Chris the Saiyan

aka Chris

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Maryland
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is Saving the world
  • I am Male
  • Bio This is my bio, cause I'm a big time Saiyan moderating a big time Wiki.

    You can often find me in the main chat room, and I'm occasionally browsing on this discussion board too. I've been a regular on the Fallout Wiki since 2011, a chat moderator since 2012 (with a short haitus in 2015), and occasionally write articles for the Strategic Nuclear Moose fan site.

    I play some on PC, but mainly Xbox One. Feel free to ask for my gamertag cause I'm always looking for more friends to play with!

    Have any questions? Ask me either here, in the chat room, or leave me a message on my talk page.
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  • Chris the Saiyan

    Hello Nukapedians and Roleplayers alike, this is the first official announcement of the RP Wiki polls, where you can vote for your favorite articles!

    Here's how it works: Sometime soon I will allow users to vote on which category we should start with.Then, Five articles will be chosen at random from said category, and you all can vote for your favorites! Here is the catch though... We don't quite have enough articles to keep this running smoothly. So, it is up to you guys to encourage new users to join us, and to make articles. I will open the polls to voting for which category you all want to start with first (No exact time yet), and from there we will go on to regular voting. Any questions about this can be left on my Talk page or right h…

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  • Chris the Saiyan

    Logo Proposal

    July 23, 2012 by Chris the Saiyan

    We've reached 10 articles and 8 users now, and considering how new the Wiki is and it's purpose I think that's a great number to be at. The articles that have been created so far are excellent too. The reason I made this post is to ask if anybody artistic could try making a new Wordmark? The Wordmark is the logo in the top left corner of the pages. Here is our current one:

    If you decide you want to upload a new one, here are a couple things to remember:

    • The picture must be in .png format. There are tons of free converters online if you need to change from a different format.
    • The picture also has to be 250 x 65 pixels or less. The size can be changed in whatever art program you use.

    That's about it! Just upload the file to the Wiki and I'll see…

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