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  • I live in Northern Colorado, United States
  • I was born on April 11
  • My occupation is student, mostly.
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  • Kastera1000-fduser

    Two weeks are gone and so are most of the choices for new articles to post on the featured articles section. Don't be surprised in the coming weeks if you start seeing familiar articles again. Scoring is same as always: first pick, three points; second pick, two points; last pick, one point.

    Your five choices this morning/afternoon/evening/night are (in no particular order):

    • Albany Outpost
    • Daniel Grigsby
    • Mutant Liberation Army
    • Ramon Garzoz
    • Pearl City Radio
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  • Kastera1000-fduser

    It's that time again and we all know the drill: five articles enter, you vote, three articles come out. Your choice this fortnight are:

    • Aloha Islands
    • Vault 27
    • Operation Boulevard
    • Henderson's Enclave
    • Fort Heaven
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  • Kastera1000-fduser

    Another two weeks gone, so it's that time again: I've picked five articles upon which you can vote for three, and the ones with the three highest scores get features. However, something unusual is happening in this poll (sorry... it's not anything fun). Instead of the usual Wednesday posting, I'm going to post the results on Tuesday because I will be camping on Wednesday and be probably twenty miles away from any computer.

    Without further ado, you five choices are:

    • Wyoming Wasteland
    • The Wasenshi
    • Danny Boy's Cocktail Guide
    • Phoenix Military Base
    • Jonathan Miller
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  • Kastera1000-fduser

    Two weeks have past since our last simply riveting poll and it is time to pick some new articles. It seems that editing is slowing down around these parts and the pool from which to grab articles to feature is growing stagnant. (The royal) we may have to run a special poll that features RPs for people to read... Anyway, the rules are the same as ever: I give you guys five articles to vote on, you choose three in descending order and points are awarded to them.

    These five articles, in no particular order, are:

    • Bayaraq jark snark
    • Thomas Hamilton
    • Bayuk Okla
    • Enclave Shock Troopers
    • Callan Barker
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  • Kastera1000-fduser

    Welcome back, one and all, to another fantastic poll where we aren't ashamed to say it's a popularity contest! As before, you'll be provided with five articles to vote on with a progressive point system: your first pick gets three points, your second pick gets two points, and your last pick gets only one point. Come Wednesday evening, I will tally the points and include the chosen articles on the front page, hopefully with an adequately relevant tag line.

    Your choices this fortnight, in no particular order, are:

    • Mojave Rangers
    • Maxwell Flower
    • Falls Edge
    • C├ęsar Montero-Dominguez
    • Republic of Columbia
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