Hello all, I am Kastera1000, but everyone here usually calls me Kastera or Kas. I am an administrator here at the Fallout RP wiki.


I find role playing to be a very entertaining activity and I know a large amount about the Fallout series and universe, so it only made sense that I would eventually gravitate to a Fallout RP wiki. If you want to know more about me, check out my user page at Nukapedia. If you have issues concerning the wiki, ask me on my talk page.

My characters

This section is dedicated to keeping track of characters that I develop on this wiki as I develop them, telling you their name and a brief description of them. If the description compels you, have a go and read their entries. So far I have completed six, but I will continually create more as inspiration strikes me and when I have the time to write them out.

  1. Theodore "Texas" Calhoun: Born 2214 in a trapping settlement in Northern Utah, Calhoun is a gunslinger and survivalist that wanders the wastes after wasteland turmoil took away most everything he had.
  2. Zhōu Wěi Gāng: Born 2218 in San Francisco, California, Zhōu is a Shi adept at martial arts that, after escaping his would-be execution, is seeking to regain lost honor after a misunderstanding sullied his family name.
  3. Cayuga: Born 2251 in New Harahan, Louisiana, Cayuga became mentally retarded, but remarkable perceptive after getting a bump on the head and nearly drowning. When sent on a spiritual vision quest by his tribe, he would learn more about the outside wasteland than he bargained for.
  4. Daniel "Danny Boy" Grigsby: Born 2241 in Junktown in the NCR, Grigsby is a retired caravaneer who set up a tavern at the 188 Trading Post and is currently trying to move on after his son was presumably killed in action at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.
  5. Lucille "Lucy" Harper: Born 2260 in the Hidden Valley bunker complex, Harper was once a Brotherhood of Steel scribe but left to join the Followers of the Apocalypse after feeling the Brotherhood had lost sight of what the original Brotherhood had set out to do.
  6. César "Monty" Montero-Dominguez: Born 2254 in Baja, California, Montero-Dominquez was a sniper in the New California Republic Army before he was hastily court-martialed on fraudulent charges, forced out of the military and into the mercenary business.

My roleplays

This section is dedicated to keeping track of the roleplays in which I have participated. If you want to see a character of mine "in action", take a look below.

  1. A Patriot's Quest .............................. Theodore "Texas" Calhoun
  2. Stars of the Midnight Rangers .......... César Montero-Dominguez
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