Nellis Pipboy

Hello Nukapedians and Roleplayers alike, this is the first official announcement of the RP Wiki polls, where you can vote for your favorite articles!

Here's how it works: Sometime soon I will allow users to vote on which category we should start with.Then, Five articles will be chosen at random from said category, and you all can vote for your favorites! Here is the catch though... We don't quite have enough articles to keep this running smoothly. So, it is up to you guys to encourage new users to join us, and to make articles. I will open the polls to voting for which category you all want to start with first (No exact time yet), and from there we will go on to regular voting. Any questions about this can be left on my Talk page or right here in this blog's comments. But don't forget to keep chugging away at those stories, because you never know who is going to get picked!

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