It's like the fourth of July out there... a bunch of hooligans blowing things up in the name of their country...

— The Ever Ruler

History is written by the victor, and in nuclear war, nobody wins

— The Ever Ruler

Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it... ...those who ignore history, well... I condemn them to death...

— The Ever Ruler

If you ever see a ghoul wearing a kevlar vest, trench coat, a black pip-boy, metal boots and gloves carrying an R91, Colt .45, an E-tool, and a super-sledgehammer... then do me a favor and get out of his way

— The Ever Ruler

The Ever Ruler
Born {{{born}}}
Race Human (FEV Ghoul)
Affiliation Self
The Aware (See Blog)
Role {{{role}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Level 80
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. {{{SPECIAL}}}
Skills {{{skills}}}
Perks Calculator Implant
Wired Reflexes
MASMA anchored Skeleton
FEV Genetics
Extreme Conditioning
Grease Monkey
Repair to Last
Certified Tech
Warm Blooded
Vault Archivist
Grim Reaper's Sprint
Hand Loader
Judo Disciple
Mentat Mentality
Intense Training (10)
Safe and not Sorry
Lone Wolf
Better Criticals
Shoot to Kill
Vigilant Recycler
Cybernetic Overhaul
Monocyte Breeder
Cybernetic Sight
Power Armor Self Training
Fortune Finder
Solar Powered Genetics
Rapid Reload
Nano Fiber Implant
Strong Back
Sub-Dermal Armor
Terrifying Presence
Tough Guy
Ghoul Ecology
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User Info

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Immunity's Trench Coat
Black Hole Shades
Pip-Boy 4000 e-series
Intravaneous Port (Automatically injects chems in need) End Bringer Gauntlets (Power-gloves: advanced compact power fist that armors the hand)
E.A.R. (Eric's Assault Rifle or R91)
The Equalizer (Unique .45 Auto Pistol)
E's Tool (Unique Entrenchment tool)
Occam's Razor
Super Maul + Carbon Fiber handle (Normal sledge hammer with super sledge grip)
Super Stimpack
Ultra Stimpak
Detox (Chem that removes addiction)
Orbital Strike Designator
Purified Water
Nuka Cola
Bobby Pin
Doggie treat (For Shivers!)
Self-imploded micro-fusion battery (Detonates corpse in a mini-nuke explosion and destroys any loot) OR Exhaled Breath of the Cloud with all the loot in tact (The Cloud does have... healing properties however

For those who I could call friends, put what I would call you here

My spiel in this wreck of a world

...Was one of the few who prepared for the war, water, supplies, ammunition that sort of thing, even bribed a Vault-Tec Employee to sell me a Pip-Boy...

...exclusive to the Vault populations my ass.

...Used my old grandfathers place in Bad Axe Michigan that was well isolated from everyone else...

...might've been what he had in mind with the place all along.

...Had a high-ranking position in the Med-Tek corporation, oversaw the creation of a few things, auto-docs, stimpaks, radiation treatment, you know stuff to save peoples' lives...

...If I only knew the faces I would see of those killed by raiders looking for chems...

...Corporation got shadier as the war loomed, discounts to Vaults, the cybernetic code given up to House, even that... FEV.

...Espionage agents were believed to have gotten away with the benign-mutation-treatment specs...

...explains all the Chinese ghouls I keep finding.

...Volunteered the moment they asked, would've died from old age before the war even began...

...if only...

...Ever since the war I've killed more men then I would even think were psychopaths...

...the war released the worst in all of us... ALL of us.

...National Guard troops killing and raping the very people they used to protect, patriotic fools from Canada making any rebuilding impossible, and those damn raiders...

...can't help but feel sorry for the raiders though... they were the ones that survived but didn't prepare... could've been me.

...Keep roaming though, learned how to maintain the nuclear cars, use one to travel...

...keep hearing stories about helicopter-planes though... bad stories... killed any envy I had for it.

...Hunt for Vaults for, I guess just for curiosity, want to know why humanity did what it did...

...from what I've seen though, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a reason.

...Don't know why I keep going, guess it's hope, hope that slowly dies every day I see humanity as the same being that it was when the world ended...

...maybe... as it always was...

You have been given a new pet cyberdog.
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
Treat her well and she'll protect you with her life. Skål!

...on a positive note... I found this... cybernetic dog near Vault 66... the cybernetics Vault...

...I caught it following me after I had picked up a shipment of Salisbury Steaks from a wrecked truck... poor thing was shivering... not from the cold mind you... from the hunger.

...Fed the little gal what I had picked up and she just kept following me... I decided to call her Shivers... she's a husky-cyborg hybrid and she's been keeping me company ever since.

You have been given a Rabid Wanamingo.
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
Yeah, seriously, I think it's got ten forms of diseases including rabies and hypothermia. Keep him anyways. --File:FNV DeatclawAlpha.png DeathclawAlpha 03:01, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

...Ran across this... this, thing on my travels. I have no idea what it was until I described it to some guys, that I met at this bar after telling a rather humorous opportune joke, who told me that it was a Wanamingo...

...luckily I found Shivers earlier that day, that thing might have killed me if she hadn't mauled that thing the instant it jumped me... can't say I don't have luck for nothing.

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