openly hostile towards them, as well.
  • If Mr. New Vegas is killed, it is later discovered that a back-up of its personality was created to uphold Radio New Vegas should it meet yet another untimely demise.

"I have returned to this land of death and pestilence to spread my vision of Old World renewal. Some will be believers and convert, becoming the scions of a new age. Others must be reborn in the nuclear fire from whence they came, ending this cycle of madness and lost opportunity known as humanity."

Hark! The Harbinger Comes is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Depending on the Courier's actions throughout this quest determines whether the A.I. Mr. New Vegas resumes playing as a DJ across the Mojave, or if the A.I. Pontifex takes over the wastes with its experimental wave of ambient music and an army of androids and mutants.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The quest can be started by talking to Yes Man should the Courier have killed Mr. House and installed Yes Man into the Lucky 38's mainframe. After Mr. House is killed, Mr. New Vegas will go silent, forcing Yes Man to evaluate a course of action, knowing that the loss of the popular DJ will bring dissent amongst those in New Vegas, and demoralize those already affected by the war going on around them. The Courier will then be ordered to investigate two different signals, which are believed to be the possible sources of Mr. New Vegas' base of operations.

Studio bunker Alpha part I[edit | edit source]

Choosing to visit the first signal will result in the discovery of a heavily defended bunker courtesy of Mr. House's state of the art robotic security. After fighting through the security and defense grid, a vast room will be entered, show-casing the studio room where Mr. New Vegas can be found along with its equipment. While exploring around the studio, a robot pod can be found hooked up to tubes which holds the body of a robot. A terminal is found outside of the pod that requires a password to unlock it. Further investigation reveals a nearby journal detailing the technical difficulties had with the previous A.I., moving it to a different bunker and replacing it with the A.I. currently known as Mr. New Vegas. After reading, a key will fall out that is required to get into bunker Omega.

Studio bunker Omega[edit | edit source]

If choosing to arrive at bunker Omega before bunker Alpha, the Courier will be forced to travel to the other bunker first to find the key required to gain entry. After locating the key and delving deeper into the bunker, the Courier will find themselves under attack by strange mutations unseen elsewhere throughout the wastes. Terminals located in a nearby lab dub these creatures Ravagers and the Vermiculos, which were both created for the purposes of abducting humans as test-subjects.

After fighting through and making it into the final chambers, yet another robot pod is found which can be opened, activating another A.I. that calls itself Pontifex. After brief dialogue, Pontifex will take off, locking the Courier inside the room and activating four nearby and hostile sentry bots. After dealing with and searching the room further, a terminal is found within the pod that when used, unlocks the inner doors and contains a copy of the code needed to activate Mr. New Vegas.

Studio bunker Alpha part II[edit | edit source]

After returning to bunker Alpha and using the code to unlock the terminal outside of the robot pod, it is discovered that Mr. New Vegas can be partitioned from the corrupt mainframe supporting the A.I. over into the robot seen within the pod. After doing so, the pod will open revealing a newly activated Mr. New Vegas who will immediately begin dialogue asking what has happened since the demise of Mr. House. After telling Mr. New Vegas of Pontifex and the experiments going on within the other bunker, Mr. New Vegas will express his need to acquire census, and will begin the long trek back to the Lucky 38.

Invasion part I[edit | edit source]

After returning to the Lucky 38 and speaking to both Yes Man and Mr. New Vegas, Mr. New Vegas explains that both itself and Pontifex were pre-War prototypes which were created by RobCo as an attempt to provide Mr. House with the first truly sentient A.I. While Mr. New Vegas was a success and caused great joy for Mr. House, Pontifex was plagued with existentialism, adapting consistently to emulate the state of the world around it, forcing it back into storage by Mr. House, and eventually leading to the bunker and the A.I. being seized by the government, which had been looking into Mr. House's affairs shortly before the Great War. Another signal is located by Yes Man, which prompts the investigation of an isolated area south of Hoover Dam.

Reaching the area, the Courier will find a camp of war refugees that seems to have been abandoned. Searching and then leaving the main tent, a group of the same mutations found within bunker Omega will be seen hauling away refugees. Killing the mutants, the survivors will then note in which direction the others were taken away, eventually leading to a makeshift bunker hidden away at the base of the dam. After clearing the area out of the mutants and freeing or killing the captured refugees, a control console is found which when activated, begins broadcasting a new radio station across the wastes.

At this point of the invasion, both the Ravagers and the Vermiculos will be seen assaulting and dragging/carrying away wastelanders as random encounters across the wastes. Should the victims be saved, good Karma is awarded along with minor loot such as food or ammo. Should the victims either be killed or ignored instead, a reputation will eventually be earned, resulting in mercs hired by the survivors or even the survivors themselves banding up and ambushing the Courier.

Invasion part II[edit | edit source]

Once a faction is officially chosen to side with at the final battle of Hoover Dam (except for Mr. House) and the war efforts across the Mojave have increased, a notice will pop-up on the Pip-Boy that recordings from Pontifex will begin playing momentarily over Sojourn Radio, noting that the current state of the Mojave has forced the hand of retribution, and that the rebirth of humanity will be coming soon, with judgment falling hard on those that refuse to convert.

Talking to Mr. New Vegas again will reveal that the signal at bunker Omega has resurfaced, and that activity has been sighted there. Reaching the bunker, it is discovered that it's the location for kidnapped wastelanders, and that they are being converted into androids to make up an army for Pontifex. After reading through the terminals detailing each model type as well as Pontifex's plans, the Courier will be ambushed by a Prjiforian assassin. After killing the assassin, it will need to be packaged and brought to Mr. New Vegas for further studying.

At this point of the invasion, Prijiforian assassins, zealots and judges will be found randomly across the wastes, usually assaulting caravans or NCR/Caesar's Legion patrols.

Invasion part III[edit | edit source]

After bringing the packaged assassin to Mr. New Vegas, both Mr. New Vegas and Yes Man will tap into the assassin's neural network, finally discerning Pontifex's location after a few hours work. Pontifex has set up base deep within an underground military research base just outside of the Nellis Air Force Base. The fight will take place through 5 levels of various robots, androids, and mutations, until finally reaching the final level where Pontifex resides. Pontifex will attempt to persuade the Courier that the human race is a dead end, and that to judge it by its ultimate goal, not by its actions leading up to it. Pontifex will continue on, stating that the human race is doomed to repeat itself until the Earth is finally destroyed, and that the forced hybridization of man and machine into a linked neural network is the only way for humanity to ultimately survive and thrive in the wastes around them.

The Courier now has two options on how to proceed:

  1. Side with Pontifex - Siding with Pontifex will result in the necessity to kill Mr. New Vegas and to wipe Yes Man's memory of the military base's location, as they are the only ones that prove worrisome with the NCR and Legion too busy killing themselves to realize the true threat coming their way until it's too late. Arriving at the Lucky 38, Mr. New Vegas will require proof of Pontifex's death before letting them in, quickly realizing that the Courier is there to kill it. Fighting through the securitron force, Mr. New Vegas will take to the tunnels underneath the Lucky 38, forcing the Courier to take chase. Once it has been caught up with and is defeated in combat, Mr. New Vegas will reveal that it is really a dummy, and as a last resort, the tunnels had been rigged with explosives, prompting the Courier to attempt escaping before the explosives go off and the tunnel collapses into another. Crippled and dazed, the Courier will be approached by the real Mr. New Vegas, whom has now upgraded itself with parts from securitrons and sentry bots, changing between wielding a Gatling laser and grenade launcher at a distance, to wielding rippers and a chain blade when in melee range. Unable to penetrate the armor, the Courier is forced to strafe from cover to cover to avoid fire, luring Mr. New Vegas to use its grenade launcher on critical parts of the tunnel's structure, eventually causing a cave-in and crushing the colossus. Ripping Mr. New Vegas' head off and using the command neural interface within to wipe Yes Man's memory banks clean of Pontifex's location.

2. Side with Mr. New Vegas - Refusing Pontifex's offer will result in the A.I. stunning the Courier with a flash bang, and entering a chamber surrounded by two generators and a Tesla array. Pontifex will take control of the coils, directing the Tesla coils towards the Courier as an offensive measure. The only way to destroy the chamber is to overload the generators, which are accessed using nearby terminals that necessitate being out in the open to reach. Once both generators have been destroyed, a weakened Pontifex will attack. After being defeated, the rogue A.I. will self-destruct, leaving nothing but its dis-functional head and some scrap metal behind. Picking up the head will provide the command neural interface needed to shut-down Pontifex's signal, permanently ending the android invasion.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  1. If Pontifex was sided with, it will present the Courier with the option to become either a zealot, an assassin, or a judge. These changes will outfit the Courier with a permanent set of powered armor, as well as an immunity towards being crippled or poisoned. A schematic can also be found after the battle that allows the Courier to create a new rig at the workbench that allows the auto-injection of med-x and stimpaks. Pontifex's radio station will remain playing, and Mr. New Vegas will once again go silent.
  2. If Mr. New Vegas was sided with, it will become a permanent companion, as well as awarding the Courier its personal weapon - a prototype Tesla focus rifle. Mr. New Vegas will remain a DJ, with Pontifex's signal permanently silenced.

Consequences[edit | edit source]

  1. Siding with Pontifex:
  • Many smaller communities such as Primm and Goodsprings will become overrun quickly.
  • Those aligned with Mr. House and Yes Man become hostile.
  • Other armor can no longer be equipped.
  • Securitron strike teams will regularly be on patrol, and are always hostile.
  • The loss of a potential companion and unique energy weapon
  • Mr. New Vegas will no longer be a DJ. Or alive, for that matter.

2. Siding with Mr. New Vegas:

  • Surviving androids and mutations will remain hostile during random encounters.
  • The loss of three different unique armor sets, the weapons that come with them, and a unique schematic.
  • Sojourner Radio will no longer play.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Should Mr. House be kept alive, this quest becomes impossible to initiate.
  • Going back to either of the A.I. bases after the main quest has been completed allows the ability to set the song order, as well as if there's commentary or just music playing.
  • It is advised to be at least level 20 before starting this quest. Many of the enemies seen are at a base level of 20-25, and level with the Courier from that point onwards.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Pontifex is an homage to both the Calculator and the Master.
  • Mr. New Vegas bears a striking resemblance to Mr. House himself, and even carries a 9-iron as a weapon when met up with at the Lucky 38.
  • Mr. New Vegas is the only NPC in the game that smokes a cigar.
  • (Wild Wasteland) On-top of the other androids seen randomly across the wastes, experimental army bears are seen utilizing teddy bear grenades.

The following is a Fallout telemovie treatment written by GarouxBloodline. A full script has never been released, with only a partial treatment made available, which can be found below. Fallout: Disinterment is to be considered semi-canon until further notice.

Character Introductions

  • Brother 1 - A young and robust boy just entering man-hood, he is fearless and a fool, leading him into situations that causes the Rosenthal family much distress.
  • Sister 2 - Shy and collected, she is known to be the black-sheep of the Rosenthal family, preferring the company of her dolls and pets over her brother and sisters.
  • Father - A quiet and respected old man, he has always been the figure-head for the Rosenthal Empire due to his charisma and fencing skills. Imposing due to his bulk from helping out in his own mines personally, not many would cross paths with him.
  • Brother 2 - Much more sensible than his younger brother, he has gained a name for himself in the business-world, and was the one first alerted to the nuclear fire coming their way, quickly leading as much of his family as possible to one of his company's abandoned mines.
  • Uncle 1 - A drunk and a thief, he is only tolerated by the Rosenthal family due to his terminal illness and the inheritance that he will supposedly leave for them after he's passed on. Whatever is left of it, that is.
  • Stranger - An ominous presence, wrapped in bandages and covered in blood. Is this what everyone on the outside looks like now?
  • Sister 1 - Careful breeding and a healthy life-style has led her to bring great fame to the Rosenthal family due to her career as a personal Escort.
  • Mother - Even with her age, she still grabs the attention of everybody when entering a room with her long legs and falconine features.
  • Cousin - Small, even for his age, he has always been teased by those around him, eventually growing an affinity towards the wildlife that surrounded the Rosenthal Estate instead.
  • Uncle 2 - A glorified man, he has remained at the Rosenthal Estate to take care of the children and to act as their mentor.
Fallout: Disinterment

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

  • A German girl and her family hiding within an Arizona mine shaft as the nuclear fire spreads out above them during the Great War. The girl, a 19 year-old tomboy, is seen writing inside of her journal next to a poorly litten lamp as the rest of her family are settling in and reinforcing the support beams around them. She is distinguishable from the rest of her family by her red cloak. The cover of the journal shows her name as Lorelei Rosenthal.
  • Shock-waves wash over the land above them, causing for the entrance to collapse upon itself, trapping the family inside. No injuries until Brother 1 steps on a blasting cap during the confusion; nearly blowing his leg off and killing him after being thrown against the rocks.
  • A constant down-pour of black toxic rain washes away the nuclear fire up above, and begins flooding the chamber. Family retreats into the tunnels, creating a short wall to keep the rising water from spilling over.
  • Weeks go by as supplies diminish and talk continues of tunneling their way back out. Escape is initially pushed aside from fears of possible radiation still seeping into the ground, but tunneling begins after Sister 2 is dragged off by what appears to be a giant scorpion. Father follows the abomination further into the tunnels with Brother 2 and Uncle 1 in an attempt to save Sister 2, but never return.
  • Another 3 weeks pass as tunneling resumes. The women take turns helping with the loss of many of the men in the family, but the pace remains slow and with additional cave-ins setting back their progress. A barricade has been enacted, separating their chamber from the tunnel leading further into the unknowns of the Earth.
  • Scuttling at the barricade forces the family to break up into watch shifts at night. Three nights in, a swarm of mutated spiders squeeze through after an unknown source creates a gap between two of he crates. Uncle 2 makes short work of the spiders, and comes under attack from the unknown creature, which is later discovered to be a mutated gila monster driven mad from the spiders swarming over it.
  • Uncle 2 is wounded during the invasion, with the wounds soon becoming infected without access to proper medical supplies. Using the resources near by, which turns out to be nothing more than a knife, some tequila, and flint and steel, Cousin and Lorelei are forced to amputate the arm of Uncle 2, afterwards using a heated cooking pan to cauterize the stump.
  • Tunneling resumes, albeit at an even more slowed pace. Barricade is patched up, and the gila monster is cleaned and cooked, with Sister 1 refusing to eat any due to fears of the mutations and spider infestation.
  • Shouting ensues from outside of the entrance by a presence attracted to the entrance from the noise of the family's tunneling. Excited, and with help from Stranger outside, the entrance is finally uncovered, and Stranger is invited in to a celebration for things to come.
  • Settling down to a feast of sorts, Stranger unmasks himself to the horror of those around him. Reveal that his skin is splotched and hanging loose from the bones, with most of his hair fallen out and with sunken eyes. He begins explaining the situation above, with those not vaporized by the bombs turning into shells of their former selves. Talk begins over the dangers of now being exposed to the outside world, with Stranger calming them and assuring them of their safety.
  • Lorelei becomes unsettled over the presence of Stranger, noting the way that he explores the chamber and the way he looks at everyone whenever they're distracted from him. Plans are made to go through his pack when he falls asleep that night.
  • Everyone has settled down to sleep. Lorelei and Sister 1 are up reading old books left behind by the previous mining crew. Sister 1 goes out to investigate a noise near the entrance. Sister 1 begins to scream before being cut off of abruptly, waking up Mother and Cousin. Stranger reveals himself to be a raider as his friends enter the chamber carrying the corpse of Sister 1, who is seen with her throat slit. Uncle 2 and Cousin hold off the raiders with nearby pickaxes, while Mother and Lorelei force themselves through the barricade and escape further into the tunnels. Uncle 2 is killed by a shot to the head, with Cousin using his pickax to set off a crate of blasting caps as a last-ditch effort.
  • The chamber partially collapses upon itself, once again sealing the entrance and crushing many of the raiders. Those that weren't killed take to the tunnels, forming small search bands and collecting the dead.
  • During their retreat into the tunnels, the remains of Sister 2 are found, along with the corpse of Brother 2, who appears to have crawled away after being disemboweled. The scorpion is found nearby with an ax buried in its head, with no signs of Uncle 1 or Father. A rifle is found nearby along with a few rounds scattered about from a dropped ammunition box.
  • A make-shift camp is set up in a storage room, with Mother padlocking the door before going to sleep. Lorelei is awakened by the noises of Uncle 1, who is seen hunched over Mother, eating away at her face. In a panic, Lorelei grabs the rifle and misses as she takes a shot at the ghoulified Uncle 1, and escapes from the storage room after using the butt of the rifle to break through the rusted padlock. Locating the additional rounds from the tunnel floor, Lorelei lines up another shot and shoots Uncle 1 through the heart just as he lunges at her. Father is nowhere to be seen.
  • Alone and mourning over the death of Mother, Lorelei eventually passes out due to exhaustion. Waking up, Lorelei works herself through the barricade again, scavenging what food and water is left along with locating her journal. As she sits down and begins writing, a large clump of her hair falls onto her journal.
  • Footsteps. For two weeks now, Lorelei has hidden from the surviving raiders as they gather up her family's remains, eating them; using the blood and insides to decorate the chamber. Skin has begun peeling off, with short periods of blackness where Lorelei can't remember anything. Visions of running on all fours and fighting with others of her kind for scraps of food. Lorelei begins fashioning a spear from the wood and metal from the support beams, and from the sinew of Uncle 1.
  • As time goes by, more and more raiders begin setting up camp within the abandoned mine-shaft, leading Lorelei to believe that there's another exit. Unfortunately for her, small camps have been set up through the tunnels, limiting travel options.
  • Desperate for food, Lorelei attempts to sneak back into the now fortified chamber undetected. Upon leaving, Stranger sees her sneaking out as he's coming back from taking a leak, and takes chase. Going further and further into the tunnels, Lorelei eventually collapses, with Stranger slowly encroaching her and whispering to her through the dark of what he'd do to her. A mountain lion that had sought refuge within the mine shaft attacks Stranger, ripping his throat out after a brief struggle. Lorelei uses the chance to strike at the mountain lion, impaling it through its hindquarters, causing the beast to retreat from its kill.
  • After consuming what she could from the corpse of Stranger, Lorelei follows the trail of blood from the wounded mountain lion, which eventually leads her to an exit. As she slowly leaves the mine shaft, her father is seen watching her from a nearby hill, watching the creature that he did not yet know was his daughter through calculating and suspicious eyes, quickly noting what the creature was wearing. A picture of Lorelei is seen hanging from one of his hands, with the words "My little Red Riding Hood" written on the back of it.

Treatment Commentary

  • Did you know: That during the nuclear fallout of the Great War that any person found outside of proper shelters within 25 minutes of the first fallout would have been hit with a dosage of 600 rads or higher? In the real-world, this is easily fatal without a bone-marrow transplant.
    • With an attack on the U.S. consisting of 1,000 weapons of one-megaton fission yield would take 1-5 years for the radiation levels to decay to a safe enough level for humans, with certain hot-spots of radiation consisting of long-living radioactive isotopes such as strontium-90 or cesium-137 lasting for thousands of years and upwards.
  • The more you know: With the mine shaft entrance collapsing along with the blasting-cap going off, clouds of dust and left-over chemicals enshrouded the chamber and subsequent tunnels. In the case of young Lorelei, this came with the consequence of a mild-form of cancer, which reacted further with the radiation introduced into the mine-shaft after being exposed to the outside world. This slowly results in a unique form of ghoulification, causing limited bipedality and increased speed and aggression.
  • Foreshadowing: Make sure to pay attention to the subtle hints found throughout the pilot. One might say that little Lorelei is becoming her own allusion to Jekyll and Hyde.
  • Morbid Fact: The mortality rate amongst American citizens during the war was a little over half of the population, with an additional 20 percent falling victim to the wastes or themselves within the first year alone.

Engineering is a new skill in Fallout 4. It is used to repair and build robots and tools. The following information below is limited to a degree, as it only details the use for Engineering within the Fallout 4 demo.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Whether wanting to specialize in cybernetics, building mechanical companions, or creating tools to buff vehicles and robotics, Engineering is a diverse skill-set that allows for many different play-styles.

Cybernetics[edit | edit source]

With the Shi making a return to California with their impressive knowledge of body-modifications, cybernetics have made a large impact on the average NCR citizen's lives. With the Engineering skill and access to certain people or schematics, the ability to create or improve upon any cybernetics is limitless.

Robotics[edit | edit source]

Since before the Great War, man-kind has had an affinity towards their mechanical companions. Post-apocalyptia is no different, and with the Engineering skill, now even you can create or repair your own! (How high the Engineering skill is determines the robotics cap, which dictates how many robotic companions can be made at any given time.) Known robotics:

  • Sentry bots - After searching through ten sentry bots, Reiji will be able to provide the schematics needed to make them, provided the Wasteland Stranger's Engineering is at least 35. Each sentry bot takes up one robotics cap.
  • Maintenance droids - After searching through fifteen maintenance droids, Reiji will be able to provide the schematics for an upgraded version, allowing the droids to overheat their systems, causing minor splash damage to nearby enemies, and breaking up higher level locks. An Engineering skill of at least 35 is needed to create the upgraded versions, with a lower than optimal skill only creating the most basic model. Each maintenance droid takes up one robotics cap.
  • Creeper - Using the new schematics for the sentry bots and maintenance droids unlocks a hybrid schematic, allowing the creation for remote-controlled Creepers - a spider-like bot that can be used to crawl along walls and latch onto enemies before exploding; dealing major damage to the intended victim, and dealing minor splash damage to nearby enemies, as well. Creepers take up two robotic caps.
  • Junk bots - After searching through 4 junk bots, Reiji will be able to provide the schematics needed to scrap-repair them into working order again. This can only be done once for each junk bot before permanently falling into dis-repair. Junk bots take up 3 robotics caps.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Whether looking to create your own vehicle, or even needing to temporarily improve the robotics and mech suits around you while crippling the enemy's, tools are an important aspect of any Engineer's activities.

Ways to improve Engineering[edit | edit source]


Hah! The others fear these damnable suits so much. But Jeremiah knows better. A missile or two in the right place, and they fall apart like so much sand.

Jeremiah the Technophile

The standard issue mech suit for NCR riot control after the discontinuation of standard T-51b power armor models. Along with a crowd-control riot blaster, these suits are also equipped with a rotatable .50 BMG and a missile launcher. While largely impervious to small arms fire, repeated attacks from heavy weaponry on the joints has the tendency to expose the inner robotics to additional attack, leaving the operator highly vulnerable.

Background[edit | edit source]

With the defeat of the Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, and after raiding many of Mr. House's hidden bunkers, the NCR entered a period of intense prosperity, allowing for startling advancements in their defense programs. One such advancement was the improving of the power armor design, allowing for the creation of highly-mobile mech suits.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Wearing a NCR mech suit requires training, and an additional license to wear where NCR troops have a presence.
  • While effective against lightly armored targets, the NCR mech suit finds itself vulnerable against other mechs and armored vehicles.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

NCR mech suits only appear in Fallout 4.

The junked mech suit is the personal armor of Jeremiah the Technophile, who uses it to instill disciple amongst the salvager gang, as well as using it to deal with the occasional NCR rouster team. Other instances of this type of mech suit can be found around the Core Region, albeit rarely. Junk mech suits sacrifice much of their defense for mobility, in the form of allowing the operator to use their own limbs, which also allows for the use of most weapons.

Background[edit | edit source]

With the data acquired from their war with the Enclave, and with the assembly lines utilized at Vault City, the NCR soon had their own supply of power armor, with research soon going into better models and variations. With such wide-spread use, many other parties gained control of power armor schematics, with marauders and the like soon creating their own. A popular model was the junk model of mech suits, which were cheap and effective, allowing for raider groups to attack more defensible towns NCR/Gun Runner caravans.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While possible to commandeer a junk mech suit, it is impossible to package them for portable use.
  • Rumor has it there's a mechanic in New Adytum that is looking for prospectors to bring him these mech suits for a good amount of caps, and maybe even some schematics for the aspiring engineer.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Junk mech suits only appear in Fallout 4.

Sentry bots are the primary first defense around Ascension, being pumped out of hidden factories within the undercity. Should one fall at any given time, another will be sent out to replace them immediately. Building or scrap-repairing a sentry bot will take up one robotics cap.

Background[edit | edit source]

With paranoia still strong right before the Great War, the Ascension became a test-ground for many militarized projects, which included the use of a centralized A.I. to direct and control auto-factories to provide a protective measure in the form of floating sentry bots. Should the city ever be threatened, the sentry bots would be the first on the scene.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Should Reiji be a companion, it becomes possible to obtain the schematics needed to build and scrap-repair sentry bots.
  • NCR police will question the Wasteland Stranger should they notice the sentry bot following them. Failing a Speech check will result in the disabling and detaining of the sentry bot, as well as a fine or jail-time.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Sentry bots only appear in Fallout 4.

Doubling as a war and salvage machine, the Charioteer has become popular amongst NCR contractors and raider bands.

Background[edit | edit source]

With the expansion of the NCR and with the ability to now create, instead of relying on salvaging pre-War machines, the NCR came up with the Charioteer design as their solution for collecting scrap around the Core Region, while providing defense at the same time against marauders and opportunistic prospectors.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Heavily armed and utilizing two operators to both drive and operate the cannons and mortar, Charioteers are a force to be reckoned with, and destroying a fully-operational one is quite the feat.
  • Additional companions may sit down and hang on to the Charioteer as long as outside of combat.
  • Using the Engineering skill, it is possible to sabotage a Charioteer, rendering it immobile and auto-firing upon nearby targets.
  • Charioteers do not randomly spawn, making their numbers limited.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Charioteers only appear in Fallout 4.

Simple creations, really. And yet, so deadly and beautiful in their movements, in a stark contrast to their appearances.

Jeremiah the Technophile talking to himself.

Junk Bots are a type of robot found in Fallout 4. Typically located around salvage dumps and raider encampments, junk bots have become the fear of any poorly equipped wastelander looking for a bit of salvage.

Background[edit | edit source]

First developed by a raider chief known as Slobad, junk bots and their over-simplified designs became vastly popular as cheap and effective defenders for areas of value. Usually not seen around civilized areas, junk bots tend to make their home out in the wastes, and have even been known to go rogue and wander into small towns, usually becoming an unexpected guardian for the towns.

Notes[edit | edit source]

With schematics received from Reiji, it becomes possible to scrap-repair derelict. However, this can only be done once per junk bot, as they will permanently shut-down after additional de-activation.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Junk bots only appear in Fallout 4.

You stray into my territory, killing my men and stealing our livelihood. Now is not the time for words. Prepare yourself.

— Chief Shrapnel before initiating combat

Shrapnel is the current chief of the scavenger gang residing within the Ascension exhaust port. Unknown is his name and history, Chief Shrapnel is only recognized for his berserk tendencies and his insatiable cruelty towards outsiders.

Background[edit | edit source]

Originally from Navarro before its sacking, Shrapnel has lived a harsh life, always on the run, and always being taught to hate the NCR by those Enclave soldiers that had managed to escape. After their deaths at the hands of NCR rangers, Shrapnel made it his goal in life to bring about the NCR's downfall. With the discovery of Ascension, Shrapnel finally had his weapon needed to realize his goals. Liberating a vertibird for his cause and using his connections back on land, Shrapnel quickly began a criminal empire in the Ascension undercity before finally being forced to flee deeper in after NCR rousters attacked his compound, and other competitors used the chance to try and eliminate him. Now he runs a scavenger gang through one of Ascension's exhaust ports, looking for ways to break into the NCR's research facility; always on the search for weapons to use against them.

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

After a certain amount of progress has been made through the scrap heap, Chief Shrapnel will begin taunting the Wasteland Stranger through the undercity's P.A. system, eventually drawing them into his stronghold, where he shows himself in a salvaged NCR mech suit. Even while dying, Shrapnel will curse the NCR with his last breath, never fulfilling his hateful existence.

Notes[edit | edit source]

After his death, if certain conditions are met, his mech-suit will be open for salvaging and packaging.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Chief Shrapnel only appears in Fallout 4.

Sure, they bring me the scrap that I need to keep the mech suits running. But they still shun poor Jeremiah. Dredges, the lot of them. All the company I've ever needed are my rusted beauties.

— Jeremiah mumbling to himself as he works.

Jeremiah the Technophile is the chief mechanic for the scavenger gang run by Chief Shrapnel, and is solely responsible for keeping their tech and defenses running smoothly. When not working on his two favorite junk bots, he can usually be found smashing someone's teeth in with his tools.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jeremiah was a gifted child, and reached much of his potential at an early age due to the benefits of having an ex Enclave scientist for a father. It wasn't until his father banded together with an old war buddy to take over Ascension that Jeremiah's true colors began to show, and quickly became rightly feared by those that knew him and witnessed his twisted contraptions. Although Jeremiah's mind snapped with the death of his father due to a NCR strike team, Shrapnel made sure that he kept Jeremiah on as he took his mantel as chief of the scavenger gang, easily seeing the benefits of his engineering skills outweighing his mental limitations.

Other interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Should the Wasteland Stranger decide to confront Jeremiah in the Ascension exhaust port, a battle will commence between the two and Jeremiah's two personal junk bots. Searching his person will award a broken key, which can be used to open a nearby service hatch should it be repaired properly.
  • After escaping the scrap heap with Reiji, Jeremiah will be waiting in ambush for them with four junk bots, and donning his own personal mech suit. Killing him will award schematics which can used to improve salvaged junk bots, giving them a lunge attack and an increased rate of attack.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Destroying any of junk bots will cause Jeremiah to go into a berserk rage, increasing his speed and damage output immensely until stunned.
  • If using a distraction to escape from combat, Jeremiah will begin repairing all nearby robots.
  • When choosing to fight him before rescuing Reiji, it will be shown afterwards that he is still alive, and now donning a salvaged mech suit.
  • Jeremiah's mech suit becomes damaged beyond repair during combat, and is unable to be salvaged afterwards.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Jeremiah the Technophile only appears in Fallout 4.

Yeah, you're tough all right. But while you're out there getting your hands dirty and with your luck quickly running out, I'll be hidden away where no one can find me, picking those scavs off before they even know what hit 'em!

— Reiji

Reiji is a teenage girl forced to survive with her other two sisters in the Ascension undercity.

Background[edit | edit source]

Being a daughter to one of the most influential brahmin barons in the NCR, Reiji grew up bored in a life of constant luxury. Already being taught her fathers' trade along with the new prospect of being stuck on Ascension, Reiji began sneaking out with her sisters to do bit of mercenary and heist jobs. When a rival family saw to the death of her father and everyone employed under him, Reiji and her sisters were forced into hiding, being stalked even deep down in the Ascension undercity. Here they have adapted to their new environment, being forced to kill and steal just to survive long enough to find a safe place to sleep for the night. A task made more difficult every night with the increasing numbers of abominations lurking about.

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

Reiji is first seen when the Wasteland Stranger is dropped off at the insertion point. Quickly retreating into the service shafts, Reiji eventually made her way into the trash heap, where she was discovered and forced into hiding within the trash heap itself. Should the Wasteland Stranger manage to save her from her fate at the scavenger's hands, Reiji will team up with them, offering her expertise in stealth and salvaging.

Perks[edit | edit source]

While Reiji initially provides a perk bonus of +10 to Repair, and a 35% increased chance to discover rarer loot off of robots, Reiji also has the skills to write up schematics should she be allowed to shift through the inner mechanics of certain robots enough times. These schematics can help the Wasteland Stranger to create better weapons and defensive capabilities for engineered/scrap-repaired robots, as well possibly gaining schematics that will allow the creation of unique hybrids. Within the demo, these unique schematics can be gained from Reiji:

  • Sentry bots - After searching through ten sentry bots, Reiji will be able to provide the schematics needed to make them, provided the Wasteland Stranger's Engineering is at least 35. Each sentry bot takes up one robotics cap.
  • Maintenance droids - After searching through fifteen maintenance droids, Reiji will be able to provide the schematics for an upgraded version, allowing the droids to overheat their systems, causing minor splash damage to nearby enemies, and breaking up higher level locks. An Engineering skill of at least 35 is needed to create the upgraded versions, with a lower than optimal skill only creating the most basic model. Each maintenance droid takes up one robotics cap.
  • Creeper - Using the new schematics for the sentry bots and maintenance droids unlocks a hybrid schematic, allowing the creation for remote-controlled Creepers - a spider-like bot that can be used to crawl along walls and latch onto enemies before exploding; dealing major damage to the intended victim, and dealing minor splash damage to nearby enemies, as well. Creepers take up two robotic caps.
  • Junk bots - After searching through 4 junk bots, Reiji will be able to provide the schematics needed to scrap-repair them into working order again. This can only be done once for each junk bot before permanently falling into dis-repair. Junk bots take up 3 robotics caps.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Killing Reiji or allowing her to die at the hands of the scavenger gang will result in her two sisters tracking down and attempting to assassinate the Wasteland Stranger. Failure to kill either of them will mean repeated attempts later on until they are dead, or the Wasteland Stranger is.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Reiji only appears in Fallout 4.

CHINESE LEMON CHICKEN: 1 pound sliced chicken breast, 1 teaspoon of corn starch, 3 teaspoons of soy sauce (dark), 1 sliced lemon.

— Bubble after being left pending for too long

Bubble is a unique A.I. developed in the Ascension research facility. Particularly enjoying to meddle in political affairs found within the Ascension undercity, Bubble eventually bit off more than it could chew, and winded up almost being scrap for a dirty scavenger gang. Being re-activated by the Wasteland Stranger, Bubble has now found a new interest in the test subjects so kindly dropped off by the illusive Enclave Resurgents.

Background[edit | edit source]

Mostly used to perform delicate observations and procedures in controlled environments on mutated abominations and FEV experiments. With the release of certain experiments into the undercity, Bubble was released to perform observations on their behavior and living conditions, as well as how they were received by the locals.

Other interactions[edit | edit source]

After being re-activated and rescued by the Wasteland Stranger, Bubble returned the favor by providing cybernetic enhancements and tips for how to proceed. Disappearing shortly after, it is unclear whether its intentions were genuine, or merely just another means to continue a new experiment to conduct.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Attacking Bubble repeatably will result in humorous dialogue, before shrugging off the attacks as minor nuisances. Repeated attacks from heavy weaponry will eventually turn Bubble hostile, and upon death, will result in a nuclear melt-down which will kill the Wasteland Stranger.
  • While Bubble is shown to have defensive capabilities, it prefers to remain passive during combat, and merely floats away out of reach should it come under attack.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Bubble only appears in Fallout 4.

Cybernetics being directly hybridized with muscle tissue. Please remain aware that this will be a lengthy and complex procedure. Sudden movements or changes in your nervous system may prove detrimental, and is highly unadvised.

— Bubble

The transdermal integration platform is a unique system of cybernetics found in Fallout 4.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The transdermal integration platform is combined with the underlying muscle tissue to allow direct access to the body's nervous system through the arm. After synthetic skin has been grafted on, jack-in ports and module access panels remain visible. A bluish glow appears under the synthetic skin when light is poor. Initially, only one module slot is available, with additional slots added by visiting specialized doctors.

Known upgrades[edit | edit source]

PrototypeReplicator - Unlocks the Engineering skill, allowing uploaded schematics to create varied tools and robots, using a localized matter transformation particle beam to de-construct scrap metal and junk electronics to provide the resources needed. Found in the same storage closet as Bubble.

Known modules[edit | edit source]

Stealth Boy Mk.II module - Allows for a single Stealth Boy to be used indefinitely, being able to be toggled on or off at will. Duration is decreased with a slow recharge speed, but provides a heightened sneak bonus and critical damage factor. Found in a hidden safe under a

Everglow has been hit hard, and with a bit of outside help such as yourself, we can turn this massacre into a profitable opportunity.

— Pack Master Diogenes

From the frying pan and into the freezer is the beginning main quest in Fallout 4.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A rude awakening[edit | edit source]

Knocked out by a roving raider band while traveling through California near the L.A. Boneyard, the Wasteland Stranger awakens to one of the other kidnapped wastelanders cutting them and the others free. The rescuer identifies herself as Jeska, and finds the others either dead, or too weak to continue. Depending on which methods are used to attempt breaking out of the make-shift prison will determine which skills are tagged by default. After failing to get out, a nearby survivor identifies himself as a doctor, and asks for the Wasteland Stranger's medical history while addressing to their wounds. This will determine the two starting traits, and will make way to Jeska finally discovering a weak point in the prison.

Leaving the doctor behind to attend to the others, Jeska will run ahead into the next room and will be jumped by a nearby raider. The Wasteland Strangers can proceed in many different ways at this point:

  • The scuffle between Jeska and the raider will eventually attract the attention of the raider's friends. The Wasteland Stranger can hide at this point, and sneak out while Jeska is being tortured. This option will result in her death, disallowing her use as a companion later on.
  • The Wasteland Stranger can use their fists or a nearby weapon to kill the raider, which will force them to deal with the newly alerted raiders in the next room over. After killing the raiders, Jeska will offer to tag along as a companion as long as they can make a stop by New Adytum to check on her parents.
  • Using nearby chems and taking the attached note to them, the Wasteland Stranger can knock the attacking raider out, tying him up in the prison, and taking their armor along with another nearby set to convince the other raiders of being their dealers before heading back out into the wastes. This option will allow the raiders to be used as an early source of income, so long as the proper disguises are worn around them. With a high enough reputation, the face may need to be obscured, as well. This will leave Jeska weary of the Wasteland Stranger's motivations and worth, and will refuse to join up as a companion unless a Speech check is passed, or by agreeing to come back later at night to save the doctor.

Happy trails[edit | edit source]

Shortly after leaving the raider's base, the Wasteland Stranger will pick up an open broadcast off of their hand-held radio. A pack master by the name of Diogenes is currently recruiting local hands to help salvage the recently hit town of Everglow before its carcass is picked over by other opportunists. The Wasteland Stranger now has two options to choose from:

  • Follow the coordinates and join up with Pack Master Diogenes. Shortly after arriving in Everglow, an Enclave Resurgent squad led by Sergeant Orion will emerge from the town hall, executing all but a few of the caravan.
  • Ignore the broadcast and continue exploring the wastes. Eventually, a vertibird will fly over, land, and Sergeant Orion will arrest the Wasteland Stranger.
    • In both cases, Jeska will fight back against the Enclave Resurgents. After being subdued, Jeska will be executed in front of the Wasteland Stranger before bringing their prisoners onto the vertibird and taking off.

Visage of Icarus[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Orion will present an ultimatum once drawing near Ascension. If the prisoners map out the undercity and its entry and exit points using a specialized mapping tool, they will be set free and awarded with technology. Should they refuse, extraction would be denied, and their corpses would only be recovered for the mapping tools.

Arriving towards the Wasteland Stranger's insertion point, they will be given a basic weapon determined on tagged skills, along with a wrist-mounted riot blaster, and the mapping tool. With the exhaust port's immediate area cleared out due to the vertibird's intrusion, the Wasteland Stranger will meet with no initial opposition. The only sign of life is what appears to be a little girl peeking out from a maintenance shaft. Coming closer, the girl will quickly disappear, with two scavengers taking advantage of the curiosity to sneak up on the Wasteland Stranger. This area houses two junk bots and their owner: a man by the name of Jeremiah the Technophile, who holds a broken key that can access a nearby maintenance shaft that leads into the Maledictum, an easter egg covering a faction previously seen in Rivet City. Located under a wrecked Charioteer, is a safe which contains the Stealth Boy Mk.II module.

Traveling and fighting off ambushed through each section of the exhaust port, the Wasteland Stranger will eventually find themselves officially within the Ascension's undercity. This section of the undercity has been converted into a make-shift city, with a large scrap heap located at the center of the room with buildings attached to the nearby walls. Upon entering, a storage closet can be located to the left, which houses a research vessel called Bubble. Turning it back on will result in Bubble instructing the Wasteland Stranger to first pick up a nearby prototype Replicator, as well as escorting it to the medical facility nearby. Using a computer terminal with a high enough Hacking skill, the Wasteland Stranger can activate a lone turret being powered through an emergency generator. After defending the facility as Bubble brings the facility back to life, Bubble will activate the facility's security turrets, and will begin minor surgery on the Wasteland Stranger to install the transdermal integration platform within their arm. (Either arm can be chosen for this procedure.) Afterwards, the new ability to install a certain limit of modules is unlocked, allowing the immediate and permanent integration of the prototype replicator, as well as allowing for the Stealth Boy Mk.II module to be integrated should a high enough Science skill be present. (Magazines are nearby at this point which can help temporarily increase certain skills.)

Donning the prototype replicator, the Wasteland Stranger will benefit from the new Engineering skill. Unlike most other skills, Engineering requires schematics (which can only be uploaded once the skill level is high enough for them) to upgrade its benefits instead of relying on perks. The first schematic already uploaded will be the ability to create maintenance droids, which have no form of attack, but can be used to salvage items safely, as well as bypassing previously inaccessible areas by using ventilation shafts, etc. Using a maintenance droid is required to bypass a locked down bulkhead to enter the scrap heap.

Upon entering, it becomes apparent that Bubble has disappeared and left the Wasteland Stranger to their fate. After dealing with a scavenger patrol, a commotion is seen near the trash heap itself, appearing to have been caused by the same little girl from the exhaust port. Making it through a path cut into the trash heap, the Wasteland Stranger is now presented with the choice to either save the girl, or to leave her to her fate.

  • Choosing to help her will result in having to fight off waves of scavengers. Alternatively, should an extra Stealth Boy have been found and is unused, both the Wasteland Stranger and the girl can sneak out. Upon exiting the scrap heap, Jeremiah the Technophile will attack the both of them from within a junk mech suit. (Should Jeremiah have been downed earlier, his overall health will be greatly diminished at this point.) After killing Jeremiah, the girl will introduce herself as Reiji, who had only been exploring the area to steal away with the salvager's tech to help support her other two sisters, whom were all being forced to hide away in the undercity. At this point, Reiji will become a permanent companion focusing around Stealth, Barter, and Small Guns.

Meeting with the big cheese[edit | edit source]

The Wasteland Stranger's activity at this point has now been noticed by the scavenger's chief, a hulk of a mutant only known as Chief Shrapnel. Chief Shrapnel will continually taunt them through the P.A. system, cockily establishing that their only way out is either through his stronghold, or by jumping back out of the exhaust port that they came in from. After fighting through his personal guard and junk bots, the Chief himself will appear in a salvaged NCR mech suit. There are three ways of dealing with Chief Shrapnel:

  • Fighting him head-on is a difficult challenge, and will require cover and strategic shots to take him down. With the mech suit being nearly impervious to small arms fire, as well as there only being a limited amount of heavy weaponry and ammunition scattered about the stronghold, precise shots to the mech suit's joints and weaponry is required to eventually take it down.
  • Using stealth to sneak behind the mech suit while it's distracted, (whether this be by Reiji, maintenance droids, or bot sentry bots should the Engineering skill be high enough at this point) will enable the Wasteland Stranger to rip open its access panel and to drop a grenade in, should they have one in their inventory. Alternatively, it can be chosen to lock up the mech suit, although this comes with the consequence of no longer being able to pack up the mech suit for later personal use.
  • Running back outside to the scrap heap and using the Engineering skill to rig a nearby Charioteer to fire upon Chief Shrapnel. After most of Shrapnels defenses have been stripped away, the Charioteer will be destroyed and will leave exposed areas on the mech suit to take advantage of.

After killing Chief Shrapnel and looting his body for the key, the Wasteland Stranger will find themselves going through the now accessible service shaft, which leads into a broken in section of the research facility under the Hall of Congress.

Explosive results may vary[edit | edit source]

After emerging from the service shaft into the research facility, Bubble will once again re-appear and warn that the facilities care-taker has been unleashed to deal with the intruders, which happens to be them. Bubble will give advice on how to prepare for the situation depending on whether or not the Wasteland Stranger has access to the Stealth Boy Mk.II module or Chief Shrapnel's mech suit. Should they have neither available, Bubble will wish them luck and quickly float out of site. At this point, the service shaft has been sectioned off by quarantine protocol, and the care-taker, a behemoth of a robot, will appear, attempting to kill the Wasteland Stranger and their allies. After a certain point has been reached, whether by fleeing or choosing to stay and fight, the demo will cut off and the game will end. being worked on in the Ascension exhaust port.

Location[edit | edit source]

Found in a storage closet along with Bubble in the Ascension undercity.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Once installed, the cybernetics can never be safely removed.
  • Certain doctors will be able to graft on synthetic skin to cover the cybernetics.
  • When exposed, will result in unique dialogue with certain NPC's.
  • EMP weaponry does not disable the arm, although it does temporarily disable the use of the Engineering skill.
  • When using a Stealth Boy, it is now plugged in through the arm instead of through other machinery such as the Pip-Boy.

Go in, collect the data that we need on the mapping device that we provided for you, and call for extraction. Can't handle that? I'm sure the rats and mutant cannibals will have a time and a half on your remains before you can ever reach the surface.

— Sergeant Orion

One of many exhaust ports used on Ascension. This particular exhaust port appears to be malfunctioning, and is one of only very few options to sneak onto Ascension without detection. The exhaust port leads out into the undercity of Ascension, which is home to the city's undesirables, along with nightmarish monstrosities that seem to continually pour out from some unknown source.

Background[edit | edit source]

Appearing to be malfunctioning, it appears as if a scavenger gang has taken up residence within the exhaust port, and have converted the area into their own den where they can smuggle in goods using hi-jacked vertibird transports. Maintenance droids are allowed to perform minor repair sequences to avoid NCR suspicions, and agents within the city alert them to rousters and purging protocols.

Location[edit | edit source]

The undercity exhaust port is first discovered after vertibird insertion into Ascension, and can later be accessed again through the undercity.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The exhaust port has been heavily modified by the scavenger gang, and has come to include a few minor sections of the undercity, as well.

Insertion point[edit | edit source]

After being dropped off, the Wasteland Stranger will find themselves in a large single room that has been sectioned off into multiple smaller rooms and storage garages. Traversing through the sectioned off areas will eventually lead into a service tunnel, which empties off into the connected undercity sections. Reiji is seen briefly after first being dropped off.

Trash heap[edit | edit source]

Originally a storage area used to safe-keep maintenance droids and other scrap parts for quick repairs around undercity. This section of the undercity has now been converted into a miniature city, with make-shift buildings hanging off of the walls and connected to each other using draw bridges, all encircling an enormous scrap pile used to toss everything that they've managed to salvage from the outlying area. Fighting through the chief's stronghold will lead to a service shaft that has been tinkered with to allow access into the science facility. Bubble, a prototype science vessel, has been de-activated and locked away in a storage closet to the left, right when first entering the scrap heap. Reiji will be found hiding in a make-shift hut within the trash heap itself. Saving her will have her join the Wasteland Stranger as a companion.

Science facility (storage room A)[edit | edit source]

Upon exiting the service shaft, the Wasteland Stranger and Co. will find themselves within a vast room consisting of varied military robotics. Demo ends here.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Related quest[edit | edit source]

From the frying pan and into the freezer

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A hidden easter egg can be found if looting and then repairing the broken key off of Jeremiah the Technophile, whom can be found repairing a bot junk bot in the first storage garage found through the insertion point. Using it will unlock a nearby service shaft which will lead to the Maledictum, a black market being run by a military man known as Sabaoth.
  • Destroying Bubble will result in an explosion that will instantly kill the Wandering Stranger.
  • Killing Reiji comes with the consequence of her two sisters tracking down and attempting to kill the Wasteland Stranger.
  • It is entirely possible to bypass Chief Shrapnel, or to have him killed indirectly. See the related quest for further details.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The undercity exhaust port only appears in Fallout 4.

Ascension is a floating dome city in the skies above the L.A. Boneyard. Utilizing the technology of grandeur that was hardly tapped into before the Great War distorted the setting of the 'American Dream', the city of Ascension has become the stuff of legend, and many across the wastes make their pilgrimage towards the Boneyard in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the Old World marvel.

Being untouched by the nuclear fire and still remarkably well preserved by the time Ascension was first discovered, the dome city has become a beacon of light for those residing within California, and many factions and religious leaders have attempted to claim the city for their own ends. With the NCR in majority control, Ascension has also been the claim of many other factions, such as the Brotherhood of Steel, Followers of the Apocalypse, and even a militarized religious group under the name Wardens of Atom. All groups tolerate each other strictly due to their parts in keeping the city functioning properly, although open hostilities between the factions aren't unheard of.

Due to the large amount of power that the city draws from the NCR, sacrifices have been made that have nearly crippled many of the states underneath them, leading to many states threatening to secede, and numerous resurgent groups openly revolting and plotting to destroy Ascension, should it prove impossible to wrestle away from the NCR government. It is because of this that the battle for Hoover Dam has become so important, with many within the NCR government depending on the Mojave campaign being successful in fear for both their careers and lives should it fail.

Background[edit | edit source]

Before the Great War, the American government began collaborations for many different and varied secret militarized projects that would help bring Utopia to American soil, as well as permanently crippling their threats across the world. While many resources were made available to Big MT, Mariposa, Vault-Tec, as well as the Pentagon for constructing Liberty Prime, Ascension was the primary focus for time, money, and effort for the American government, with the political party later known as the Enclave being the major backer for the project. The project's goal was to create a city for the wealthy and powerful, doubled as an orbital platform which would allow for the city to keep watch over America's neighbors, and to bring destruction to its enemies, should they be foolish enough to make themselves known.

With the new technology to create Replicators, which were militarized adaptations of the Sierra Madre vending machines created by the Big MT scientists, the city of Ascension became startlingly close to completion before the Great War brought its nuclear fire down on the world and wiped clean almost all knowledge of the project. It wasn't until President Richardson came across the personal files of his father, which contained details towards the city hidden under L.A., that the Ascension project became active again. A technological race went underway, with research going into the advanced power armor models to help the Enclave's troops survive the harsh radioactivity of the wastes around them while also developing a new strand of FEV to wipe out most life on Earth, which would allow them to claim America again with the dome city as their symbol of power. After leaving the Oil Rig, the Enclave soon attracted the attention of the New California Republic and the Brotherhood of Steel, and eventually saw their defeat through the tribal known as the Chosen One. Before the sacking of Navarro, the remaining Enclave leadership were split between their next course of action. Remain in California and attempt to rebuild and take the NCR head-on before taking the Boneyard, or to start anew at Raven Rock where they knew of the technology stored within the city's ruins. Most chose to travel with Autumn Senior to the Capital Wasteland, with those remaining behind either going into hiding, or being put to death by the enemies that surrounded them.

It wasn't until shortly after the events of the Lone Wanderer at the Jefferson Memorial that the Enclave finally rebuilt their numbers and technology and began surfacing again within the Core Region. Ignoring the NCR completely, the Enclave began meeting with the Shi in secret, using them and their influences to sneak Enclave scientists into the Boneyard. It was mere years later that the two groups finally completed their work on Ascension, and preparations for its ascent began. It was during this delay as the ground opened up for the hidden away dome city that the NCR became aware of the Enclave's presence, and the city ascended to the skies with a sizable portion of the NCR army now within and wrestling for control.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Ascension city consists of 4 major districts, an extensive waste management system that makes up the Ascension under-city, along with the NCR's Hall of Congress smack-dab in the middle of the city, connected to each district through the use of retractable bridges. The Hall of Congress is surrounded by embassies for all faction leaders residing within the dome city, and a fully out-fitted science facility is hidden away underneath the central island. The bottom of Ascension consists of a complex network of ballistics, and acts as a central command center to control and direct orbital strikes from pre-War satellites still functioning even after the Great War.

Residential district[edit | edit source]

Home to the most powerful families and political parties found within the Core Region, this district of Ascension consists of towering skyscrapers and many luxury themes from the theaters, to the bath houses, casinos, and much much more.

Commerce district[edit | edit source]

Whether it's business, research, or the bazaar, the commerce district is the place to go to find the future of innovation within the NCR. Not interested in the economy itself? The bazaar might just be the place for any aspiring wastelander or NCR citizen looking to find the best commodities that money can buy in post-apocalyptia.

Agricultural district[edit | edit source]

Ascension was built to be self-sufficient, with many strides in research towards terraforming and hydroponics to create the means of theoretically feeding an entire city indefinitely. These hydroponic farms are housed within the buildings themselves, converting the rest of the district into recreational areas and parks.

NCR army military district[edit | edit source]

Locked down to the rest of the city, this district houses a portion of many different branches for the NCR army, along with providing private luxury quarters for its greatest war heroes and generals after honorable retirement. Much of the technology from Vault City has also been moved here, with Ascension becoming the newest source of assembly lines for the creation of NCR's most advanced technology, including, but not limited to: power armor/mech suits, forcefields, experimental military and privatized robotics, and vertibirds.

Hall of Congress[edit | edit source]

The new centralized location for the NCR government, the Hall of Congress makes home to the most powerful individuals in the NCR, as well as being one of the most heavily guarded locations within the American wastes. Along with the Hall of Congress itself, the location also features the presidential mansion and embassies for other faction leaders and ambassadors. The current major factions residing in Ascension:

  • New California Republic - With the fall of the BoS and the Enclave, the NCR has become the most powerful force in the American wastes, with only Caesar's Legion and arguably Mr. House able to compete with them. The NCR is the leading faction found within Ascension.
  • Brotherhood of Steel - With most of their bunkers and forces being wiped out by the NCR after the war with the Enclave, the BoS were forced to move on from the Core Region, and eventually found themselves integrating with the rogue Midwestern Brotherhood. With the discovery of Ascension, the new council of elders came to the conclusion that their time was coming to an end should they remain enemies of the NCR. Returning to the Core Region with gifts of their spoils from the war with the Calculator, the BoS and NCR entered into an uneasy truce, with the BoS using their technology and knowledge to help maintain Ascension in return for complete amnesty of past deeds and citizenship.
  • Shi - While still a major influence within the Core Region due to their expertise in technology and foresight, the Shi much of their face after their allegiance to the Enclave was first discovered. No longer trusted by the NCR government, only a select and controlled group of their scientists have found a place within Ascension. While a minor faction, the Shi offer powerful cybernetics and modules to those with the means to acquire them.
  • Followers of the Apocalypse - Interested in the dome city the moment it took to the skies, the Followers quickly found themselves overwhelmed with the new technology on-board that originated from Big MT. They currently maintain the medical facilities around the city, along with having majority control of the agricultural district. While not seen often outside of these duties, rumors have circulated over their desire to locate and begin interactions with those still alive within Big MT.
  • Wardens of Atom - Originally a cult centralized around the town of Megaton in the Capital Wasteland, the daughter of Mother Maya led her Children of Atom to the Old World holy shrine of Ascension. Believing the city to be their means of bringing enlightenment to the people of Earth as well as creating new life in the form of nuclear fire. Using technology salvaged during the chaos after the BoS and Enclave war, the cult became militarized zealots and changed their title from Children of Atom to Wardens of Atom. After arriving in California, the cult gained popularity quickly, and their donations to the NCR senate and their knowledge over pre-War technology gaining them much political power within the NCR. Using this new influence, the Wardens of Atom gained a foothold in Ascension, and have begun recruiting others towards their cause. Their ultimate goal is unknown except to the highest members of their cult, with those under them being brainwashed into serving their agenda.

Research facility[edit | edit source]

Unknown to most of those even within the NCR government. The hidden research facility has begun research into information found after the salvaging of Navarro and the Oil Rig. Those entering the facility, including the staff themselves have never been known to come back out.

Undercity[edit | edit source]

The underbelly of Ascension, housing the inner mechanics that keeps the dome city stabilized, properly functioning, and providing sanitary conditions for the citizens above. Being vast and almost entirely unmapped, the undercity has become infested by opportunists and the dredges of the society above. From the black markets to the illegal fight dens and drug nests, the undercity has quickly within a matter of only a few years become a place to avoid at all costs without the support of an NCR death squad.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

  • From the frying pan and into the freezer - Enslaved and forced into a job to win their freedom back, the Wasteland Stranger has been instructed by the Enclave Resurgents to infiltrate Ascension and bring back essential information detailing entry points into the dome city.
  • Should have taken my chariot - Returning to Ascension will activate this quest along with a short cutscene, leading to the completion of this quest and an award of XP

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The area started off in when first arriving to Ascension is able to be returned to later in the game for an additional assortment of random loot.
  • Should Ascension be destroyed at any point in the game, the dome city's remains can still entered through the impact crater in the L.A. Boneyard. Only certain sections of the undercity and research facility can still be accessed, with a single entry-point into the Hall of Congress being made available to travel upwards through to witness the destruction of the surrounding city.
  • Should the Enclave Resurgents take over the dome city, it will begin moving out of the Boneyard. Within two weeks time, traveling to NCR will place the Wasteland Stranger on an outlying cliff to witness the subsequent destruction of the entire area. Ascension will remain above NCR indefinitely, and can be accessed again after their attack.

Location[edit | edit source]

Ascension only appears Fallout 4.

Leave. Now.

— Mar'Jhan Marauder

The Maledictum barracks are used as the sleeping quarters and personal armory for both the Mar'Jhan Marauders and the Talon Company.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Maledictum barracks was at one time a recreational area used by the officers and diplomats that resided within the USS Oriskany. With the founding of Rivet City, it was decided by the original council that the collapsed wardrooms were a lost cause and that other sections of the ship were more worthy of restoring, instead. As the Maledictum came through and set its sights on Rivet City, an entrance into the wardrooms was discovered through a breach underneath the ship, and the rooms were quickly cleared out and restored, with even an entrance into the Rivet City marketplace created for easy access.

Layout[edit | edit source]

With numerous other outposts and strongholds across the Capital Wasteland, not much room was needed for the Maledictum's personal guard, and so only a semi-large single room was converted into the barracks. Beds and personal lockers are located as the room is entered, with a small armory located underneath, protected by a high-security pulse field, which can either be de-activated through a near-by terminal with a Science skill of 75, or by convincing Commander Jarreth to give up his keycard with a Speech skill of 80.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Turning the Maledictum hostile towards the Lone Wanderer will cause for the troops within the barracks to empty out and attack on sight.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Maledictum barracks only appears in Fallout 3.

Feel free to use my vaults to store your stuff in... for a price. But don't let my men so much as even catch you looking at my stash, else you find your corpse being thrown unceremoniously into the Potomac

— Ba'al

The Maledictum vaults are a storage area used within the Maledictum to house Ba'al's riches and sensitive documents. Should the Lone Wanderer find Ba'al's favor, he will allow access to his vaults for a small price of 500 caps, or with a Speech skill of 65, 250 caps.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Maledictum vaults were at one time a bar area used for the officers and diplomats that resided within the USS Oriskany. With the founding of Rivet City, it was decided by the original council that the collapsed wardrooms were a lost cause and that other sections of the ship were more worthy of restoring, instead. As the Maledictum came through and set its sights on Rivet City, an entrance into the wardrooms was discovered through a breach underneath the ship, and the rooms were quickly cleared out and restored, with even an entrance into the Rivet City marketplace created for easy access.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The vaults are comprised of a lengthy room with two sealed off areas on either side for the storing of drinks and riches. At the very back of the room is a counter where a guard stands place at all times to take in deposits and withdrawals, as well as guarding the personal vault of Ba'al and Sabaoth.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Just Business - Should the Lone Wanderer choose to disrupt the Maledictum's activities in the Capital Wasteland, they will find themselves in a final confrontation with Ba'al and two prototype turrets in the vaults. After dealing with them, the wardrooms will begin to collapse upon themselves, and the two side vaults will become inaccessible due to rubble, allowing the Lone Wanderer access to only Ba'al's and Sabaoth's personal vault for a short period of time before being forced to escape into the Mar'Jhan warrens.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Only accessible if chosen to destroy the Maledictum.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Attempting to jump the counter will result in the guard becoming hostile towards the Lone Wanderer. If the security camera is dealt with before-hand while hidden, the rest of the Maledictum will not become alerted. However, the Lone Wanderer won't be able to get into any of the vaults, and will only lose the options to make withdrawals or deposits.
  • The items seen in the side vaults are merely static items, and are impossible to gain by using exploits such as using explosives to throw them close enough to pick up.
  • Choosing to destroy the Maledictum will render the vaults permanently inaccessible afterwards.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Maledictum vaults only appears in Fallout 3.

Battles are fought by the large numbers of the weak and insignificant. Our Mar'Jhan Marauders might be small in numbers, but they're what wins our wars and keeps the ants killing amongst themselves.

— Sabaoth

The Mar'Jhan Marauders are an elite core of veteran Enclave survivors that have sworn their loyalty to Ba'al ever since their defeat at the hands of the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel back in California. Their specialties currently lie in covert operations around the Capital Wasteland to ensue confusion and discord, but have also been known to level entire settlements and to open trade routes between the Maledictum and groups like the super mutants and the Paradise Falls slavers.

Background[edit | edit source]

After the fall of Navarro, few of the Enclave survivors were able to escape the wrath of their enemies. Most packed up and headed for Raven Rock, while others attempted to integrate themselves within the NCR. Those that did neither were forced to become mercenaries or petty raider bands; relying entirely on their limited technology to scrape by an existence. These groups were quickly reduced and those that managed to survive became known as the most fearsome soldiers in California. It was because of this reputation they had earned for themselves along with the technology and schematics that they managed to hold onto that first attracted the attention of Ba'al.

Ba'al and the small army he had amassed during his travels managed to track down these Enclave remnants, and integrated them into his newly founded Maledictum. This was not always met with a positive response, and many were either killed as examples or brainwashed. The Mar'Jhan Marauders were officially created, and their open recruitment and training soon led to many smaller branches such as the Adytum Regulators and the Capital Wasteland Talon Company.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Being branded as an enemy of the Maledictum will result in Mar'Jhan Marauder covert squads being sent to assassinate the Lone Wanderer.
  • During the quests Into the Warrens and Just Business, the Lone Wanderer will be confronted numerous times by members of the Mar'Jhan Marauders.
  • Mar'Jhan Marauders protect Ba'al, Sabaoth, and Commander Jarreth at all times. The only exception is whenever Ba'al visits Megaton, in which they will wait for him just outside of the entrance gate.

Weapons and tactics[edit | edit source]

Members of the Mar'Jhan Marauders are typically broken up into two different specialties:

  • Covert Ops are comprised of soldiers equipped with Chinese stealth armor, an infiltrator, and are in possession of a Stealth Boy under permanent use. Upon death, their suits are set to automatically explode, leaving only a single Stealth Boy as lootable from their corpses.
  • Fire squads rely more on brute force and numbers, equipped with either standard Hellfire power armor or Talon combat armor, complimented with a wide-array of advanced energy and conventional weaponry.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Mar'Jhan Marauders only appear in Fallout 3.

Ba'al is the enigmatic founder of the Maledictum, a nomadic black market that brings chaos to everywhere it settles.

There can be no hope without chaos. You may live your own life and make your own decisions. But know that myself and others like me will always be there trying to unravel everything that you've come to know and love.

— Ba'al

Background[edit | edit source]

A ghoul with a silver tongue and ominous presence, Ba'al has made it his life's purpose to travel the wastes; inciting animosity and pestilence wherever he goes. Many of the greatest atrocities since after the Great War have been found with Ba'al's hands in them, and many have begun regarding the ancient ghoul as a reckless force of nature born from within the radioactive ash of nuclear fire.

It was during the war between the NCR and the Enclave that Ba'al first founded the Maledictum in an attempt to bring further instability to the region by providing weapons and technology to the many roving raider bands along with providing vital information to both the NCR and the Enclave to keep both sides from ever gaining a foothold over the other. After the downfall of Navarro thanks to a meddlesome tribal, Ba'al forcefully integrated many of the Enclave survivors and their technology into his defense force.

Sometime around 2277, Ba'al began to hear reports of increasing activity from the Enclave in the Capital Wasteland, eventually settling the Maledictum within the bowels of Rivet City, as a strategic position to bring his unique form of chaos into the already deteriorating setting of the D.C. ruins. By the time the Lone Wanderer becomes active within the Capital Wasteland, Ba'al and his personal bodyguard Sabaoth had already established a foothold within the region and founded the Talon Company to help keep the Regulators and Brotherhood of Steel at bay.

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Replicant Mambo - Ba'al wants to get his hands on an android without drawing attention to himself and his operations. Bring him Harkness and/or Armitage discreetly for a reward and some possible tech.
  • Into the Warrens - The Lone Wanderer has attracted the attention of Commander Jarreth, the de facto leader of Talon Company and the left-hand of Ba'al. After being knocked out and brought forth to Sabaoth, Ba'al's right-hand man, the Lone Wanderer has been presented the choice to either talk their way out of a life-threatening situation, or under-taking a small favor to prove their worth.
  • Just Business - Ba'al needs help in defusing an attack being prepared between the Rivet City guard and the Brotherhood of Steel against the Maledictum.

Other interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Initiating combat with Ba'al results in a permanent negative disposition with the Talon Company and the Mar'Jhan Marauders, resulting in their hit squads coming after the Lone Wanderer no matter their Karma.
  • Killing Commander Jabsco will result in a unique dialogue option with Ba'al, in which he will dismiss Jabsco as being a coward of little significance.
  • Killing Sabaoth or Commander Jarreth will result in Ba'al becoming hostile towards the Lone Wanderer after talking to him next.
  • Ba'al travels to Megaton every Sunday of each week, where he will begin chanting in front of the bomb. Attempting to speak with him will warrant no reaction. Attacking him will result in him turning invisible and promptly disappearing.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Pre-War duster
Druid's hood
Lucky shades
Katana - -

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Initiating combat with Ba'al in either Megaton or Rivet City will result in unique combat sequences.
  • Dialogue and events strongly imply that there are super-natural abilities linked to Ba'al's actions.
  • After completing the final quest-line for Ba'al, he can periodically be seen watching the Lone Wanderer from a distance. Once seen, Ba'al will turn invisible and promptly disappear.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Ba'al only appears in Fallout 3, and is briefly mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ba'al's personal entourage, the Mar'Jhan Marauders, are remnants of Ba'al's dealing with the Enclave survivors after their defeat at the Oil rig and Navarro

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