"One Enclave. One America. Now... and forever."

John Henry Eden

Greeting civilians I am Spocklan116 I am a member of the local administration if you are in need of assistance or need to report anything don't hesitate to put up a message on my talk page. If you wish to view my work refer to this [1] link.


"The New California Republic is the biggest threat to all we have built in the best of worlds they would leave us alone but this wasteland is far from that, As their scouts inch ever closer to our lands many wonder what action they will take will they peacefully take part in diplomacy? or will they ask us to surrender all we have done or declare war? This is a difficult question to answer the corrupt government of the NCR can be unpredictable so we may never know until they discover us and because of this we must prepare for a war that may or may not happen. I would like to thank our soldiers, our workers, our doctors, scientists and our civilians for bringing us all closer to a new and better America."

Lt. Colonel Steven Henderson's speech on the NCR in 2291


  • Henderson's Enclave takes it's name from Henderson Bunker in the mod for the Enclave.
  • I Used my own name for Lachlan Hoffmann (Not very "original" I know but it's unique and a very uncommon name in the USA.)
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