It's that time again when we mercilessly tear down each others accomplishments, scream at each other until we're red in the face and all get smashed on box wine until we can tolerate each other... wait, no: that's how my family reunions go. Our job here is to pick our favorite three articles for display on the front page, calm as ever.

As previously done, your first pick gets three points, your second pick gets two and your third gets one. Wednesday night is the night I rack up the points and make the adjustments to the featured articles. While I have your attention here, there is also a proposal I've put forward that affects the extent to which game masters can post in RPs, so if you've got an opinion, let me know it.

Anyway, without further ado, your choices are:

  1. MASMA
  2. Special Agent CRONOS
  3. Marcus White
  4. Leonard Townes
  5. Fort Heaven
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