• I live in underground lab
  • My occupation is run ning around in circles
  • I am Male

Cold's character shop Edit

Morning Friend I'm cold and welcome to Cold's picture shop for characters. Only you need to do is tell me what your character looks like(Fallout 4 and 3 wont be available for a while) and what's he/she looks like and I'll make it just leave it in my talk page

What i know about New Vegas Edit

  • Never prepare your good stuff before venturing through the Sierra Madre(trust me its not worth it)
  • NCR sended a Courier to the divide the courier then activated the nuclear war heads
  • Ulysess,Christine,Elijah came to the Big MT but Ulysess was the only one who left for the divide while the other 2 searched for the Sierra Madre
  • During Mobius threat message to the think tanks,He was tripping on Psycho hard that day
  • Eden2012 is a tightass if it comes to the enclave true story

Propaganda Stuff Edit

Today my brothers and sisters,Today we will stand up against the tyranny of the fake government,They said to protect but what did they do? They locked us up in those vaults and tested us like Guinea pigs and not only that,Each vault had different fates does that sound fair to you? No, No matter how much they shout Pro-Democractic propaganda at your face,They lie and you die,So enough of this fools Who are you going to take orders to? Who are you going to respect and obey? No matter who just hope you made the right choice

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