Welcome to the first Fallout RP wiki poll dedicated to having users pick articles they want featured on the front page! Here's how this is going to work: every two weeks, I am going use the Special:Random feature to randomly select five pages from the wiki that 1) are well written, 2) moderately long (meaning they contain several substantial paragraphs) and 3) have not been featured on the main page in a while.

Here's where you guys come in; of the five pages that I pick and list below, leave a comment ranking which three pages you would want featured. Using a scaling voting system, your first pick will receive 3 points, your second choice will receive 2 points and your third choice will receive 1 point. At the end of three days, I will tabulate the points and the top three will be featured on the front page on Wednesday night and they will remain there for two weeks!

In a randomized order, your choices are:

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