Hello all, I am Kastera1000, but everyone here usually calls me Kastera or Kas.


I find role playing to be a very entertaining activity and I know a large amount about the Fallout series and universe, so it only made sense that I would eventually gravitate to a Fallout RP wiki. If you want to know more about me, check out my user page at Nukapedia.

My characters

This section is dedicated to keeping track of characters that I develop on this wiki as I develop them, telling you their name and a brief description of them. If the description compels you, go ahead and read my entries. So far I only have one fully completed, but I will definitely create more as inspiration strikes me and when I have the time to write them out.

  1. Theodore Warren "Texas" Calhoun: Born 2214 in a trapping settlement in Northern Utah, Calhoun is a gunslinger and survivalist that wanders the wastes after wasteland turmoil took away most everything he had.
  2. Zhōu Wěi Gāng: Born 2218 in San Francisco, California, Zhōu is a Shi adept at martial arts that, after escaping his would-be execution, is seeking to regain lost honor after a misunderstanding sullied his family name.
  3. Cayuga: Born 2251 in New Harahan, Louisiana, Cayuga became mentally retarded, but remarkable perceptive after getting a bump on the head and nearly drowning. When sent on a spiritual vision quest by his tribe, he would learn more about the outside wasteland than he bargained for.
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