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Personally I think the whole inclusion of the BoS AGAIN in Fallout 4 is sorta dumb. Lets have some new factions for Fallout instead of constantly recycling the same tired old ones from the previous games. Don't get me wrong the Brotherhood is a cool faction and all but again they are an old hat, even if they're in an antagonistic role this time. Of course there are some indications that the Enclave may make a return (a sign from their power armor helmet appearing in the gameplay from E3), which is equally disappointing. However I like the look of the game and the ideas they present, the raiders and mutants look cool and the idea of having a Laser Musket really impresses me. Alright thats all I got, go ahead and react, rage, whatever in the comments below.

CaptainCain (talk) 12:43, June 16, 2015 (UTC)

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