Hello! I'm new, obviously, but I love Fallout and RPing.

I've been poking about and would like to suggest an RPing method that has been very fun in the other Fanon I'm from: "" We use the forum boards instead of Chat.

I have found using the forum as a very effective RP style in that it is simple and easy to keep track of the story and achievements that go on in the RP, as opposed to Chat, which is not a bad form of RP, but it's nearly impossible to keep track of what goes on unless the participants remember it or screencap, which is too much work anyway.

What I find particularity good about RPing on the forum is linking to your characters' page(s) so that it is part of your characters' cannon, which reiterates the earlier said "RP tracking". But not only that, it also serves as a practice for writing in general as well.

Now this RP method is not without flaws. There can and have been RPers that godmod or bunny, but with a clearly defined ruleset, it ends with fun for every participant. Then there's the rule on the characters themselves, such as balance and "cannon worthiness". This may include the overuse of cannon character involvement, the use of unique cannon weapons and/or apparel, or just overall over-poweredness. The system used in the linked Fanon above has a moderation system to fit these requirements and guidelines.

Hopefully, the experiences of Fallout fans on this wiki will be fun ones, and I hope I get to meet new, awesome people on here as well!


(Any questions or concerns you have, hopefully, I can answer them!)

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